How Ammolite Relates to Feng Shui

Gemstones have properties that are unique to their color, shape, or formation. Ammonites are rare and one-of-a-kind gemstones with optical properties that are made from fossilized ammonite shells. They are spiral-shaped and have a brilliant color display. Its lovely hues are said to exude health, energy, creativity, intellect, and wisdom.

Ammolite, which was recognized by the Colored Stones Commission in 1981, is the most recent of only three new gemstones introduced in the last 50 years and one of three organic gemstones (along with amber and pearl) and has been compared to Opal.

Ammolite is the fossil shell of the Upper Cretaceous ammonites Placenticeras meeki, Placenticeras intercalary, and Baculites compresses. It is also known as Valentine, Korite, Aapoak (Blackfoot for small, crawling stone), Ammonite Shell, or Gem ammonite.

The best grade of gem-quality Ammolite is found along high-energy river systems on the eastern slopes of the Rockies in southern Alberta, which extends from Alberta to Saskatchewan in Canada and Montana in the United States.

Ammolite is composed of Aragonite, the same mineral that is found in pearls. Unlike most other gems, the iridescent color of Ammolite is caused by interference with the light that rebounds from stacked layers of thin platelets in the aragonite. Red gem has ordered thick stacks, green has less ordered thinner stacks, and blue has unordered, very thin stacks.

The layers are.5 -.8 millimeters thick before polishing and.1 -.3 mm thick after polishing, making them sufficiently thick and durable to be manufactured into jewelry.

Ammolite Gem characteristics

Mineral Name: Aragonite

Chemical Composition: Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)

Specific Gravity: 2.80 – 3.05

Refractive Index: 1.52 – 1.67

Birefringence: 0.135 – 0.145

Hardness: 4.5 – 5.5

Morphology: Crush or Sheet

Crystallography: Orthorhombic

Clarity: Opaque or transparent or translucent in a single layer

Luster: Vitreous to resinous

UV fluorescence: inert

Parting: along flat layers in sheet material

Inclusions: Pyrite between layers

Durability: See below

Enhancements: Opticon stabilization

Colors of Ammolite Gemstone

 Ammonite can be discovered in any color known to nature or in man’s imagination. Alternatively, each square centimeter could have an infinite number of color combinations. Higher grade gemstones will have either a single very strong, bright color or a range of bright colors drawn from a color spectrum larger than a rainbow, whereas lower grade gemstones will have less vibrant colors in a more limited range. Red/green is more common than blue or purple, but certain hues derived from any of the primary colors, such as crimson, violet, or gold, are extremely rare and in high demand.

Its distinctive properties made it popular among Feng shui masters. Edward Kui Ming Li, a famous feng shui master, began to list ammolite attributes to his followers and referred to it as the most influential stone of the millennium. Many Feng shui experts believe that ammolite has absorbed a significant amount of positive energy (Chi) from the earth and universe, which can be seen in its brilliant array of colors.

Iridescence of Ammolite

The shell of an ammonite is mostly aragonite, with traces of aluminum, barium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon, strontium, titanium, and vanadium. Iridescence is the spectral property of the mineral aragonite that allows us to see the incredible play of colors across its surface. The shell surface is made up of closely packed, tabular, hexagonal aragonite crystals that are oriented with their c-axis vertical to the shell surfaces and joined together to form thin lamellae (plates or scales). The thickness of these lamellae is proportional to the wavelengths of the spectral colors that comprise white light. Diffraction occurs when white light (sunlight) enters the regularly spaced thin layers of aragonite, resulting in flashes of spectral colors. The intensity of the diffracted colors varies with the thickness of the aragonite crystal plates and the addition of trace elements that are randomly arranged and interspersed with organic material (conchiolin). The best Ammonite shells will have brilliant, vibrant iridescence that changes colors as the light angle changes.


Ammolite has been dubbed “The Most Influential Stone of the Millennium” by Feng Shui Master Edward Kui Ming Li. Many experts in the field of feng shui recognize Ammolite’s significant properties.

The gemstone is said to improve the flow of ‘Qi’ (pronounced chi) throughout the body, lowering toxicity and promoting overall well-being. The rainbow of colors of ammonites is also auspicious. Ammolite stimulates and enhances wealth, creativity, intellect, energy, and wisdom. The wondrous gem not only brings balance to a person’s body but also has a positive impact on our surroundings. The presence of Ammolite in your office will benefit your business dealings, and Ammolite in your home will contribute to happy family life. Prosperity and fortune are bestowed upon anyone who discovers.

Feng shui practitioners believe that this geological phenomenon has absorbed a significant amount of positive cosmic energy from the earth and universe over the last 70 million years. All matter contains energy, also known as ‘Qi.’ Light energy is one type of qi, and Ammolite emits qi in almost every color of the visible spectrum. Because each color corresponds to a specific wavelength of energy, different specific wavelengths can aid in balancing different areas of our qi.

Feng shui masters have dubbed ammolite the “Seven Color Prosperity Stone.” The swirling, iridescent depths of the gemstone are home to Ruby Crimson, Fiery Orange, Amber Yellow, Emerald Green, Jade, Azure, and Mauve. The colorful radiance of ammonites is especially important because each color is endowed with unique characteristics. Red represents love, oranges increase creativity and libido, yellows are auspicious for wealth, green represents fertility, encourages entrepreneurship, and improves intellect and wisdom, blue represents peace and calm and promotes health, and purples support power and authority. Every color in an Ammolite gemstone benefits our bodies and spirits.

Shells have long been associated with good fortune and prosperity in the Far East. Shells are thought to summon and accumulate wealth and prosperity and are a symbol of abundance. They are regarded as a means of increasing clarity, evoking wisdom in decision-making, and fostering harmonious cooperation.

Ammolite is a powerful and influential stone. Empire Ammolite produces and distributes Canadian ammonite, as well as ammonite fossils and ammolite jewelry.