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Monthly Flying Star Forecast

yin-yang-button.jpgMonthly Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for the 11th Month (from 7th December to 5th January 2018) of the Ding You Fire Rooster Year with suggestions of Feng Shui remedies and enhancers.

Each grid in the chart below contains two digits. The larger digit denotes the annual star while the smaller digit denotes the monthly star. It's important to note that the luck corresponds to the sector brought by the Flying Star combination where the maindoor is located affects everyone in the household or office. For the rest of the sectors, the luck only affects people who occupy the room in that sector frequently. Remedies to dissolve bad effects and enhancers to magnify the good are to be placed in each sector or worn/carried by people who reside in the sectors are suggested below.

Generally, residents of the sectors housing the 'good' stars – 1,4,6,8 & 9 enjoy good luck whereas occupants of sectors with 'bad' stars-2,3,5 & 7 will have to brace themselves for challenges ahead.



7th December - 5th January 2018


There is danger in this sector as the chances of being robbed, burgled or cheated increases due to the visit by the monthly violent star #7.  Be alert and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Display the Anti-Robbery Protection Plaque or the Rhinoceros and Elephant to protect your home and office. On the personal front, carry protective amulets such as the Blue Rhinoceros with Hum at all times and try not to be too trusting of other people's intentions for the next few weeks. Better to be safe than sorry. As the stars here also point to fierce competition in business, use a Victory Banner to triumph over your rivals and Abacus or Tree of Life to activate income/wealth luck. The metal in #7 activates the water energy in #1 resulting in some complexities on the romantic front. Diffuse with the Golden Rooster with Fan & Amethyst and display Mandarin Ducks or Wish Fulfilling Hearts to smoothen present relationships.

Anti-Burglary Amulet for #7 Violent Star


 North West

28.jpgDefinitely an improvement from last month's luck, thanks to the auspicious #8 Wealth Star.  The negative energies from last month is replaced by prosperity chi, which not only brings excellent wealth but also good career luck in the form of promotion and business opportunities to occupants of this sector. Activate the good luck with a Victory Banner or Dragon Water Feature. The good luck is unfortunately marred by minor health problems, so take extra care with your health. Get help from the Medicine Buddha or better yet, the Trinity Buddha to not only control the sickness chi but bring wealth and success. You may also display the Wu Lou Gourd with Antahkarana Symbol and carry protective amulets to keep the illness chi at bay.




The weeks ahead could prove challenging and exhausting for residents of this sector as the yearly #3 Argumentative Star is augmented by the #9 Multiplying Star.  The energies of conflict is enhanced this month causing disagreements, which may escalate into violence or lawsuits. Remedy with Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque and Kalachakra Protection Plaque to protect against robberies and break-ins. Wear or carry protective amulets such as the Hum Syllable talisman to dissolve the bad chi. On the other hand, there is also some indication of fame and success for those capable of harnessing this energy.  Placing a Phoenix here or carrying a Fire Talisman may come in handy towards achieving fame and fortune.

Crimson Red Crystal Ball
Fire Gold Talisman Keychain


 North East

Great indications for residents in this sector as the lovely #1 White Star combines forces with the #4 Romance and Knowledge Star to bring wealth, success and opportunities for career advancement. Academic achievements for students come easy, success in literary ventures is also a breeze, whilst love luck flourishes. Nevertheless, there is no harm in augmenting the beneficial energies of these friendly stars. The Knowledge chi of the #4 Star can be activated with Faceted Crystal Point, Double Carp Crossing Dragon Gate or Feng Shui Crystal Globe to bring literary success and examination luck whilst Romance Star may be enhanced by Mandarin Ducks or Double Happiness Symbol .  Boost the wealth and success chi with the Dragon Tortoise, Wealth Ship or Victory Banner.

Bejeweled Wish Fulfilling Dragon Tortoise
Phoenix with Double Happiness Keychain
Feng Shui Victory Banner Success Amulet



Brace yourself and be prepared for any eventualities are there will be extremely inauspicious energies in the South as monthly #2 Illness Star adds fuel to the bad luck brought by the annual #5 Yellow.  Equip yourself with the fortitude and necessary remedies to counter the evil chi which can bring misfortune in the form of financial loss, disputes or illness. It is imperative to counter the illness chi with a Wu Lou or a Medicine Buddha Plaque in the affected sector. Avoid using this sector if you can, and display lots of metal, especially the 5 Element Pagoda Ringing Bell and 5 Element Pagoda here to keep the afflicted chi under control. Wear plenty of metal jewellery, especially gold, to control the harmful excess earth energy.

Health Amulet Key Chain



The North is afflicted with the visiting #3 Argumentative Star which brings disagreements, conflicts, quarrels and slander which could lead to lawsuits or bureaucratic red tape problems. To prevent such aggravations, place a Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque or Red Dragon here to counter the quarrelsome chi and reduce obstacles to success. On a happier note, speculative luck and unexpected windfalls are possible. Get help from your horoscope allies or secret friends.  Be wary of the #6 metal and #3 wood conflict which indicates illness or injury. Display an Wu Lou Gourd with Antahkarana Symbol or Medicine Buddha as a remedy. Carry protective amulets such as Bejewelled Hum on Lotus or Rhino Hum Key Chain. Enhance heaven luck with Six Emperor Gold Coins Ruler and use water to capture wealth by placing a Water Feature here.

Red Crystal Heart
Red Ksitigarbha Fire Ball with Mantra
Peace and Harmony Vase for Quarrelsome Star


 South West

Even though the South West houses the #4 Scholastic and Romance Star, it is still a troubled area this month as the inauspicious combination of stars brings misunderstandings and disharmony. Make sure to check and re-check your paper works as chances of costly mistake are rather high. Use a Water Feature to restore harmony. The Rhinoceros and Elephant Water Feature is ideal as it can also serve to counter the violent chi of the annual #7 Star. The good news is that the stars here support academic achievement, so let your children study here and display a Pagoda to harness the scholastic chi. As the clashing elements may bring minor illnesses, reconcile the #7 metal and #4 wood with a Water Feature and carry the Blue Rhino with Hum Amulet

Chinese Calligraphy Set for Scholastic Luck
Brass Pair of Celestial Dragon and Phoenix



85.jpgThe auspicious energies of this sector is somewhat dimmed by the appearance of the #5 Misfortune Star brings a string of bad luck, illness and monetary problems. Reschedule important events such as signing of contracts or product launching if you reside in this sector. Display a 5 Element Pagoda Ringing Belll to protect against serious money loss and 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life to strengthen wealth luck. Carry the Seven Level Pagoda with Camel Amulet to overcome the vicious Wu Wang and at the same time activate for wealth luck. The excessive earth energy here indicates health problems. Display a pair of Wu Lou, Medicine Buddhaor other health and longevity symbols to protect the health of family members

Bejeweled Medicine Buddha Stupa
Five Element Pagoda Pendant
Element Balancing Medallion Key Chain
Golden Mantra Pagoda Key Chain


 South East

The #6 visiting star brings heaven luck which when strengthened by the annual #9 Multiplying Star is indeed good news. You get help from unexpected sources. Everything seems to fall into place – obstacles disappear, help comes from the right people at the right time and opportunities abound. The stars are also great for money matter, especially the kind you least expect. Display the 6 Heaven Coins with Dragon Plague to enhance the good fortune. However, there could be some disputes between the generations brought on by the conflicting fire (#9) and metal (#6) elements. Reconcile with earth symbols such as Crystal Balls and carry the Ksitigarba Staff Keychain to cool hot heads.

Jade Emperor Heaven Luck Activator Keychain
Six Heaven Gold Coins Amulet
Flying Horse 9 Rod Wind Chime


This page will be updated around end or beginning of every month. Do return to find out how to enhance you luck using Flying Star Feng Shui in the coming months. Remember to read the updated Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for 2017 and be prepared to reap the rewards and counter the obstacles in the coming year.


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