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Feng Shui Afflictions & Forecast 2018

yin-yang-button.jpgFeng Shui Forecast and Afflictions for 2018

Annual Feng Shui Afflictions and Suggested Cures in the year of 2018

2018 is the year of the Wu Xu Earth Dog and based on the Lunar Calendar it begins on 16th February 2018. However, for the purpose of Feng Shui or Paht Chee reading, the year of the Rooster starts on 4th February 2017, the first day of the Chinese Solar or Hsia Calendar. This day is also referred to as Li Chun or Lap Chun meaning “beginning of spring” in Chinese. Hence for Feng Shui updates, the new year starts on 4th February and it is good Feng Shui practice to have all your cures and enhancers in place by the 3rd February every year.

Often many people especially those new to the practice of Feng Shui focus give priority to boosting their life aspirations such as wealth, health, career and so forth. And while this is fine and good, all the enhancement in the world will be of little use if there are killing and destructive energies around you in your home or work place. So your first approach must always be defensive and protective in nature. Start by identifying the locations of the major afflictions in Feng Shui for the coming year. Energies change directions and locations annually, the change coinciding with Li Chun. Certain directions are considered inauspicious because they exert evil influences generally referred to as Sha Qi. Hence it is never too early to take note of these afflictions and arm yourself accordingly prior to the start of the new year.



The major yearly afflictions you must be aware of are the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), the 5 Yellow (Wu Wang), the 3 Killings (San Sha/Sarm Saat) and the Sui Po. The other hostile energies to note are the #2 Sickness Star, #3 Quarrelsome Star and #7 Violent Star.


The Table on the left lists the sectors afflicted in 2018 whilst the chart below shows the span or degree of their influence.





Pie Chart showing Span of 2018 Feng Shui Afflictions


For your easy reference, here are the locations of the afflictions based on the 9 palaces of a space, be it your whole house, office, the living room or bedroom.



All these afflictions contain inauspicious energies which require cures to neutralize their potentially negative influences and which; if possible, you do not want to disturb with activity. It is advisable not to use the afflicted sector but if this is not possible, don’t worry! Just be sure to put the appropriate cures in place and observe results, making appropriate adjustments as needed.

Annual Tai Sui (太岁)

The annual Tai Sui, generally referred to as the Grand Duke of Jupiter, is one of the strongest Sha Qi of the year. Tai Sui is an intangible star which always corresponds directly to and affects 15º of the space occupied by the animal sign of the year which is the Dog in 2018. Loss, bad luck and illness will befall those who disturb, challenge or confront the Tai Sui. This means that all taboos in respect of the Tai Sui must be heeded – avoid facing North West 1 in all your major undertakings, no renovation, digging, banging or any noisy activities in his palace. Since the Dragon sign (SE1) is directly opposite the NW1, it is deemed to be in direct conflict with Tai Sui, so remedial measures must be taken to appease him and control his wrath. The best way to cure this affliction is to place the celestial protector the Pi Yao in the location of the Grand Duke and carry amulets for protection.

Tai Sui Plaque 2018 with Appeasing Mantra
Tai Sui Amulet 2018
Yellow Jasper Pi Xiu with 12mm Beads Bracelet
Tai Sui Pi Yao with Flaming Sword


Find out more details about Tai Sui 2018.


5 Yellow a.k.a. Wu Wang (五黄)

Another deadly affliction you must be aware of is the 5 Yellow (also known as Wu Wang in Chinese), especially when it flies into Earth and Fire Element sectors. Unfortunately, in 2018 it occupies the North palace whereby this Water sector is controlled by the evil Earth energy of the #5. Great care must be taken to prevent the #5 from flaring up and bringing illnesses, losses and all sorts of obstacles in life. Do not carry out any form or renovation and try to stay away from the afflicted sector but if this is not possible, use remedies to reduce or overcome its ill effects. Keep the colour red and bright lights, in fact anything associated with fire, away from here as we do not want to strengthen its earth influence. The 5 Element Pagoda is one of the most effective cures for the 5 Yellow and it is also beneficial for everyone to wear it as a pendant or carried as an amulet.

Five Element Pagoda
5 Element Pagoda Ringing Bell
Five Element Pagoda Pendant
8 Inch Heart Sutra Pillar
Medicine Buddha Stupa Key Chain


More information about The Nasty Affliction of Wu Wang Five Yellow.


3 Killings a.k.a. San Sha (三煞)

The last of the trio of dangerous Sha Qi to look out for annual is the San Sha or Saam Sart, generally referred to as the Three Killings. The 3 Killings consists of the triple combo of Robbery Sha (Jie Sha), Disaster/Calamity Sha (Zai Sha) and Year Sha (Sui Sha) which brings financial loss, accidents & calamities and obstacles & setbacks. The energies of the San Sha are directional and they afflict from the four cardinals of North, South, East and West depending on the animal sign or earthly branch of the year. In 2018, the North houses this killer qi. As with the Tai Sui, you should avoid any major renovation in the area affected by the 3 Killings as disturbing the afflicted area can activate its inauspicious effects to the detriment of the occupants of the household. However, unlike the case with Tai Sui, it is acceptable to face the San Sha, but it is not advisable to sit with your back to San Sha. As the span of this affliction is quite wide (90°) three animal signs are adversely affected – the Rat bears the full brunt of direct affliction with the Ox and Boar suffering some side affliction. To a lesser extent, the signs directly opposite, that is the Horse, Snake and Sheep are also afflicted. As the classic remedy to subdue the San Sha is the 3 Celestial Guardians of Fu Dog, Chi Lin & Pi Yao, be sure to display these heavenly creatures in the afflicted sectors or carry amulets in their image.

Colorful 3 Celestial Guardians
Three Celestial Guardians to Repress 3 Killing Misfortunes
Three Killings Cure Golden 3 Qi Lin
Ksiddigarbha with 3 Celestial Guardians
Three Harmony Warriors Eight Legged Lion, Fur Bearing Fish and Makara Dragon


Sui Po (岁破)

The Sui Po is also known as the Year Clash, Broken Year, or Year Breaker and is an intangible star which is always diametrically opposes the Tai Sui. In 2018, as the Tai Sui resides in North West 1 (Dog), the Sui Po is located in South East 1 (Dragon), a direction which faces and challenges the Tai Sui. Thus the South East 1 and Dragon born share the unenviable position of being directly afflicted with Sui Po and in direct conflict with Tai Sui. The Sui Po sector should not be activated, e.g. by major earthworks and loud activities commotions as disturbance this area can bring quarrels, bad luck and health problems especially for the elderly. It is acceptable to face the Sui Po, but it is not advisable to sit in the Sui Po because it is unfortunate to set yourself up as opposing the year. Placing a Pi Yao here (South East 1) facing the Tai Sui (North West 1) serves the double purpose of nullifying the Sui Po and at the same time appeasing the Tai Sui.

A Pair of Obsidian Pi Yao with Black Onyx Beads Tassel
Aventurine Piyao Feng Shui Necklace
Fine Silver Pi Siu with Coin Pendant Necklace
Pair of Ancient Green Jade Pi Yao (M)


Although most advice on annual affliction updates focus only on the above Sha Qi ( Tai Sui, 5 Yellow, 3 Killings and Sui Po), we would also like to highlight some of the other negative energies you should be wary of for the year. They are the inauspicious flying stars namely, the #3 Quarrelsome Star, #7 Violent Star and #2 Sickness Star. Please refer to our other resources page at Flying Star Forecast 2018.


#3 Quarrelsome Star

In 2018, the #3 Dispute Star flies to the North East palace, bringing hostile energies which can manifest in conflicts, arguments, legal problems, divorce, and so forth. As with any negative influence, minimize use of this area and postpone renovation works. As the #3 is of the Wood element, avoid adding water or watery colours or symbols, as Water nourishes Wood. In fact, it is advisable to remove water features that may have been placed there previously. It is best to reduce #3 Wood Element using the Fire Element as Fire “consumes” Wood. So light up candles, use bright lights, place accessories that are red, lamps with red lamp shades, red flowers, or triangular shaped objects. Feng Shui cures for this star includes the Ksitigarbha's Fireball, Manjushri Flaming Sword and Flaming Magic Wheel. Displaying the Red Laughing Buddha here is a great way to transform the hostile and argumentative qi to harmonious energy.

Crimson Red Crystal Ball
Peace Red Apple Tassel
Red Ksitigarbha Fire Ball with Mantra
3 Legged Bird and 3 Suns Key Chain
Fire Protection Wheel Mirror of Avalokiteshvara Amulet


#7 Violent Star

From an auspicious star in Period 7 (1984-2003), the #7 has turned into one of the most hazardous stars in the current Period 8 (2004-2024). Residing in the East in 2018, it now brings injuries, violence, burglary, chaos and bloodshed. Additionally the strength of this Metal star is considerably lethal in the East sector which is inherently Wood, as Metal destroys Wood in the element cycle. Thus it is imperative thi year to protect against the negative influence from Violent Star #7. The best remedy for this undesirable star can be found in the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant. These powerful protectors as well as items and décor representing the Water element will combat and subdue the violent energy of the #7. Remember to remove things made of Metal or Earth, as they nourish the vile Metal energy of this vicious star.

Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Globe for Protection
Double Horn Blue Rhinoceros
Anti-Burglary Amulet for #7 Violent Star
Protective Rhino Elephant Anti Burglary Totem
Anti Burglary Blue Rhino and Elephant Plaque


#2 Sickness Star

In 2018, the #2 Illness Star flies to the West palace, afflicting the Rooster born and those who spend a lot of time in this sector. It is wise to be cautious, as the #2 Illness Star brings not only sickness and health problems but also bad luck, gossip and disharmony to this sector. The situation can also be aggravated by monthly negative stars. As the Fire Element enhances the Earth energy of the #2, avoid using bright lights, red colours or burning candles here. The use of metal images such as metal items and metallic colours (i.e. white, grey, gold or silver) to reduce the earth energy is recommended. However, the most effective remedy to counter and contain this negative earth qi is to display a metal Wu Lou (also known as a Chinese Gourd or Calabash) which is also a powerful symbol of good health and vitality. For houses with bedrooms and main door in this Illness Star location, placing this cure in the afflicted sector is essential.

Health & Abundance Amulet Key Chain
Bejeweled Medicine Buddha Stupa
Golden Brass Wu Lou with Yin Yang Bagua
Longevity Wu Lou Pendant with Necklace
Anrenshui Wu Lou Key Chain Amulet


Now that we know in advance where the danger lurks in 2018, we can have a head start in our preparation for the new year. Whether it is to reschedule some renovation works or in choosing the right colours for a repainting exercise, it is good to have the above information as a guide. And of course it doesn't hurt to stock up on all the required cures beforehand to ensure that you and your loved ones are fully protected when welcoming the Wu Xu Earth Dog in 2018.


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