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Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2016 for Dragon

yin-yang-button.jpgChinese Horoscope General Forecast 2016 - DRAGON


Born in Chinese Lunar Year: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 and 2024

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Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Pig
Direction Fixed Element Season Polarity Best Hours
SE1 105° - 135° Earth Spring Yang 7am - 8:59am
Earthly Branch Lucky Stone Allies Secret Friend Zodiac Enemy
辰 – Chén Amethyst Monkey & Rat Rooster Dog

Considered the most vital and auspicious Zodiac sign, Dragons are incredibly high spirited and possess a magnetic personality. Brave, honest, and sensitive, they are inate leaders and make good people managers. They are full of enthusiasm and vitality. Though infamous for being hotheaded and possessing a sharp tongue Dragons are enthusiastic, popular, intelligent and perfectionists. They are also self-confident, proud, self-reliant and ever ready to embrace challenges.


Noble, warm hearted, intelligent, generous, honest, charismatic, vibrant, confident, magnanimous, powerful with dynamic leadership qualities.


Judgmental, ruthless, arrogant, dogmatic, proud, intolerant, demanding, pompous, inflexible, self-centred.

Dragon Horoscope Overall Luck in Year 2016

General Forecast dragon-pie-chart-2016.gif

Flying Star & 24 Mountain Chart for the Dragon in 2016

The Dragon enjoys fabulous fortune in 2016, as the #1 Victory Star flies in to replace the #2 Illness Star. This lucky star not only brings success for career and business but bodes well for relationship luck as well. Activate with a Water Feature or Victory Banner.

From the 24 Mountain chart, the Dragon is truly blessed this year, enjoying not 1 but 3 Auspicious Stars – 2 Small and 1 Big. The Small Auspicious Stars bring a series of small but nevertheless good events which makes life joyful and comfortable – winning a lucky draw, making new friends or just a feeling of being appreciated more. The Big Auspicious attracts big deals and so do not forget to harness its energy by placing a Big Auspicious Mirror or a power Elephant figurine in the South East corner of your desk or office.

Though the Flying Stars and 24 Mountains provide a general luck indication of each animal sign, the personal outlook of every person is also dependent on the heavenly stem element of his year of birth. The following chart summarizes the luck profile of the different element Dragons, based on their year of birth.


 Luck Elements of the Dragon in 2016

The Water and Fire Dragons enjoy good health luck this year but the Metal and Wood Dragons must be mindful of their health and strengthen their health aura with health and longevity amulets such as Wu Lous and Medicine Buddha. The Water and Earth Dragons are blessed with good wealth luck and thus enjoy monetary and financial stability in 2016. Unfortunately, poor wealth luck is indicated for the Fire Dragons and Metal. These two element sign should not be too cautious in investment and advised to have Wood (plants, green or brown colors) and Earth (Crystals, brown or yellow colors) cures respectively to improve their personal wealth luck. The success luck of all Dragons in 2016 is very low and needs a power boost from the Lung Ta Wind Horse to lift your success potential. Another alternative is the power Elephant which also serves to activate the Small and Big Auspicious stars in your chart. Strengthening your success luck will also serve as a catalyst to motivate you as your vitality is neutral in 2016. The Dragon should also carry the Kalachakra amulet to protect against negative influences as your spirit essence is also neutral.

In summary, 2016 is going to be a victorious year with excellent success luck for the Dragon provided you can overcome the lethargy and indecisiveness resulting from your poor or neutral element luck readings for success and vitality.

Whether times are challenging or good, it is always nice to have your Horoscope Allies and Secret Friend close to you, be it for support to lessen your burden or to share the sweetness of success.

In addition to your bazi and animal sign, your fortune and luck for the year is also influenced by the locations of the monthly flying stars which may bring blessings or obstacles. The astrological flight of these stars ensures that your luck for the year is not stagnant but will be always changing, depending on whether friendly or unfriendly stars are visiting. Life will be more rewarding when you harness the energies of the beneficial stars and keeping a low profile lying low while protection yourself when hostile stars come visiting. Stay ahead with the help of the month by month Feng Shui Analysis for the Dragon in 2016.

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