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Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2014 for Monkey

yin-yang-button.jpgChinese Horoscope General Forecast 2014 - MONKEY



Born in Chinese Lunar Year: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 and 2016

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Direction Fixed Element Season Polarity Best Hours
SW3 225° - 255° Metal Autumn Yang 3pm - 4.59pm
Earthly Branch Lucky Stone Allies Secret Friend Zodiac Enemy
申 - Shēn Peridot Dragon & Rat Snake Tiger

Monkeys are fun-loving people who are usually live-wires everywhere they go. Their wit, optimism and enthusiasm is contagious but they tend to be a little hyper and wild. Mischievous, curious, and clever, Monkeys are masters of practical jokes. They are also bad at maintaining committed relationships as they tend to put themselves first. Monkeys are fast learners and crafty opportunists. While some like the eccentric nature of the monkeys, some on the other hand don’t trust their sly, restless and inquisitive nature. The Monkeys are however very unintuitive and unsympathetic and not ready to put themselves in other’s shoes. They possess many interests and are in need of partners who are capable of stimulating them.


Intelligent, versatile, witty, humorous, enthusiastice, independent, lively, sociable, tolerant with good listening skills.


Careless, self-indulgent, restless, conceited, superficial, egoistic, mischievous, self-Centered.

Monkey Horoscope Overall Luck in Year 2014

General Forecast flying-star-24-mountain-chart-for-the-monkey-in-2014.jpgFlying Star & 24 Mountain Chart for the Monkey in 2014


The Monkey can look forward to a year of victorious pursuits, thanks to the #1 Victory Star which has flown into your palace. This lucky star not only brings success for career and business but augurs well for relationship luck as well. Enhance money luck with a Tortoise, Water Feature and activate with a Victory Banner.

The Monkey benefits from the auspicious Star of Golden Deity, suggesting a year when successes are aided by excellent cosmic forces. Having an altar here is very beneficial. Invite your favourite goddess here to activate this star.

In terms of afflictive stars in 2014, the Monkey has only the side afflictions brought by the Yearly Conflict which can be easily subdued. Ensure this area is bright and place a Stupa or 3 Harmony Animals to protect against serious conflicts.

Wood Monkey
Fire Monkey
Earth Monkey
Metal Monkey
Water Monkey
1944, 2004
1956, 2016
1932, 1992
Very Bad
Very Bad
Very Bad
Very Bad
Very Bad
Very Bad
Very Bad
Vitality & Inner Chi
Very Bad
Very Bad
Very Bad
Very Bad
Very Bad

Luck Elements of the Monkey in 2014


The Wood and Fire Monkeys enjoy good health luck this year but the Metal and Water Monkeys must look after their health, avoid sleeping in East rooms and strengthen themselves with health and longevity amulets such as Wu Lous and Medicine Buddha. The Metal and Fire Monkeys are blessed with good wealth luck and thus enjoy a comfortable year with stable income and financial luck. On the other hand, money problems may trouble the Wood and Earth Monkeys who thus need Water (water feature, blue/black accessories) and Fire (bright lights, red accessories) cures respectively to improve their personal wealth luck. On a not so happy note, all Monkeys, irrespective of their element, suffer from poor success luck and weak inner chi. You need to seriously strengthen your inner spirit in 2014 to protect against negative influence from unsavoury characters. Look after yourself and avoid moving too fast, as you may be vulnerable to spirit harm this year. These indications suggest that you are in need of cosmic protection - carry a Kalachakra or Kwan Yin amulet. Strengthen your personal Wind Horse or success luck by displaying a magnificent Wind Horse in the South West.

In summary, the Monkey has the potential to be victorious in 2014, benefitting from the #1 Victory and the Golden Deity Star. Health and inner strength need your attention to ensure you are fit enough to overcome obstacles coming your way. Stay on top of petty squabbles brought by the Yearly Conflict Stars and you are likely to have a rewarding year.

In addition to your bazi and animal sign, your fortune and luck for the year is also influenced by the locations of the monthly flying stars which may bring blessings or obstacles. The astrological flight of these stars ensures that your luck for the year is not stagnant but will be always changing, depending on whether friendly or unfriendly stars are visiting. Life will be more rewarding when you harness the energies of the beneficial stars and keeping a low profile lying low while protection yourself when hostile stars come visiting. Stay ahead with the help of the month by month Feng Shui Analysis for the Monkey in 2014.

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