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Three Killings and Grand Duke Jupiter

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Besides the Flying Stars, there are two more locations to watch out for. They are the Three Killings (Sarm Saat) and the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) which change their locations every year. Learn more details about What is 3 Killings in Feng Shui and Who is Tai Sui.

Three Killings take the form of three types of bad luck and this usually come in the form of accident, financial loss and illness. Never sit with you back facing the Three Killings when you are working or studying. Do not undertake any renovation or construction works in this sector as this will activate the affliction. Excellent Feng Shui cures for the Three Killings with The Three Celestial Divine Guardian, the Dragon Tortoise or the Laughing Buddha. Place the antidotes in affected sector.

The Grand Duke Jupiter is widely respected and paid attention to by the Chinese. Each year, the Chinese will identify his location in the home / working premises so as not to inadvertently disturb him. It is also important to check if their Zodiac sign will be in direct conflict with the Grand Duke in that year. If that is the case, you should carry a Tai Sui Protective Talisman or Tai Sui Coin throughout the year. Contrary to the Three Killings, one should never sit or sleep directly facing the Grand Duke, or the consequences can be very bad. Do not disturb the Grand Duke by undertaking any renovation or construction work in the afflicted sector or it will incur his wrath and bring misfortunes. If that happened, appease the Grand Duke immediately with a Pi Yao by placing it in the afflicted sector or wearing it as an amulet.

Use a good compass to accurately determine the direction of your home. Then refer to the table below to look out for the locations of the Three Killings and the Grand Duke and take the necessary precautionary steps so as not to activate or offend them.

Year (Lunar Calendar) Three Killings (90°) Grand Duke Jupiter (15°) The Animal sign in direct conflict with the Grand Duke
2009 East North-Northeast Sheep
2010 North East-Northeast Monkey
2011 West East Rooster
2012 South East-Southeast Dog
2013 East South-Southeast Boar
2014 North South Rat
2015 West South-Southwest Ox
2016 South West-Southwest Tiger
2017 East West Rabbit
2018 North West-Northwest Dragon
2019 West North-Northwest Snake
2020 South North Horse


If you do not know what animal sign you are born under, please refer to our 100 year Chinese Lunar Calendar.


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