2022 Flying Star Chart

2022 Flying start chart

Why do we need to undertake a feng shui check and balance once a year?

Each year, the feng shui winds blow in a new direction. The Flying Star Chart indicates the time dimension of energy changes for each corner of your home. Understanding the disclosed forces and taking preemptive measures can assist you in navigating through tragedies, sicknesses, obstacles, and difficulties.

What can’t you accomplish with feng shui Flying Stars?

It’s tough to change the fortunes of something on a wider scale, such as the entire planet, a country, or a city. For example, when Burglary Star #7 swooped to the centre and plundered the globe in 2020, the breakout of Covid-19 was unavoidable. Individuals, however, may choose to flee it, despite the fact that it affects the majority of the planet.

Introducing Annual Bad Stars and Afflictions

In feng shui practice, we should PROTECT and DEFEND against any bad luck before attempting to activate any good luck. Neglecting this preventative precaution will result in more troubles than good fortune.  Those who prefer to do nothing or keep those regions quiet are essentially ignoring disease signs passively and hoping that nothing bad would happen.

Even if one is lucky, there is still a considerable probability that nothing will happen. However, the more proactive will cure them in order to prevent the symptoms from progressing to grave diseases. The following are the yearly ailments in general that we should be wary of. The purpose of learning feng shui and flying start charts is to help us prepare and protect against ill luck. It is best not to learn feng shui if we do not want to accomplish anything.

Flying Stars are a disaster :

1. Fatal Star #5 Yellow (Wu Huang)
2. Illness Star #2 Black (Er Hei)

Dangerous Annual Afflictions (Shar Chi):

3. Three Killings (San Shar)
4. Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui)
5. Year Breaker(Sui Po)

Troublesome Flying Stars:
6. Violent Star #7
7. Quarrelsome Star#3

The Fatal Star #5 Yellow, Illness Star #2 Black, Violent Star #7, and Quarrelsome Star #3, which were derived from flying star charts in the “San Yuan” school of Feng Shui, are associated with Luo Shu and have an annual placement in one of the bagua’s 9 palaces.
Following that, the beliefs of Three Killings (San Shar), Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), and Broken Year (Sui Po) are derived from the Feng Shui “San He” system, which was eventually included in the Feng Shui “San Yuan” system during the Ming Dynasty. San He reads Feng Shui using the Four Pillars idea. The branch of the Year is the most important factor in determining the placement of San Shar, Tai Sui, and Sui Po.

Introduction to Lucky and Good Stars

To reap the benefits of feng shui, we must know what the good stars are and where they are placed each year, in addition to fighting against evil. Knowing how to make use of them can offer you success, good fortune, prosperity, good health, and possibilities for a smooth ride throughout the year. The following are the lucky stars from which we should draw our luck:

Excellent Flying Stars :
1. White Wealth Star #8
2. Purple Advancement Star #9
3. White Career Star No. 1
4. White Heaven/Windfall Star #6

Flying Star of Moderate Strength:
5. Green Wen Chang Star#4

**Constructing Countermeasures and Enhancers**

The art and science of devising countermeasures to cope with adverse situations and implementing enhancers to improve on current conditions have become an essential element of the understanding of a traditional feng shui purist. When dealing with a building’s feng shui, it’s nearly hard not to apply countermeasures and boosters. Even if you have excellent placements in the nine palaces of the geomantic chart, the constellations of the monthly and yearly cycles fluctuate, and you may need to apply countermeasures to mitigate the impact of negative influences and enhancers to amplify positive impacts.

Purists of feng shui have always been aggressive in introducing “intervention” to counteract the negative impacts of evil stars. This seems plausible given that malignant stars require “urgent attention.” “Intervention” entails neutralizing the energy connected with the evil stars. It is possible to resist the impacts of evil stars by strategically placing things or artifacts in key positions using knowledge of how the elements nourish, weaken, and destroy each other.

Regarding providing feng shui remedies and enhancers, staunch traditionalists often examine the conjunction of “three factors”:

1. Individuals who use esoteric, theological, imagistic, symbolic, iconic, or magical cures.
2. Those who absorb, block, or deflect sha chi employ form and alignment concerns.
3. Those who use element interactions to decrease or increase the value of an element.

Only solutions that address all three of the aforementioned aspects are regarded as effective feng shui remedies that may undoubtedly assist to rectify or improve feng shui. All of these are “yang treatments” that help counteract an excess of yin, the polar opposite of yang, which is darkness, quiet, and stillness. Practical advice is to select medicines that are as near to traditional treatments as feasible.

Feng shui may be deduced, but you must be careful not to rely on your intuition and makeup treatments. Colors, for example, can be a valuable reinforcing adjunct to put treatments but don’t rely on it completely. Colors alone are ineffective. A crimson floor mat, for example, has little effect in balancing off #3 Green star. Another example of bad treatment is using a chunk of metal, such as metal awards, to counter harmful stars like #5 Yellow or #2 Black stars.

Some charlatans adhere to the philosophy of “avoidance.” They think that reducing mobility in a region reduces the damaging effect. This is not the ideal technique to cope with malicious stars, and it is quite risky. Purists who wish to actively apply an “intervention” frequently disdain such behavior. Inactivity is too reactive and does not provide a solution.

The yearly chart may be placed on the floor plan of any house, workplace, or even individual room to see how the luck patterns will alter as the year progresses. This will enable you to put in place the necessary feng shui boosters and remedies to stimulate lucky stars while reducing unlucky ones.

Why do we really need to undertake a yearly feng shui check and balance?

Each year, the feng shui winds blow in a new direction. The Flying Star Chart, which is highly precise, indicates the time dimension of energy changes for each corner of your home. Understanding the disclosed forces and taking preemptive measures can assist you in navigating disasters, sicknesses, obstacles, and difficulties. The positioning of appropriate remedies and enhancers to build energy vortexes that reduce ailments or accentuate positivities is referred to as proactive treatment.

Whether employing Luan Tou (Landscape) or Time Dimension feng shui, the basic idea of feng shui demands dividing a place into 9 equal chambers or palaces. North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest will be the compass headings for these chambers. This basic chart will next have to be superimposed upon the area of research (object). The study space might be the entire globe, a country, a district, a city, a home, or a living room. 

Temporal Dimension

Following that, you must add the “temporal dimension” into your study of these 9 palaces. The luck of each palace will alter as time passes because of changes in “chi” (energy) in these palaces. Every 180 years, every 20 years, every year, every month, every day, every hour, and every quarter-hour, the luck cycle will change. You can genuinely forecast what will happen based on this. For example, if you examine the 9 palaces of a home according to the passage of time, you may forecast which year the house owner would be prone to adulterous relationships, which year he will make significant financial gains, and which year he will become ill. 

But don’t overdo it, otherwise, it will turn into pure tribulation, where you will be preoccupied with where you will go and what you can and can not do by continually monitoring your quarterly hour charts.

The best way is to concentrate just on two crucial charts that will considerably improve the quality of chi in our space:

  1. A house’s natal flying star chart (where the kinds of chi will remain eternally in the same chambers until the next substantial renovation is performed or the building is destroyed) – will decide the life destiny of the resident who stays in the house to the end.
  2. The yearly chart – this will decide the occupant’s fortunes for the year. Nonetheless, it cannot be disregarded since the outcome is more explosive. For example, if one learns how to capitalize on the fortune of the year, he may become extremely wealthy very quickly. Similarly, if one overlooks a bad area in the house, he may end up a failure right away.


What are the limitations of Flying Stars feng shui?

It is difficult to change the fortune of something on a bigger scale, such as the entire planet, a country, or a city. For example, when Burglary Star #7 swooped to the center and plundered the globe in 2020, the breakout of Covid-19 could not be averted. Despite the fact that the vast majority of the globe is touched by it, individuals may opt to avoid it. Although the world in which you live has an impact, what defines your unique luck is still decided by the nearest means of container that maintains you in it. In this case, the container is your own precious house. You may also influence your own luck by carefully changing the feng shui of your very own home.


When will the yearly luck cycle begin to alter each year?

The energy shifts in the nine palaces correspond to the Chinese SOLAR calendar. Every year, the 3rd or 4th of February will be the date of the energy transition. So keep in mind that feng shui is never static. The dynamic of feng shui is seen in the shifting of stars in various sectors and orientations of our homes, businesses, and geographical map. Yearly, there are excellent and bad stars that transfer from one region to another and should NEVER be taken lightly. And if you know how to distinguish between good and bad regions in your house, you will be able to apply treatments to troublesome areas while enhancing the luck of the positive ones. You will thus be able to make the most of the year and avoid catastrophes caused by negative energy.

When will the stars change, and when will cures and boosters expire?
The positions of the ailments and fortunes stated above are pre-calculated and depicted in the 9 palaces of the flying star map below for the lunar Year of Tiger in 2022. This updated chart will only be in effect from February 4th, 2022. This corresponds to the solar calendar, which begins with the arrival of spring. The Flying Star method does not adhere to the Chinese Lunar calendar, which has a changeable start date.

Examining the 2022 Flying Star Chart
The Annual Flying Star Chart with 9 Palaces is a map that depicts the year’s fortunate and inauspicious directions. Take advantage of this chart to upgrade and arrange your home in preparation for a profitable year. This chart applies to all homes, regardless of their orientation, layout, or population.

 First step to examine year number

The first step is to examine the yearly number, which is prominently displayed in the middle of the Annual Flying Star Chart. Remember that the heart, which pumps and dominates, is located in the middle. This means that the center has an impact on all houses and households. A perilous graph, Unfortunately, in 2022, the most dreaded Fatality Star #5 Yellow enters the central palace and governs the chart. This sends shivers down the spines of all feng shui masters and practitioners since it will cause unending problems if not correctly repaired beginning with your own house. The #5 Yellow represents death, disease, and bankruptcy. Always be careful and alert!

Second step is to examine year number

The next step is to examine your house’s front palace as well as the main door’s palace. It is good if your house’s facing palace and main door’s palace have the numbers 1,6, 8, and 9. In 2022, houses facing North, Northeast, Northwest, and Southeast are a smart investment. Then, look for the axis. Houses in the Northeast-Southwest axis have the parent string 2-5-8, making them extremely valuable in 2022.

Each number precisely predicts our ailment and good fortune. To shield yourself against the bad impacts of the year, you should begin by resolving any issues that have arisen. New treatments are created based on the interrelationships of the elements of the different types of chi, flying star numbers, directions, and trigrams, in order to successfully suppress bad energies. Once all illnesses have been resolved, you may reap the benefits of the good fortune stars by releasing their energies by activating them using genuine enhancers. Our boosters act like magic, creating vortexes that resonate with the inherent energies of good fortune stars.



As per the classics, the center represents “the entire space,”. Which indicates that the energy here freely radiates to all eight directions. As a result, if the energy in the center palace is strong, the other eight directions will benefit as well. If the central palace is afflicted with negative energy, all of the other directions will be similarly affected. The center has an impact on all houses and households. Unfortunately, in 2022, the central palace becomes the most deadly zone. This is due to the Fatal Star #5-Yellow (also known as Lien Chen Star), which advances into this sector of all residences and establishments.

The center is the sector that influences all the other directions as well as the overall luck of the year. It is made up of the earth element as its foundation element. As a result, if Fatal Star #5-Yellow, which has earth energy, enters the earth sector, the afflicted energy is strengthened, and the negative repercussions deepen.  Of an instant, a lapse in judgment may turn your fortunes from bad to worse. It is a star that will quickly bring calamities.

Being in the CENTER

Enhances its potency, and because this is a severe condition, every effort must be done to reduce its effects. As a result, picking an appropriate and legitimate solution requires considerable consideration. The treatment must be genuine and recognized by classical feng shui masters and grandmasters. When #5-Yellow governs the center, the finest remedy to exhibit is the extremely muscled Five Element Pagoda Fu Dog Inside. Purists question the pagoda sign , therefore we must add esoteric, religious, imagistic, or magical symbols to make the treatment effective. The pagoda arrests, traps, and locks up the earth element’s negative energies, whilst the Fu Dog reduces the devil to zero power, removing its capacity to hurt.

If the #5 Yellow sector is in the kitchen, even if you have the luxury of utter silence, it will not fix the problem. Whether you cook or not, the kitchen is still a fire element that will emphasize the earth element of #5 Yellow. This condition can result in serious disease, even death, and on the wealth luck side, it can result in bankruptcy. In addition to exhibiting the pagoda, use the Garuda Coin positioned beneath the stove.

Monthly Date Arriving

Last but not least, examine the monthly arriving dates of the #2, #5, or #9 trains into the CENTER palace. These are all the months to be most cautious about. During those months, you need to be more cautious and avoid taking risks that you would normally take. In 2022, the months to watch out for are February, April, August, October, and November.

In the region where #5 Yellow dwells, no one should disturb the earth or do any groundbreaking or remodeling. Hold steadfast and constant in the face of adversity and change. Don’t be too quick to make adjustments. If you have plans to renovate, change, or relocate to the CENTER, put them on hold first. The best option is to make the place as quiet as possible. If one has an electrical fan here, try not to turn it on at all.

All moving water features, such as aquariums and water fountains, should also be removed for a year. If the CENTER cannot be held quiet, further dosages of the above-mentioned powerful treatments MUST be in place, otherwise, you may endure an endless procession of ill luck, misfortunes, and accidents. Rather than keeping the space gloomy, keep it light. Simply avoid using “warm” lighting. Instead, use low-powered LED cold lamps that will not inflame the #5 Yellow while at the same time this can prevent “yin energies” from collecting. Please keep in mind that “yin energies” might exacerbate the condition if they collect.



The NORTH has been plagued by the heinous Three Killings. The 3 Killings refer to 3 Aggressive Thieves in the mountain. It is the mixture of Age Killing (Sui Sha), Plundering Killing (Jie Sha), and Calamity Killing (Zai Sha) (Zai Sha). They move in sync, sending shivers up the spines of feng shui gurus and practitioners. They are also interpreted as “three curses.” Every year, the Three Killings span three distinct noncontiguous 15-degree Mountains.

This indicates they have an impact on 3×15 degrees dispersed across a larger arc:

1. Sui Sha – Year Curse associated with Tai Sui, the Counter-Jupiter.
2. Jie Sha – Theft Curse This curse is related to theft and financial betrayal.
3. Zai Sha – Calamity Curse, which denotes natural disasters such as floods and fires.

These three are all considered malevolent owing to an excess of yin in each of these areas of life. The San He School masters regard this affliction as the deadliest of the three afflictions. The Three Killings were a notion developed by the San He (Three Combinations) School and then adopted by the San Yuan Flying Star School in the late Ming Dynasty. As a result, it should never be taken lightly. Robbery, litigation, legal issues, quarrels, adversaries, possible injury, and death are all consequences of the Three Killings.
On the feng shui aspect, care must be taken to administer a proper and real solution. It is not difficult to solve the Three Killings using knowledge. Because of the #5-Yellow in the middle, which has lethal energy emanating in all directions, you should seek more effective treatment for 3-Killings this year. Displaying the 3 Brothers 3 Chilin 9 Dragons in the NORTH facing the NORTH would be a great cure. The sector is especially harmful if it is near your front or back door because the continual traffic will agitate its malevolent impulses.


Purple Progression The SOUTH gets a boost from Star #9. It is a long-term wealth star and a happiness star that will also bring about pleasant situations such as relocation to a nicer residence, marriage, birth, elevation in power/status, and promotion. This star is getting more powerful as a harbinger of riches during its transitional time . Due to the approach of Period 9 in two years. The strongest love star that generates fruitful bonds. Therefore those seeking love and marriage will benefit from it.


The Violent Star #7 of the Broken Army is wreaking havoc on the WEST. As we near Period 9 in 2024, this infamous star has become increasingly aggressive, as seen by how it plundered the planet in 2020, giving us extended Covid-19 while it dominated the centre palace at the time. This is a star of loss that is related with all types of loss, but especially with violence, treachery, and accidents. It has the potential to inflict turmoil, financial losses, and mental collapse. It will cause squabbles and enrage individuals for no apparent reason. Dissensions will arise in areas such as relationships, careers, and finances. Your bank accounts and assets will suffer significant losses.
It will also cause you to lose your loved ones, valuable possessions, or papers if left neglected. In their battles over you, nefarious characters will succeed. Metal things such as pistols, knives, and swords are employed in aggressive circumstances to induce carnage. Overall, it causes chaos, turbulence, deaths, violence, financial losses, fire, injuries from sharp objects, family fights, armed burglary, and theft.
We need a more serious remedy now that we know the malicious power from this star is powerful and cannot be disregarded. Protect the west, as it is a vital part of the generations’ history.  If your house’s maindoor or backdoor is in the WEST sector or faces the WEST, you might consider beefing up security and carry the Fulin Atop Rhinoceros Amulet as well. This is also true for folks who have a bedroom in the WEST.


The disputatious Green Star #3 (also known as San Bi) travels to the EAST, bringing with a fight, bloodshed, gossip, and injuries. It causes strife and discord in marriages and workplace relationships. Court cases, litigation, and tumultuous energies will descend on you to destroy you. It can lead to financial losses since it causes you to lose attention, make poor judgments, and exaggerate things to the point where there is no turning back.Moreover, if a person is constantly furious, he or she cannot have good luck or flourish. Injuries can also lead to long-term repercussions.
Many irrational quarrels and conflicts may erupt in the sector or among individuals who often utilise the area, causing harm to professional and personal relationships. Families may be broken apart as a result of disagreements, and coworkers may be involved in numerous conflicts, risking jobs. This celebrity may also lead to controversies because it is a wood star, metal may be used to cut it, or fire can be used to diminish it more subtly. However, you cannot utilise actual fire since it is both transitory and dangerous. It’s best to choose one that reflects both metal and fiesta symbolism.