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Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2016 for Dog

yin-yang-button.jpgChinese Horoscope General Forecast 2016 - DOG


Born in Chinese Lunar Year: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 and 2030

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Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Pig
Direction Fixed Element Season Polarity Best Hours
NW1 285° - 315° Earth Autumn Yang 7pm - 8:59pm
Earthly Branch Lucky Stone Allies Secret Friend Zodiac Enemy
戌 - Xū Diamond Tiger & Horse Rabbit Dragon

Dogs are faithful and honest, amiable, kind, cautious and prudent with a strong sense of loyalty and sincerity. Most Dogs tend to worry a lot, have a sharp tongue, and are inclined to find fault in every thing. They are just, fair and good problem solvers. Dogs happen to be very dependable friends and great conversationalists. They however, have a propensity to hold and linger on with the grudges till appeased. They prefer to have stable and loving relationships. Though it takes a bit of time for the Dogs, yet when they have found their soul mates, they would be faithful to their partners for life.  Resembling the animal influencing their horoscope, Dogs are devoted to those they love. They are usually successful business people but are quite unlucky in their romantic life.  Dogs can turn out to be rigid and temperamental; and often cover up using white lies.


Dependable, generous, loyal, helpful, good-natured, patient, honest and sensitive to others.


Inflexible, nervous, restless, self-righteous, quick-tempered, critical, petty, pessimistic, tactless and prone to mood swings.

Dog Horoscope Overall Luck in Year 2016

General Forecast dog-pie-chart-2016.gif

Flying Star & 24 Mountain Chart for the Dog in 2016

The Dog is known to be kind, helpful and loyal, gaining friends effortlessly, but in 2016 these traits are is hindered by your lack of patience and abrupt ways. This is brought on by the Quarrelsome #3 in your chart. Your usual steadfast and easy-going demeanour gives way to a short fuse which if not kept in check may bring conflicts, litigations and loads of aggravations. Fortunately, it being in the Metal North West sectors cases it to weaken as Metal destroys Wood-the #3 is a Wood Star. Nevertheless, its hostile energies must be suppressed to prevent conflicts and aggravations, especially for the patriarch. Besides keeping a cool head at all times, make sure the North West is brightly lit, use red décor here and wear the Peace & Harmony Amulet to counter the angry chi.

In the 24 Mountains chart the Dog sits on the Yi Duo which is actually a magnifying star, so it amplifies the effect of the dreaded #3, increasing the scandal and misunderstanding energy. On the happy side, it also magnifies the auspiciousness of the Small and Big Auspicious Stars flanking the Dog location. These lucky stars will help bring a series of small and big lucky breaks to delight you throughout the year. The Yi Duo, being also a minor loss star is best countered by donating to your charitable organisation.

Though the Flying Stars and 24 Mountains provide a general luck indication of each animal sign, the personal outlook of every person is also dependent on the heavenly stem element of his year of birth. The following chart summarizes the luck profile of the different element Dogs, based on their year of birth.


 Luck Elements of the Dog in 2016

The Fire and Water Dogs enjoys good health luck this year but the Metal and Wood Dogs are weak physically- look after yourself and strengthen with health and longevity amulets such as Wu Lous and Medicine Buddha. The Earth and Water Dogs have good wealth luck and thus enjoy a comfortable year with stable income and financial luck. On the other hand, money problems may bother the Fire and Metal Dogs who can boost their personal wealth luck with Wood (plants, green or brown colors) and Earth (Crystals, brown or yellow colors) cures respectively. All Dogs, irrespective of their element, enjoy good success luck as your Wind Horse or Lung Ta is at high levels this year. This puts the Dog in a very good position to take advantage of all opportunities coming your way in 2016. Place the Power Elephant or Wind Horse on your work desk to increase your stamina and confidence. Strengthening your success luck will also serve as a catalyst to motivate you as your vitality is neutral in 2016. The Dog should also carry the Kalachakra amulet to protect against negative influences as your spirit essence is also neutral. All the element Dogs have a life force and spirit essence reading of neutral, neither strong nor weak. It is up to you to motivate yourself and discover the power of amulets - work at rejuvenation of your mind, body and spirit this year. Wearing the Kalachakra symbol is a wonderful way to enjoy protection and increase your spiritual energy, at the same time countering the angry vibes of the #3 in your chart.

To summarise, the Dog has the potential to attain great success in 2016. The key to this is to quell the #3 Quarrelsome Star in your chart. Always watch your words and action to prevent any undue conflicts which could block your success path. Adopt a positive, calm and focussed attitude and you can look forward to a great year ahead.

Whether times are challenging or good, it is always nice to have your Horoscope Allies and Secret Friend close to you, be it for support to lessen your burden or to share the sweetness of success.

In addition to your bazi and animal sign, your fortune and luck for the year is also influenced by the locations of the monthly flying stars which may bring blessings or obstacles. The astrological flight of these stars ensures that your luck for the year is not stagnant but will be always changing, depending on whether friendly or unfriendly stars are visiting. Life will be more rewarding when you harness the energies of the beneficial stars and keeping a low profile lying low while protection yourself when hostile stars come visiting. Stay ahead with the help of the month by month Feng Shui Analysis for the Dog 2016.

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