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Feng Shui is essentially a system for arranging everything in your surroundings in such a way that your environment works for you and with you rather than against you. This way, life would be much more pleasant. Since we tend to spend many hours at work each day, Feng shui for office is as important as the Feng Shui for the bedroom or others you tend to spend a lot of time in. One need not engage a Feng Shui Master or learn Feng Shui for years in order to use Feng Shui to improve your working environment. Many simple aspects of Feng Shui can be incorporated into your everyday work environment to make it a more relaxing and productive environment. Even if you are not into Feng Shui, if the practical tips do nothing more than make your office a more pleasant place to be, then it will still be worthwhile to implement them.

Whether you are the boss or one of many workers in a row of cubicles, your office is the place where you are expected to create, inspire, come up with ideas and do your best work. However, if you seem to be spending more time in your office managing stress and problems rather than doing your job, it could be time to inject a little Feng Shui into your space – be it the whole office, your cubicle or just your desk.



Clean Up and Clear Clutter

Dust and clutter in your office or on your desk blocks the flow of chi or energy and prevent you from being at your most productive or creative. Sometimes it is hard to get rid of the clutter, but try organizing it so that chi can still flow. Organize your space so that everything has a place to be stored and can be stowed out of sight when not in use. Focus on the task at hand and eliminate distractions by storing unfinished and completed work in a separate storage area. Make sure there is space for everything but clutter in your area and clean up regularly. Once the clutter and dust start accumulating, your energy is sure to fall into the bad office Feng Shui category. The clutter free mantra applies to your computer as well. With the tons of information and mails we receive daily, be sure to organize and clear your email inbox on a regular basis. As clutter drains your energy and dampens your best intentions, you must organize a clear system, and not let clutter ruin your health and your business.

Feng Shui Commanding Position

If you have a choice, place your desk in the so-called Feng Shui commanding position to attract stronger and more successful energies to your work area. A Feng Shui commanding position means you do not have your back to the door; your desk is positioned further from the door and not in line with it. The rationale is that you do not turn your back on business and also when you cannot see the door or entrance, you are more vulnerable to surprises which means unnecessary fears and negative energy.


Examples of Feng Shui Commanding Position



Another criteria for the Feng Shui commanding position is good backing. Thus, even though you have your desk in the commanding position, but if there is a window behind your back, your commanding position is weak as you lack strong backing behind your back. You need a solid wall or strong art work such as mountain image to provide solid backing and a sense of support. On the other hand, sitting with your back to a window creates unnecessary vulnerability and distracts your awareness, subtly drawing your attention backward. If you must sit in this position due to space constrain, hang a crystal sphere or wind chime between yourself and window or door behind you. Sometimes, you have little choice as to your desk position in a corporate cubicle. If you do have to sit with your back to the door or entrance, place the largest mirror possible in a position that enables you to see the entryway to your space from your sitting position. A powerful commanding position harmonizes and focuses the energy in your space to enhance your sense of protection and safety, your personal power, and your career abundance. It is like being in command of your own energy, so that you can do your best in any given situation.


Be mindful of the quality of air and light in your home office as these are two of the good Feng Shui must-haves. Bad lighting and poor air quality will directly affect your vitality in the office, making you tire easily and unable to focus for long. In the long run, they may even give rise to health issues. Adequate and good lighting will considerably improve your well-being in the office. The best Feng Shui solution to good quality air is to decorate office with indoor plants. Scout your area for hardy air-purifying plants that will tolerate the level of artificial lighting in the office. In fact any indoor plants serve to bring the outdoors inside your office can create a very calming effect. It will clear the air and fill it with oxygen, bringing beauty and vital energy into your office. You can also use an aromatherapy device to diffuse essential oils that not only clear the air, but also create an energized, vibrant atmosphere.


Enhance Feng Shui Elements and Compass Areas

In Feng Shui, the directions and elements in your surroundings have a direct effect on you and your environment. As each Bagua or sector is associated with a particular aspiration, by strengthening a sector with its element or color, you can boost the qualities of that aspiration in your life.

Feng Shui-wise, there are 3 important areas in your office or your desk (for your personal Feng Shui) that need to be enhanced for best Feng Shui energy. They are:

South Area (Fame and Reputation)


In Feng Shui, the South sector governs your reputation and recognition. Its Feng Shui energy is Fire, so be careful not to have the color blue, big mirrors, fountains or images of water in this area, as Water element depletes the Fire energy. Use red décor and make sure this area is brightly lit.



North Area (Career or Business)


As the Feng Shui element here is Water, display items representing Water, as well as Metal (Metal creates Water in the Feng Shui 5 Element cycle). You can place inspiring images related to your business in Metal, black or white frames in the North area of your office. This is also the ideal location for a Water Feature in your office.



South Area (Prosperity and Abundance)


Display images or items that speak to you of prosperity and abundance. The Feng Shui element here is Wood, so plants as well as a Water Feature are great for this area. Avoid Fire images and Metal which will weaken and destroy Wood.



Use the chart below to help you achieve better Feng Shui for your office:

South East
North West
General Business Success
Professional Creativity
Professional Reputation & Recognition
Business Health & Growth
Business Wealth & Sales
Helpful People & Mentor


Focal Point

A focal point is a concentration of Feng Shui energies in any given space; it gives the room vitality and personality. If a room has no focal point, the Feng Shui energy gets dissipated in many directions and is not able to support the activities the room is intended for. It is by the creation of vital focal points that you attract and keep the Chi energy, in any given space. A good Feng Shui focal point can be anything from well-positioned artwork or a wall mural to a big lush plant in a beautifully sculptured pot. Try it, you will immediately feel a strong shift in the Feng Shui feel of your space.

Get the most out of your office by arranging your office according to the principles of Feng Shui, and watch your energy and productivity increase. Using the above easy tips, you can fix the Feng Shui in your office in just a few simple steps. They may not help you get you a promotion immediately or magically earn you a huge contract. But creating a more pleasant work environment could help with your own happiness, improve the moods of co-workers, and the little things will slowly but surely make a difference – for the better!

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