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Monthly Flying Star Forecast

yin-yang-button.jpgMonthly Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for the 4th Month (from 6th May to 5th June 2018) of the Wu Xu Earth Dog Year with suggestions of Feng Shui remedies and enhancers.


Each grid in the chart below contains two digits. The larger digit denotes the annual star while the smaller digit denotes the monthly star. It's important to note that the luck corresponds to the sector brought by the Flying Star combination where the main door is located affects everyone in the household or office. For the rest of the sectors, the luck only affects people who occupy the room in that sector frequently. Remedies to dissolve bad effects and enhancers to magnify the good are to be placed in each sector or worn/carried by people who reside in the sectors are suggested below.

Generally, residents of the sectors housing the 'good' stars – 1,4,6,8 & 9 enjpy good luck whereas occupants of sectors with 'bad' stars-2,3,5 & 7 will have to brace themselves for challenges ahead.


6th May 2018 ~ 5th June 2018

 North West

Be prepared for a stressful month as the #3 Argumentative Star flies into the North West, causing minor disagreements to lead to major fights or even lawsuits. The situation is aggravated by the presence of the yearly #1 Water Star which helps feed the hostile Wood energy of the #3. Do not activate the area by hanging bells or windchimes, keep the noise level and activities down. Place a Flaming Magic Wheel or Flaming Sword here to suppress the dispute chi. Displaying the Red Laughing Buddha in the afflicted sector is a great way to transform the hostile and argumentative qi to harmonious energy. Remember to use Fire energy in the form of bright lights and red decorations to exhaust the evil Wood chi and avoid water which will nourish it.

Crimson Red Crystal Ball



The presence of the #4 Star of Romance and Knowledge means a favourable month for those in academic and literary pursuits as well as a surge of romance luck for occupants of this sector.  Students are encouraged to study here or at least to face South East when studying this month.  Enhance the knowledge chi and boost exam luck by displaying a Crystal Point With Mantra or Dragon Carp here. Singles will find lots of love opportunities but married couples must overcome external romance. Use love symbols such as Crystal Hearts and Mystic Knots to activate romance luck whilst a Rooster with Amethyst Fan will  help keep an eye on straying spouse.

Golden Dragon Carp for Literary and Educational Success
Golden Education and Exam Luck Amulet Key Chain


 North East

Oh dear..looks like a challenging month ahead as the monthly 5 Yellow flies into this sector. Abetted by the #3 troublemaker, the vicious Wu Wang brings nothing but bad luck- money troubles, calaminities, quarrels as well as loss of wealth and loss of business luck. If your bedroom is located here, you face serious financial problems and disputes to do with money. Remember it's a big no-no to noisy activities or haging of windchimes here. Use Metal to control #3 Wood and weaken #5 Earth. A  5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life would be the perfect cure not only  to dispel the bad energies of the Misfortune Star but also to invite wealth and prosperity into your home.

Five Element Pagoda Protection Card Amulet
Buddhist Amitabha Stupa
Tree of Life Five Element Pagoda with Seed Syllables Keychain
Chundi Mirror Pendant
Wooden Buddhist Swastika Key Chain



Excellent money luck in the form of windfall gain is in store for residents of this sector as the #6 White Star brings good fortune from heaven. Business success and career advancement is also forseen. Try to have more social activities and family gatherings here so that the auspicious energy will benefit the whole family. The downside is the Metal (#6) and Wood (#4) conflict which can hamper work & creativity as well as cause health problems to the ladies. Remedy with clear Crystal Ball for clarity of mind and a Wu Lou for health. The Golden Brass Wu Lou with Six Gold Coins is ideal for this sector as it not only dissolves illness chi but acts as a wealth enhancer by activating heaven luck.

Jade Emperor Heaven Luck Activator Keychain
Six Heaven Gold Coins Amulet
Wish Granting Tree of Life Keychain



Those who spend a lot of time in this sector will be afflicted with an increase in misfortune, disputes, robbery and even bloodshed. The unpleasant energy of conflict could make the whole month very disruptive and tension-filled. Remedy the situation with a Blue Rhinoceros & Elephant in this sector. Given the tense and stressful situation, it is not surprising that occupants will also be prone to illnesses and health issues. Display a Laughing Buddha to cut the tension and an Antakarana Wu Lou to dispel the sickness chi. Yin water cures in the form of a water vase with plants/flowers or other blue decorative items to weaken the Metal chi of the violent #7 is also a good idea.



 South West

Fabulous wealth luck for occupants of this sector as the auspicious energies of the visiting #8 Prosperity Star  harmonizes with the #6 Heaven Star to bring wonderful tidings. Your career and business receive a boost as you are blessed with excellent mentor luck. Water Features are especially recommended to enhance the prosperity chi, but if it's the bedroom, use crystals instead. For instance, a pair of Crystal Mandarin Ducks will not only nourish the beneficial chi, it will work wonders for your relationship luck which is a wee bit low this month. Residents of this sectors may also carry a Mystic Knot for long lasting love and to ensure a harmonious flow of auspicious energy uninterrupted by any setbacks, accidents or misfortunes

Chinese I-Ching Coins Money Tree
9 Eye and Earth & Heaven Dzi Beads with Faceted Clear Quartz & Obsidian Bracelet



There is a clash of Metal (#7) and Fire (#9) in the sky, resulting in bad news for occupants of this sector. The malicious energy of #7 Violent Star is rendered more potent and lethal by the #9 Expanding Star. This means increased incidence of robbery, loss and violence. Be sure to protect your household with water which will weaken the vicious Metal energy of the #7. So as not to inadvertently activate the robbery star, yin water such as a few stalks of bamboo in water vase is preferred.. However, the trusted and proven cure for the #7 violent star is the Blue Rhinoceros & Elephant. Of course metal items must be avoided here. As the conflicting stars may also give rise to quarrels and disputes, restore calm and harmony with a Round Crystal Ball.

Mini Blue Rhinocerous
Nightspot Protection Amulet Key Chain


 South East

Two auspicious stars coming together can only mean good luck and prosperity for those living in this part of the home. The #8 Wealth Star brings prosperity whilst the #1 White Star will attract mentors to ease your climb up the corporate ladder.  Opportunities for making money are aplenty.  Enhance the good fortune with a Water Feature and seal your victory with a (duh!) Victory Banner. However, the Earth (#8) and Water #1) conflict may give rise to some disputes and disagreements. Resolve the clash of elements with a Laughing Buddha which not only help curb disharmony but also help attract good fortune.

Bejeweled Wish Fulfilling Dragon Tortoise
Bejeweled Rearing Horse
Feng Shui Victory Banner Success Amulet



The evil influence of the visiting #2 Sickness Star is further empowered by the annual #9 Magnifying Star, generating energies of illness and negative feelings and worries. Occupants of this sector, especially the womenfolk, are likely to fall ill frequently this month and will be prone to stomach problems. Display a Wu Lou with Antahkarana Symbol to safeguard the health of all family members. Invite the Laughing Buddha into your home for further protection and to help ease your problems and worries.

7 Medicine Buddha Plaque for Longevity and Health Protection
7 Medicine Dzi Beads with 8mm Red Agate Bracelet


This page will be updated around end or beginning of every month. Do return to find out how to enhance you luck using Flying Star Feng Shui in the coming months. Remember to read the updated Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for 2018 and be prepared in a good way for the coming year.


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