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Flying Star Feng Shui 2015

2015 Flying Star Feng Shui

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Annual Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast in 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep.

Flying Star Feng Shui is one of disciplines in Chinese Astrology which incorporates the principles of the 5 elements, the 8 trigrams, the Lo Shu numbers, and the 24 Mountains to analyze the ups and downs of energy in an environment at a particular time. Due to its incorporation of the time factor, it is one of the most effective and widely used Feng Shui practices which brings and speedy and accurate results. The principle of Flying Star Feng Shui is that each number (stars) in the 9 grid Lo Shu square is endowed with specific qualities whereby it brings good or bad luck. The auspicious stars bring wealth and well-being, so areas with these stars should be used for main areas such as living rooms or bedrooms, whilst the inauspicious areas should be avoided or used for storage or remedied accordingly.

The beneficial stars are #1, #4, #6 & #8 while the #2, #3, #5 & #7 are those you should be wary of. The #9 by itself is auspicious, being the Future Prosperity Star in Period 8, but acts as a Multiplying Star when combined with other stars, meaning it will magnify good luck as well as bad luck.

Auspicious Stars

  • #1 Lucky Star (Water Element) – Helps attain victory over competition. Enhances career promotion and monetary growth.
  • #4 Romance Star (Wood Element) – Good star which improves romantic opportunities and also study & literary fortune for writers and scholars.
  • #6 Power Star (Metal Element) – Associated with good fortune and help from Heaven. Brings speculative luck as well as power and authority.
  • #8 Wealth Star (Earth Element) – Signifies wealth, prosperity, success and happiness. Regarded as the most auspicious star of all the 9 numbers.

Affliction Stars

  • #2 Sickness Star (Earth Element) – The illness bringing star, has negative influences on health issues, bringing physical ailments and diseases.
  • #3 Dispute Star (Wood Element) – A bad star which signifies lawsuits, hostility and quarrels. Brings misunderstandings amongst families, friends and colleagues, trouble with the authorities.
  • # 5 Misfortune Star (Earth Element) – Also known as Wu Wang or Five Yellow star. It is considered the most malevolent and dangerous of the nine stars. Brings all kind of misfortunes, accidents, losses and death.
  • #7 Violent Star (Metal Element) – This unlucky star brings loss, robbery and violence to the afflicted sector.

Each year, the annual Flying Stars change their positions around February 4th, known as “Lup Chun” in Chinese, meaning “beginning of spring”. Auspicious and affliction stars fly into new sectors reflecting changes in energy to each of the locations of a house or office. In 2015, the change takes place on February 4th at 12:09pm.

In order to maintain good Feng Shui in your home and a smooth transition into the New Year, it is imperative to note of the locations of each star. Knowing the sitting positions of these stars allows you to appropriately install cures & remedies to afflicted areas and efficiently activate the good fortune areas by placing the correct enhancers and activators.


Flying Chart Chart for 2016 Year of Bing Shen Fire Monkey

Flying Star Chart for 2015 Year of Yi Wei Wood Sheep


The Flying Star Feng Shui Chart of 2015 is ruled by the #3 Star which flies to the centre palace, exerting its angry and quarrelsome influence on all members of the household. Familiarize yourself with the chart by superimposing it onto the layout plan of your home or office in order to identify the lucks of every sector. We have prepared below the 2015 Flying Star Analysis for all nine sectors with recommendation of best cures and enhancers to harness good Feng Shui for the year.



The Victory Star #1 flies into the EAST in 2015 bringing excellent business and career opportunities. This lucky star promises triumph over your competitors and brings success luck. Those residing in this part of the house are set to enjoy auspicious luck. Career advancement is very likely this year if your work desk in the office is visited by the Water Star 1. Those whose office or business premises entrance are in the EAST will enjoy all kind of triumphant moments as this White Star helps you to be victorious in any competitive situation. Feng Shui enhancers to activate the luck of #1 are Water Features, Victory Banners, Dragon Tortoises & images of Horses, preferably made with metal. Avoid wood as this element weakens the energy of this water star. The eldest son of the family as well as those with the Rabbit horoscope sign are also set to enjoy a good spell of winning luck from this favorable star.

Here are some recommended feng shui enhancers to activate your victory luck or click to view our full range of Flying Star Remedies for #1 Victory Star.





The Earth element Illness Star #2 flies to the SOUTH EAST sector of your house this year. Fortunately, its energies is considerably reduced by the Wood element in this sector, but it is still advisable for the Dragon and Snake born as well as older girls of the family to be protected. Precaution is also necessary for those whose bedrooms are situated here as this sickness chi could lead to ailments. The best Feng Shui cure to subdue the illness energies brought by this hostile star is the Metal Wu Lou. And if your main entrance is located here or facing the SOUTH EAST, all family members in the house will be affected. The constant opening and closing of door is bound to activate the illness-bringing star, so try to use another entrance in another sector but if this not possible, you must suppress the excess Earth element with metal or wood. Protect your family member by making sure that everyone carries/wears a long life or health symbol. As Fire feeds and enhances the Earth energy of this star, bright lightings here is not advisable.

Below are some feng shui cures to suppress Illness Chi. Click to view our wide range of Flying Star Cures for #2 Sickness Star.





The #3 Argumentative Star which creates trouble with quarrels, misunderstandings, conflicts and litigation, flies to the CENTRE palace of offices and homes in 2015. Made stronger and more destructive by the Earth element of this sector, this angry star become deadly, bringing a host of problems ranging from minor misunderstandings to legal suits to everyone who is hit by it. The luck of the whole family is seriously afflicted this year. If the angry chi is not contained, there may be tragic consequences where families are broken, relationships turned sour and long lasting conflicts created. For business owner too, it is important to nullify this Dispute Star to avoid severe conflicts and fights between workers which can cause undesirable business obstruction. Exhaust the Wood based #3 Star with Fire energy – bright lights and anything in red are highly recommended here. Move away anything associated with Water and Wood energies from this area. Excellent Feng Shui items to counter the #3 Star are the Flaming Magic Wheel, 9 Amulets Plaque, Red Crystal Ball and Ksitigarbha’s Staff. It is recommended that all family members carry protection amulets for controlling this Quarrelsome Star.

Below are the most effective Feng Shui remedies to control quarrelsome energies. Click to view the complete range of Flying Star Remedies for #3 Argumentative Star.





The lovely #4 Star of Scholastic accomplishments and Literary excellence visits the NORTH WEST palace. Also known as the Romantic Peach Blossom Star, this means that love and academics will flourish especially for the Patriarch of the family and those born in the year of the Dog and Pig. So for those still single, get ready to meet the love of your life and be prepared for more passion in your love life if you are married. Strengthen the favorable wood energy with a water feature. However, it is important not to have big water fountain here since wood dies if there is too much water, leading to infidelity in a marriage. Images of Dragon & Phoenix, Mandarin Ducks and Double Happiness Symbols are excellent energizers for attracting love luck. As the #4 Star also signifies good education and academic success, students and those employed in writing career will benefit from its scholastic energy. Display Chi Lin with Four Scholastic Objects, Crystal Points, Wen Chang Pagoda or Dragon Carp figurines here to manifest scholarly luck.

Feng Shui Enhancers to activate Romance and Scholastic Luck. View our large selection of Flying Star Enhancers for #4 Scholastic & Romance Star.





The #5 Misfortune Star is the most dangerous & vicious of the nine numbers in Flying Star system, especially in this Earth Period 8. Generally known as Five Yellow or Wu Wang, it is a very unfavorable star which causes all kinds of misfortune i.e. sickness, losses, tragedies, accidents, calamities and obstacles to success. Being in the WEST palace in 2015 means that young girls of the family and those born in the year of the Rooster are particularly affected. Fortunately, its strength is somewhat weakened by the Metal energy of this sector. Nevertheless, everyone should be wary of the obstructions and difficulties brought on by this malicious yellow star and take steps to subdue its evil influences before its destructive force spreads and wreak havoc everywhere. The influences of this vicious star should never be underestimated. Remove anything associated with Fire energy, moving objects i.e. fan, television from this area. No gatherings or noisy activities here. Knocking, digging or any renovation works are a big no-no. Exhaust the malevolent Earth energy of the Wu Wang with metal energy based on the 5 element weakening cycle. Established cures for the nasty #5 are the Five Element Pagoda, Five Element Ringing Bell, and Brass Coins. Remember to make every family member carry s protective amulets for added protection. Prevention is better than cure.

Keep the Misfortune Star under control with suggested cures. Click here for our complete range of Flying Star Cures for Wu Wang Five Yellow.





In 2015, the Heavenly #6 Star flies into the NORTH EAST, hugely benefitting those born in the year of the Ox and Tiger as well as young boys in the family. The number 6 is a favorable star associated with Metal element and cosmic energies of heaven. It is popularly known as an indirect wealth star as it brings unexpected fortune and windfall luck. The most important thing to do is to ensure the #6 auspicious chi is greatly activated and strengthened. This year, the best way to do this is to strengthen the Earth energy of the Ken trigram. Placing 6 Crystal Balls here is thus highly recommended. Other ways to tap the power from this celestial star is to invite your favorite deity to invoke the heavenly blessings of the #6. The #6 also stands for mentor & authority luck, influences and has control over money. Enhance its goodwill energy with a Ru Yi, Six Crystal Balls or Six Metal Coins to enjoy the help of powerful mentors, career enhancement and harmony in the family.

Benefits and tap the Heavenly Luck with the following Feng Shui products. View our complete selection of Flying Star Enhancers to energize #6 Heaven Star.





The Violent #7 Star, another unwelcome affliction of the nine flying stars, flies to the SOUTH in 2015. This vicious star is bad news in this Period 8 and brings danger of robbery, fighting and injuries to the SOUTH sector of homes and other buildings. Its presence creates hostility and dangers for those residing in this part of the home or office. Fortunately, its influence is reduced by the Fire energy her as Fire melts Metal based on the 5 Element theory. Nevertheless, it is still crucial to protect yourself and your loved ones from this affliction. Be extra careful if your home is SOUTH facing or sitting, or important areas of your home such as bedrooms or living room are situated in the SOUTH. An excellent way to overcome the #7 star is to use Water, which weakens its Metal energy. The Rhino and Elephant is the most effective cure for this affliction and thus when incorporated into a Water Feature, results in a powerful antidote to the #7. You may also want to hang an Anti- Burglary Plaque in the SOUTH of your home to keep away robbers and people with bad intentions. If you are always in high risk places, carry a Blue Rhino & Elephant Amulet for added protection against harm.

Here are some best feng shui cures to protect against Robbery Star. Shop for our full range of Flying Star Remedies for #7 Violent Star.





The #8 Earth Star is the luckiest star in this Feng Shui Period 8. It is associated with abundance of wealth, prosperity, good fortune and success luck. In 2015, this all powerful auspicious star flies to the NORTH, bringing great fortune and wealth luck to everyone who resides here. This sector is extremely fortunate as it enjoys fantastic money luck & financial success, and is particularly beneficial to people born in the year of the RAT, younger boys especially middle sons, and those with house or office main entrance located here. Activate this area with bright lights in red or warm white color to signify strong Fire energies to strengthen the Earth Star #8. Those with main doors in the NORTH can increase the impact of the number 8 by hanging the Sun & Moon 8 Rod Wind Chime to bring wish fulfilling luck and abundance. Other ways to energize the NORTH sector is by displaying some good fortune symbol of Feng Shui like Wealth Deities, Dragon Water Features, Wealth Vases and Wealth Laden Ships. Try to spend more time here and Boost the Chi by increasing activities such as family gatherings or parties in this sector of the house.

Below are the best Feng Shui Enhancers to increase your wealth luck. Click to view our complete range of Flying Star Enhancers for #8 Wealth Star.





As the Future Prosperity Star, the #9 is generally considered second only to the #8 in terms of attracting good fortune and prosperity. In 2015, it flies to the SOUTH WEST where the Earth energy results in this Fire star burning less brightly but it still brings good news especially for the matriarch of the house. The #9 Purple Star is also a magnifying number which expands both good and bad luck. It increases nasty effects when combined with the unlucky star 2, 3 or 5, so do update yourself on when the unlucky combination occurs and stay protected with cures & remedies. The Sheep and Monkey born plus those whose bedrooms or main doors are located in the SOUTH WEST will see improved luck and will enjoy all the benefits brought by #9 Star. Keep the SOUTH WEST well lit and hold activities here as the Power of 9 is magnified when there is light and movement. Activate this area with red décor, 9 Ring Sword, Flaming Ball, Red Wish Fulfilling Jewel or invite the Nine Dragon Kwan Kung here to ensure a continuity of prosperity luck.

Get some recommended Feng Shui products to enhances prosperity luck. View our full collection of Flying Star Enhancers for #9 Future Prosperity Star.



Remember that the above Annual Flying Star Updates and Prediction takes effect from 4th February 2015. Superimpose it on to all the rooms in your home, work space and install the appropriate energy enhancers and cures before this date. Get a complate set of Feng Shui 2015 Flying Star Kit comprising crucial cures and enhancers for your home including some amulets.

Share this information with your families, friends, colleagues and love ones to ensure they are well protected and will reap the maximum benefit in the year 2015.

Stay updated each month with our Monthly Flying Star Forecast to enjoy more auspicious Feng Shui and live with good fortune.


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