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Feng Shui 2018

yin-yang-button.jpgFeng Shui 2018 - Year of the Yang Earth Dog Wu Xu

General Outlook & Important Updates of Feng Shui in 2018


As in the endless cycle of time, we will soon bid farewell to 2017 to usher in 2018. And the Earth Dog will take over from the Rooster as the zodiac animal of the year.

The New Year is a good time to make some Feng Shui changes in your home or place of work to ensure that you and your loved ones will continue to be constantly surrounded with positive energy, good fortune, and harmony. The widely celebrated Lunar New Year falls on 16th February 2018 but as far as Classical Feng Shui is concerned; the New Year starts with the first day of the Chinese Solar year which varies from 3rd to 5th of February every year. In 2018 the Chinese Solar Year begins on February 4th at 05.38am local time. That will be the time when the annual Feng Shui energy shift occurs, affecting the energy patterns of each and every building and its surroundings.

The Earth Dog boundss into 2018 with it a fresh wave of energy for everybody. Ranked 11th in the cycle of Chinese Zodiac Animals, the Earth Dog is a generous, loyal, honest and dependable creature but also tends to be restless, petty and prone to mood swings.


Paht Chee Chart of 2018

The Paht Chee chart of 2018 is unbalanced with excess Wood and missing Metal. Nevertheless there is also of a harmonious year dominated by the Wood element. The four Earthly Branches have 2 potent affinities – the Dog and Rabbit are Secret Friends whilst the Dog and Tiger are also in a Horoscope Ally relationship, signaling a year of harmony, strategic alliance and great support. This year, pragmatism rules so it is wiser to go with the flow of the rules set by the authorities. This is not the time to be anti-establishment if you want things done smoothly and speedily. The element of Metal which stands for wealth luck is missing in the chart, but there is one hidden Metal.  This means money-making opportunities will not be looking you in the face but are still there for you to identify. Aided by a wealth of support and resources (Wood) plus a tinge of creativity (Fire) and power (Water), there will be ample opportunities for success.




Commanding Star

This star brings power, fame and forune!


Besides the Four Pillars, the year Paht Chee brings a potentially very auspicious Star – the Commanding Star or Jiang Sin in Chinese. This lucky star bestows great charisma for those who have the courage to aim high and work hard for it. It brings wealth and recognition. To enjoy the patronage of this star, there must be a genuine desire to succeed and the staying power to forge ahead in spite of hiccups and hitches along the way.

The ruling #9 Future Prosperity Flying Star in the Center sets the tone for the best attitude to adopt in 2018. It is not a year for hasty decisions and quick riches. Refrain from being impulsive; think things through before making any decision and be mindful of taking risks. 2018 is a time to plan and lay the groundwork for the future. Fret not if you do not get to see the results of your hard work as early as you had wished. Patience yield the best outcome.

In short, 2018 looks unbalanced in terms of five elements but a hidden Metal and the powerful Commanding Star help bring some balance and cheer. Overall, the scenario in 2018 is potentially promising but no immediate dizzying heights of success so to speak. The Year of the Earth Dog is one of consolidation and preparation. Be sure to complete everything begun previously before starting something new. Do not expect quick rewards. Be pragmatic, weigh things rationally and thoroughly instead of relying on instinct.  And like any other years there will still be negative stars to avoid and pacify and good stars to boost. Learn to ride out (with some Feng Shui help, of course) the challenges which may come your way and the rewards will definitely make it all worthwhile!

Due to the cyclical nature of Feng Shui energies, it is recommended that everyone carry out annual updates to avoid clashing with negative energy combinations that contribute to health, relationship and/or financial problems whilst not missing out on the beneficial energies. One of the basic rules is to identify the annual Flying Stars locations so that the relevant cures and enhancers can be put in place before the New Year.

.Hence, good Feng Shui practice stresses that all problematic energies or Sha Qi or afflictions of the year be taken care of before all else. The major afflictions in any given year would be

Together with the no-so-friendly flying stars namely,

  • #2 Illness Star
  • #3 Quarrelsome Star
  • #7 Violent Star

Great care must be taken to ensure these disruptive energies are not disturbed or activated by noisy activities. As a further precaution, appropriate cures and remedies must be in place to protect everyone from harm.

Once you are fully protected with the right remedies in place, it's time for the good stuff. Yes, you can now begin to harness the energy of the year to make your life in 2018 everything you would like it to be — vibrant health, loving relationships, peace & joy, recognition & success, and growing wealth & prosperity! Even though the energy forecast for an area is auspicious, there is no harm in helping things along with some good old fashioned Feng Shui enhancers. A yang Water Feature can definitely boost the wealth energy of the #8 Star to bring you greater prosperity whilst a Victory Horse may further enhance the power of the #1 Star for career enhancement.

Besides the shifting energies of the environment, 4th February 2018 will also see a change of luck on a personal level. Whilst a detailed Bazi reading is required for an individual's luck in any given year, the Horoscope Forecast provides a basic guide on one's overall outlook for the coming year. Based on the 24 Mountains Chart in combination with the Flying Stars, personalized Feng Shui directions and intrinsic characteristics of each animal sign, our Chinese Zodiac Forecast 2018 tells you what to expect and how to protect and enhance all areas of your life. There is even a month by month guide for you to better manage and make the most of 2018. So let's start our preparations to welcome the Year of the Earth Dog 2018. Do your part now to ensure that you and your family are protected and ready to receive the blessings of harmony, happiness, riches, fulfillment and longevity from the energies of the year.:::


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