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Monthly Flying Star Forecast

yin-yang-button.jpgMonthly Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for the 1st Month (from 4th February to 5th March 2017) of the Ding You Fire Rooster Year with suggestions of Feng Shui remedies and enhancers.

Each grid in the chart below contains two digits. The larger digit denotes the annual star while the smaller digit denotes the monthly star. It's important to note that the luck corresponds to the sector brought by the Flying Star combination where the maindoor is located affects everyone in the household or office. For the rest of the sectors, the luck only affects people who occupy the room in that sector frequently. Remedies to dissolve bad effects and enhancers to magnify the good are to be placed in each sector or worn/carried by people who reside in the sectors are suggested below.

Generally, residents of the sectors housing the 'good' stars – 1,4,6,8 & 9 enjoy good luck whereas occupants of sectors with 'bad' stars-2,3,5 & 7 will have to brace themselves for challenges ahead.




4th February - 5th March 2017


Excellent wealth plus money luck are indicated for those who are now living in this sector. This is a great period for business expansion and for risk-taking. For those whose main entrances or bedrooms are located here, you will enjoy marvellous prosperity luck. Activate this good energy with the Figure 8 Water Feature. The clashing #1 Water Star and the Earth energy of the #8 Wealth Star may however, trigger some health and conflict issues. To avoid disharmony or misunderstandings with family members and colleagues, be positive and transparent when dealing with each other. Use Metal products such as Six Big Smooth Coins to dissipate the conflict energy and carry Wu Lou amulets for personal protection.

Chinese I-Ching Coins Money Tree
Jade Auspicious 8 Bracelet


 North West

29.jpgSickness energies here are focused by the #2 this month and made more aggressive by the visiting #9 Magnifying Star. The indications are not auspicious pertaining to marriage and human relationships, be it personal or professional. The mind is somehow prone to worries and negative thoughts, resulting in stress and tension. Remedy with a good sized Metal Wu Lou in this sector and a Double Happiness or Mystic Knot symbol to strengthen relationship luck. The elderly, infants, pregnant ladies have to stay away from this sector, as they are more vulnerable to health problems. Carry protective amulets and be extra vigilant where health and interactions with others are concerned.

Eight Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque



The visiting #1 brings relief to this sector which hosts the annual #3 to deliver auspicious tidings pertaining to academic pursuits as well as research & development. There will be favourable news in the career front with good prospects for advancement. This is a great area of the house to study and work as the energy here enhances productivity, creativity and possibilities to excel. Display a Crystal Point here to motivate creativity and productivity and a Victory Banner to hasten your climb up the corporate ladder. There is however risk of distress caused by disagreements and conflicts. Remedy with a Red Robed Laughing Buddha to quell the quarrelsome chi and spread some cheer around.

Bejeweled Wish Fulfilling Dragon Tortoise
Bejeweled Rearing Horse
Feng Shui Victory Banner Success Amulet


 North East

The West is afflicted by a visit from the #2 Sickness Star which brings illnesses and creates anxiety, stress and worries. If your main entrance is within this segment, family members could be affected by health issues. Remedy with an Eight Immortal Wu Lou or Medicine Buddha to capture and dissolve the illness bringing chi. Remember to switch off unnecessary lights in this sector to avoid strengthening the hostile Earth energy of the #2 Black Star. There are also indications of treachery and romantic scandals.  To avoid any situations resulting in heartaches, display an Amethyst Slab or the Golden Rooster with Fan & Amethyst to control infidelity.

Health Amulet Key Chain



This could be a stressful and challenging month for residents of this sector because the quarrelsome monthly #3 flies in to add fuel to the annual loss #5 Yellow. Quarrels, run-in with authorities, money problems and even legal entanglements are indicated. All these of course point to bad fortune and poor business luck. Protect against such aggravations with the Magic Wheel with Flaming Sword to neutralize the quarrelsome chi and reduce obstacles to success. If your home or office entrance is here, it is best to lie low and postpone important events. Place the 5 Element Crystal Balls here to suppress the disastrous energy and don't forget to subdue the deadly energy of the yearly Wu Wang with the 5 Element Pagoda with Seed Syllables.

Crimson Red Crystal Ball
Red Fire Dragon



This sector sees improved luck from the Sum-of-Ten synergy created by the combination of the visiting #4 Romance and Knowledge Star and the yearly #6 Heavenly Star. Supported by divine help, these auspicious stars unite to bring good fortune, windfall luck and opportunities to residents of this sector.  Their collective energies bring all round good luck; in career and business, on the romantic front as well as in education and knowledge for family members. There will be career enhancing opportunities, students will breeze through their exams whilst those in creative fields will be full of innovative energies. Relation luck will be smooth whilst your love life will flourish. Boost fortune luck with the Six Heaven Gold Coins Plaque. Scholastic luck can be enhanced with Crystal Point or Feng Shui Crystal Globes. A word of caution to the ladies – the clashing #6 Metal and #4 Wood may cause illness, injuries or heartaches. Carry protective amulets such as Kalachakra Stupa with Lotus Hum Key Chain to shield from harm and Flower of Romance Key Ring to safeguard relationship..

Bejeweled Manjushri Buddha Of Wisdom and Knowledge
Brass Pair of Celestial Dragon and Phoenix


 South West

The North is severely afflicted this month because the monthly 5 Yellow appears, bringing all sorts of misfortunes-illnesses, injuries, robberies as well as being cheated. Be doubly vigilant with home security, ensuring all doors and windows are locked properly. The best cure to subdue the vicious Wu Wang in this sector is to display the Golden 5 Element Bell or a 5 Element pagoda. If you have a choice, stay away from this spot and keep it quiet and avoid excessive lighting. Remember to take care of the violent chi of the annual #7 Star as well. Use the Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros with Water Urn and carry protective amulets to keep you safe from harm. This is a good time to invest in a Solar Powered Tibetan Prayer Wheel. Place it in your car or home to transform the disastrous energy to auspicious chi.

Bejeweled Medicine Buddha Stupa
Buddhist Amitabha Stupa
Tree of Life Five Element Pagoda with Seed Syllables Keychain
Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda Key Chain



86.jpgThis area enjoys fabulous fortune this month; in fact it is the luckiest sector to be in. The monthly #6 Heavenly Star delivers blessings of prosperity and career luck. Combined with the lucky #8 Wealth Star, the auspicious energies here are simply unbeatable! Residents of this sector will enjoy great prosperity in the form of career advancement, mentor luck, business expansion and many opportunities to generate more income. Benefit from this auspicious area by holding social gatherings or staying here as much as possible. Enhance heaven luck with Six Emperor Gold Coins Ruler or hang a Six Metal Rod Wind Chime. Capture wealth luck by using yang Water (except for bedrooms) such as the Figure 8 Water Feature or display a Treasure Pot or Wealth Ship here.

Jade Emperor Heaven Luck Activator Keychain
Six Heaven Gold Coins Amulet
6 Heaven Gold Coins with Dragon Plaque


 South East

Prosperity luck from last month disappears as the dreaded #7 Violent Star flies in to replace the Wealth Star in this segment. Augmented by the #9 Multiplying Star, the vicious energy brings serious threat of burglary and violence. Place a yang water feature here to safeguard your home against break-ins and losses. The Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Globe is an excellent choice here to weaken the metal energy of the malignant #7 Star. The disharmony between the annual Fire and monthly Metal elements also brings danger of fights and arguments. Reconcile with a Crystal Ball which will help absorb the negative chi. If you are directly affected, make sure to carry protective charms such as a Blue Rhinoceros with Mantra Amulet at all times.

Bejeweled Blue Tara


This page will be updated around end or beginning of every month. Do return to find out how to enhance you luck using Flying Star Feng Shui in the coming months. Remember to read the updated Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for 2017 and be prepared to reap the rewards and counter the obstacles in the coming year.


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