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Monthly Flying Star Forecast

yin-yang-button.jpgMonthly Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for the 2nd Month (from 6th March to 4th April 2018) of the Wu Xu Earth Dog Year with suggestions of Feng Shui remedies and enhancers.

Each grid in the chart below contains two digits. The larger digit denotes the annual star while the smaller digit denotes the monthly star. It's important to note that the luck corresponds to the sector brought by the Flying Star combination where the maindoor is located affects everyone in the household or office. For the rest of the sectors, the luck only affects people who occupy the room in that sector frequently. Remedies to dissolve bad effects and enhancers to magnify the good are to be placed in each sector or worn/carried by people who reside in the sectors are suggested below.

Generally, residents of the sectors housing the 'good' stars – 1,4,6,8 & 9 enjoy good luck whereas occupants of sectors with 'bad' stars-2,3,5 & 7 will have to brace themselves for challenges ahead.



6th March 2018 ~ 4th April 2018

 North West

The dreaded #5 Wu Wang flies in to create bad chi, overshadowing the positive effects of the #1 annual star. The visiting star brings all kinds of misfortune in the form of illness, accidents, injuries, loss of money or properties. It is best to move to another room or use another entrance if either your bedroom or main floor is located here. Be sure to keep yourself and family protected – the 5 Element Pagoda or Metal Bell is the most effective cure for the malignant 5 Yellow star. The challenging situation may give rise to stress which in turn could lead to health problems, so try to stay relaxed and calm. A pair of Wu Lou or other longevity symbols will help to improve your health luck. Finally, let the golden Laughing Buddha with his jovial demeanour disperse your anxiety and bring on laughter and joy.

Golden Travelling Laughing Buddha with a Big Sack
Buddhist Amitabha Stupa
5 Element Pagoda Ringing Bell



26.jpgResidents in this sector are set to enjoy a blessed month – thanks to the visiting #6 Heaven Star. Another good news is that the Metal energy also serves to weaken the illness chi of the #2 Star (Earth). There will be unexpected windfalls and increase of opportunities in your life as heaven shines upon occupants of this sector. Enhance good fortune luck by placing a 6 smooth i-ching coins in this part of your home or office and increase income luck by positioning a Wealth Ship to sail into your home. Display a Victory Banner here or use a Dragon Tortoise paperweight on your desk to give career luck a further boost. To keep the lingering illness star under control, place a Golden Wu Lou here and hang a 6 Rod Windchimes in the West of your house to protect against any negative energy.

Longevity Vase Keychain Amulet
Six Heaven Gold Coins Amulet
Wish Granting Tree of Life Keychain


 North East

Occupants of this sector are in for a challenging time as the #7 Burglary Star drops by for a visit. Be extra careful this month as the inauspicious combination of stars brings misfortune in the form of all kinds of bad luck such as violence, robbery, accidents, conflicts, disputes, quarrels and legal tussles. If possible stay away from this sector. This troubled area should be kept quiet with minimal activities. Counter the violent chi of #7 Star with a Anti Burglary Plaque or the Rhinoceros and Elephant and use the Magic Wheel with Flaming Sword to curb the quarrelsome #3. Suppress the #7 metal and #3 wood conflict with fire (Flaming Wheel, Manjushri Flaming Sword, Dragon with Fore Ball) and reconcile the clashing elements with water – the Blue Rhinoceros & Elephant with Water Urn or a Water Feature is ideal. However, amidst these problems there is a streak of light in the form of the Sum of Ten combination which brings good fortune and opportunities. Harness the prosperity chi with a Water Feature.

Blue Rhino and Elephant Protection Card



A lucky month for occupants of this sectors as the auspicious stars brings promise of success and prosperity. It is always auspicious to have the #8 Wealth Star come by and you can help enhance its beneficial chi by displaying a Water Feature or wearing Crystal Jewellery to boost money and wealth luck. For students, academicians, writers and those in the literary fields, it's your time to shine. Enhance likelihoods of achievement by displaying a Crystal Point, Double Carp or Crystal Globe on your desk. Prospects are also bright when it comes to affairs of the heart. Display Mandarin Ducks or Dragon & Phoenix to enhance love luck. Be mindful though, the conflicting elements – Wood (4) attacking Earth (8) indicates injuries, especially to young children. Remember to keep them away from this sector and protect them with Wu Lou or Medicine Buddha amulets.

Chinese I-Ching Coins Money Tree
Jade Auspicious 8 Bracelet



You really don't want to activate or be around this sector too frequently for the coming month. The vicious chi of the #5 annual star which brings all kinds of misfortune is intensified by the visiting #9 Multiplying Star. This unfavourable situation is further aggravated by the unfortunate combination of elements, with the Fire from #9 feeding the malicious Earth chi of #5. The result is increased chances of illness, injuries, loss of money or properties and other misfortune. Hence it is a must to have a good sized 5 Element Pagoda or Stupa here to ward off any impending disasters. Keep a 5 Element Pagoda amulet with you at all times for protection. As always, stressful situations may give rise to health issues. Seek help from the jolly Laughing Buddha to diffuse your anxiety and the Medicine Buddha for health protection.

Bejeweled Stupa Key Chain Amulet
Colourful Victory Banner Amulet
5 Element Pagoda with Hum Amulet
Good Luck Laughing Buddha with Two Thumbs Up
21 Tara Mirror with Tassel


 South West

A very lucky month ahead for residents of this sector as the two white stars combine their beneficial energies to generate auspicious chi, bringing wealth and career luck. Promotions, recognition, opportunities and general luck are forthcoming and within easy grasp. Furthermore, the Metal energy of #6 feeds and enhance the Water element of the #1 Star, boosting superlative mentor and career luck. Hence the Sputh West is certainly a great Feng Shui area to activate by having fun activities like family get togethers and parties here. Displaying a Water Feature, Kwan Kung statue, Victory Banner or 6 Heaven Gold Coin is a good start. Start planning your social gatherings now- strike while the iron is hot!

Brass Kwan Kong with Seal of Authority
Six Heaven Gold Coins Amulet
Wish Granting Tree of Life Keychain



Occupants of this sector should be extra vigilant this month as the #7 Violent Star and #2 Illness Star join forces to bring misfortune in the form of violence, robbery, accidents, conflicts and health problems. Keep a lookout for serious injuries caused by metal. If possible stay away from this troubled sector which should be kept quiet with minimal activities. Counter the violent chi of #7 Star with a Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros and Anti Burglary Plaque. Display a Wu Lou here to dispel the illness chi and the Eight Immortals to boost health luck and bring good fortune. Remember to be extra careful with your health and always carry protective amulets, especially when you are on the move.

Health Amulet Key Chain
Pair of Protective Rhinoceros


 South East

83.jpgA not so great month for occupants of this sector as the annual #8 Wealth Star (Earth) is overwhelmed by the malicious Wood energy of the visiting #3 Star. The clashing of energies results in conflicts, disagreements and the stressful energies of gossip. Think before you speak as there is a high tendency for misunderstandings to arise out of minor issues. Use Fire (color Red, Flaming Wheel, Manjushri Flaming Sword, Dragon with Fore Ball) to suppress the hostile #3 and enhance the beneficial #8 Star. Crystal Balls too are excellent items to boost the Wealth Star and bring much needed harmony during this stressful period.

Crimson Red Crystal Ball



If this sector in your home is activated, it is good news for those looking for love and for students, academicians, writers and those in the literary & creative fields as the #4 peach blossom star is a calling. There will be plenty of opportunities and rekindling of passion. Display Mandarin Ducks, Double Happiness Symbols or Rose Crystal Heart here to boost your romance luck. This sector is also great for students as it brings excellent examination and study luck. Place a pagoda for examination luck and a Crystal Globe for enhanced study luck. Residents will also find this period rewarding in terms of creativity, productivity and opportunities to excel. Fueled by the Wood energy of the #4 star, the future prosperity star #9 shines strong and bright, attracting wealth luck & good fortune and bringing fame & recognition luck. It's your time to shine and be acknowledged and rewarded for your achievement and hard work. To further enhance this Star, display the 9 Rings Dragon & Snake Sword here.

8 Eyed Dzi with 8mm Faceted Smoky Quartz Bracelet
Bejeweled Carp Fish
Bejeweled Carp Fish
925 Silver Double Happiness Jade Disc Pendant
925 Silver Double Happiness Jade Disc Pendant
Bejeweled Wish Fulfilling Hundred Prosperity Pak Choy
Bejeweled Wish Fulfilling Hundred Prosperity Pak Choy
Golden Education and Exam Luck Amulet Key Chain
Golden Education and Exam Luck Amulet Key Chain


This page will be updated around end or beginning of every month. Do return to find out how to enhance you luck using Flying Star Feng Shui in the coming months. Remember to read the updated Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for 2018 and be prepared in a good way for the coming year.


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