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Monthly Flying Star Forecast

yin-yang-button.jpgMonthly Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for the 7th Month of the Ding You Fire Rooster Year with suggestions of Feng Shui remedies and enhancers. (from 8th August to 7th September 2017)

Each grid in the chart below contains two digits. The larger digit denotes the annual star while the smaller digit denotes the monthly star. It's important to note that the luck corresponds to the sector brought by the Flying Star combination where the maindoor is located affects everyone in the household or office. For the rest of the sectors, the luck only affects people who occupy the room in that sector frequently. Remedies to dissolve bad effects and enhancers to magnify the good are to be placed in each sector or to be worn/carried by people who reside in the sector are suggested below.

Generally, residents of the sectors housing the 'good' stars – 1,4,6,8 & 9 enjpy good luck whereas occupants of sectors with 'bad' stars-2,3,5 & 7 will have to brace themselves for challenges ahead.



8th August - 7th September 2017


The Illness Star here brings sickness and ill luck to people living in this sector particularly if your bedroom is located here. Be careful with your food intake and try to maintain a healthy diet. Display a metal Wu Lou here to protect against ill health and accidents. You may see short term challenges in career and possibly you have to face conflict with colleagues this month. Relationships are somehow problematic, thus try to cultivate more patience and tolerance to maintain harmony especially in family relationships. A Laughing Buddha can do wonders to lift the mood and take away your worries and problems.

Bejeweled Medicine Buddha Stupa
7 Medicine Buddha Plaque for Longevity and Health Protection
7 Inch Brass Five Bats Fengshui Wu Lou
7 Medicine Dzi Beads with 8mm Red Agate Bracelet


 North West

23.jpgThe North West area this month is afflicted by a bad combination of numbers caused by the clashing of elements, bringing turmoil and discord. The man of the house is particularly vulnerable. The Quarrelsome Star joins the Illness Star, generating conflicts in relationships for both individuals and professionals. Cure with red and/or metal objects – the Sacred Magic Wheel Plaque or Red Dragon is a great choice. Marriage and close relationships will probably suffer from stiffness and tension due to the argumentative chi. A Red Robe Laughing Buddha will bring laughter and at the same time help to suppress the hostile chi.

Red Fire Dragon
Crimson Red Crystal Ball
Magic Wheel with Flaming Sword
Peace and Anti-Conflict Key Chain



This is a fabulous month for residents who are in educational and literary pursuits. Students, writers and scholars will find this month jam-packed with drive and creativity. Exhibit a Crystal Globe on your desk for outstanding examination and knowledge luck. The excess Wood energy however, attracts gossip and brings emotional stress. There could be family & marital problems as well as the possibility of a romantic scandal. Be on the alert for such issues and use bright lights to manipulate and weaken this niggling chi.

Chinese Calligraphy Set for Scholastic Luck
Clear Quartz Crystal Nine Level Pagoda


 North East

This sector is afflicted with the hazardous #5 Star that causes misfortune, health issues and wealth loss. It is imperative to keep this spot peaceful and quiet by using somewhere else for noisy activities and gatherings. Keep away from commencing any renovation within this sector in this month. The chi here is unfavourable to writers and students this month – their productivity and opportunity to excel is severely hindered. Keep a good sized 5 Element Pagoda to neutralize the vicious chi and carry protective amulets if your bedroom or work space is in this sector.

Golden 5 Element Bell
Buddhist Amitabha Stupa
Five-Element Pagoda with Fuk Luk Sau (8 Inch)
Golden Mantra Pagoda Key Chain



This could become a prosperous month for anyone living in South facing houses. Residents of this sector have good speculative fortune and a surprise windfall is possible. In case your main entrance is located here, put a Water Feature to enhance favourable chi energy. There are plenty of opportunities pertaining to career advancement and for business growth. Wealth luck is good, so use plenty of wealth symbols such as Gold Coins and Ingots to activate money making opportunities.

Jade Emperor Heaven Luck Activator Keychain
Six Heaven Gold Coins Amulet
Heaven Seal Keychain



The surplus of metal chi right here signifies the chance of physical violence, robbery and fights involving metal for everybody. Be very cautious when using sharp objects that could cause accidental injuries. Refrain from staying out late this month. If unavoidable, make sure to carry the Blue Rhinoceros with Hum protective amulet to stay safe. Do not put loud metal ornaments such as wind chimes here this month. As a remedy, display the Blue Rhinoceros & Elephant with Water Urn here.

Double Horn Blue Rhinoceros


 South West

It is a productive month for occupants here of those with South West facing houses. Wealth luck is with you and chances to develop your business and career abound. Display a dynamic Water Feature right here to activate and further improve wealth luck. Victory luck is excellent, and you are likely to gain money by overcoming your competition. Dissolve bad energy brought on by the violent #7 star by carrying the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Key Chain.

Bejeweled Wishfulfilling Golden Wealth Pot
Golden Arowana with Coin to attract Wealth
Bejeweled White Dzambhala



Wonderful fortune and prosperity luck for residents! Wealth luck is amplified by the #9 Magnifying Star. Moreover the Fire energy of the #9 fuels the Earth in #8 to generate even stronger good vibes as well as great news. Monetary gain comes easy this month if you dwell in this sector. Boost the fortune here with a Jambhala God of Wealth or a Money Frog on your desk. Business luck will be outstanding. Take advantage of the auspicious chi by simply organizing social activities. Spend as much time as possible in this part of your house. Hold celebrations and parties here to generate beneficial yang energy.

9 Deity Invocation Plaque
Flying Horse 9 Rod Wind Chime
Golden Nine-Rod Dragon Feng Shui Windchime


 South East

The number 1 White Star combines with the number 9 Purple Star to create the Sum of Ten collaboration, providing fantastic support for ambitious people. This specific combo generates fame, wealth as well as business luck. The clashing elements however may bring health issue, so do not over exert as you could fall sick or even injure yourself. Display a Victory Banner on your desk to enhance career luck and ensure you will emerge triumphant in any situation.

Chi Lin Victory Banner Amulet
Exquisite Feng Shui Horse Figurine for Success


This page will be updated around end or beginning of every month. Do return to find out how to enhance you luck using Flying Star Feng Shui in the coming months. Remember to read the updated Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for 2017 and be prepared in a good way for the coming year.


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