Ammonite Feng Shui to Heal Your Home


Ammonite is a powerful feng shui cure, which means that ammonites can shift the energy of any space, be it home or office, to a much higher and better quality of energy.

Feng shui crystals or stones are different from ammonite. An ammonite is the fossilized, hard shell of an ancient, extinct mollusk. The look of the ammonite resembles the tightly coiled horns of the ram.

The ammonite that is best to use for feng shui purposes is called ammolite, the gem-quality part of an ammonite, or the opalized fossil. It comes in many beautiful, rich, iridescent colors that can create excellent feng shui energy in any space.

What Is Ammonite?

An ammonite is a fossil that is more than 100 million years old. Just think of the energy an ammonite holds! For feng shui purposes, the colorful ammolite has more power. Here is a simple and clear ammonite definition to help you understand the difference between ammolite and ammonite:

“Ammolite is derived from the ammonite fossil. Just the right combination of heat and pressure created this geological phenomenon. It has been buried for the past 71 million years absorbing a substantial amount of both the Earth’s and the universe’s positive cosmic energy. It radiates this energy in every color of the visible spectrum.” (Source:

Where Do Ammonites Come From?

Most of the ammonites on the market come from Madagascar, the United States, and Canada.

Specific Feng Shui Properties of Ammonite

Ammonite holds ancient energy vibrations, bringing a different energy quality to any space. In addition to its ancient presence, the ammonite’s coil shape creates constant movement and energy circulation. Feng shui-wise, ammonite is an excellent cure to bring a sense of stability, grounding, and protection to any space — stability that is fresh and dynamic, not stale and stagnant.

When you add the element of color — and ammolite comes in a brilliant array of vibrant colors — ammonite becomes a powerful energizing cure for specific Bagua areas of your home or office.

Where to Place Ammonite for Good Feng Shui

If you have a big ammonite, it is best to place it in a Bagua area either nourished or governed by the earth feng shui element. These are the following areas in your home or office: southwest, northwest, west, northeast, east, southeast, and center.

An exception can be made for an ammonite or ammolite in fiery red colors; in this case, you can use the ammonite to activate your home’s south Bagua area (which is governed by the fire element). It is best not to place the ammonite in the north Bagua area.

The colorful ammolite brings a joyful, abundant energy source that is solid, reassuring, and always vibrant.

What Form of Ammonite to Choose

For feng shui purposes, the best ammonite is the actual ammonite shell with the gem-quality ammolite (pictured above). You can also use just ammonite fossils. Because they do not have the sparkling radiance of the ammonite/ammolite combination, they will mostly create grounding energy that is nurturing and solid.

An excellent choice is to gift yourself with ammolite jewelry! You can find astounding pieces with ammolite, be they rings, pendants, brooches, or bracelets. Ammolite will unblock the energy flow in your body and strengthen your overall well-being. Plus, when you are not wearing the ammolite, your jewelry can become a gently energizing feng shui cure for any spot in which you place it in your home!