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Is it Bad Feng Shui to Buy a Bank Auction House?

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Is it Bad Feng Shui to Buy a Bank Auction House?

Buying a bank auction house could be a way of worthy investment because most of the properties are up for sale at below market prices. However, we might ask again why the house is being auctioned by financial institutions and is priced lower than the market value?

When buying a sub sale house, it is always decent idea to grasp the history of the property you will buying. In general, it is better to buy a house that has a good history where the previous owner lives happily and prosperous. Houses with the cases of inability or failure to pay their mortgage installment or houses that get up for auction due to foreclosure or bankruptcy should be assessed with some cautiousness. Because if the previous house owner were having financial problem or health issues, we would concern about the house has a bad feng shui.

However, if you really like the auctioned house and is very affordable plus is perfectly fit in all other respects, then by all means buy it. But make sure before you move into, refresh the energy completely in that house by performing a thoroughly space clearing of the house. It is also a good idea to consult a master to examine the feng shui of the house. Also check to see if there was a feng shui negative that you can spot on which has caused the home to be put up for auction, and whether it is only some minor issues you can fix. Examine all these before place your auction bid.

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