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Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2016 for Sheep

yin-yang-button.jpgChinese Horoscope General Forecast 2016 - SHEEP


Born in Chinese Lunar Year: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015 and 2027

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Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Pig
Direction Fixed Element Season Polarity Best Hours
SW1 195° - 225° Earth Summer Yin 1pm - 2:59pm
Earthly Branch Lucky Stone Allies Secret Friend Zodiac Enemy
未 - Wèi Emerald Rabbit & Pig Horse Ox

Sheep are mild mannered, pessimistic, shy and sympathetic. Sheep have a tendency to hold back on their emotions. They are thinkers with tremendous creative ability, who prefer to be left undisturbed in their contemplations. Though they have admirable strengths, sheep suffer from a lot of self doubt and need a lot of love and encouragement to ease their constant anxiety.They are the lovers of nature and art. They are also very cultured, creative, well-mannered and charming. While some Sheep are shy and can get easily upset, others are adaptable and when the need be so, they can be sure-footed as well.


Creative, intelligent, obedient, gentle, generous, elegant, intuitive, modest, inventive, calm, dependable and resourceful.


Reserved, timid, indecisive, edgy, insecure, hypersensitive and disorganized.

Sheep Horoscope Overall Luck in Year 2016

General Forecast sheep-pie-chart-2016.gif

Flying Star & 24 Mountain Chart for the Sheep in 2016

In terms of Flying Star, the Sheep enjoys excellent fortune thanks to the presence of the #8 Wealth Star. Additionally, the power of this Prosperity Star is enhanced by the Earth element of the South West sector. This means 2016 is a great year for the Sheep to start new ventures, expand and diversify business sources as chances of success are very good.

In the 24 Mountains Chart however, the stars are not very friendly as the Sheep sits on the Yearly Killings and is flanked by the Yin House and 3 Killings Stars. All three stars bring bad news so the Sheep should be mindful of these afflictions, especially the Yin House Star which is associated with death. Remember to keep the very sick or elderly away from the South West 1 sector. Boost the earth energy of this sector with Crystal Balls and wear protective amulets to ward off these potentially lethal stars.

Though the Flying Stars and 24 Mountains provide a general luck indication of each animal sign, the personal outlook of every person is also dependent on the heavenly stem element of his year of birth. The following chart summarizes the luck profile of the different element Sheep, based on their year of birth.


 Luck Elements of the Sheep in 2016

The Fire and Metal Sheep enjoy good health luck this year but the Wood and Earth Sheep must be mindful of their health and strengthen themselves with health and longevity amulets such as Wu Lous, Medicine Buddha and Peach symbols. The Water and Earth Sheep are blessed with good wealth luck and thus enjoy a cosy year with stable income and financial strength. On the other hand, money problems may plague the Fire and Metal Sheep. Use Wood (plants, green or brown colors) to strengthen Fire and Earth (Crystals, brown or yellow colors) to fuel Fire. This will help to improve your personal wealth luck. On the happy side, the Sheep’s luck for 2016 is good partly due to your excellent success potential. All Sheep, irrespective of their element, enjoy great success luck as your Wind Horse or Lung Ta is at peak levels this year. This puts the Sheep in a very good position to capitalize on whatever opportunities coming your way in 2016. Place the Power Elephant or Wind Horse on your work desk to increase your stamina and confidence. The life force and spirit essence readings is neutral – this leads to indecision in many areas of your life, whether someone is trustworthy or making long term commitment to loved ones. Enhancing your success luck will also service to boost your confidence. As strong spiritual essence is akin to a protective cloak that makes it hard for others to harm you, you positively need powerful amulets to ward off negativities due to your low spirit essence.

In summary, there is definitely a potential of abundance and wealth for the Sheep in 2016 with the #8 Prosperity is residing in your home sector coupled with your strong success luck. Be focussed on what you plan to achieve and have all the cures in place to counter the negative stars in your Feng Shui chart.

Whether times are challenging or good, it is always nice to have your Horoscope Allies and Secret Friend close to you, be it for support to lessen your burden or to share the sweetness of success.

In addition to your bazi and animal sign, your fortune and luck for the year is also influenced by the locations of the monthly flying stars which may bring blessings or obstacles. The astrological flight of these stars ensures that your luck for the year is not stagnant but will be always changing, depending on whether friendly or unfriendly stars are visiting. Life will be more rewarding when you harness the energies of the beneficial stars and keeping a low profile lying low while protection yourself when hostile stars come visiting. Stay ahead with the help of the month by month Feng Shui Analysis for the Sheep in 2016.

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Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Pig

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