The Feng Shui Meaning and Power of the Number Three

Three is a lucky number according to feng shui. The lucky feng shui number 3 and the positive chi energy it attracts can be used in a variety of ways.


Lucky Feng Shui Number 3 Meanings

The Cantonese word for birth, which is close to the word for the number three, is where the feng shui significance of the number 3 comes from. Other feng shui implications for number 3 include rebirth, success, and personal development.

Why Is the Number Three Lucky in Feng Shui?

Given that it is connected to many fortunate occurrences in life, the number three is seen as lucky. The cycle of life is also marked by the number 3, which is significant. Birth, death, and rebirth are the three stages.


Feng Shui 3: How to Apply It to Your Life

The most common method for utilizing the benefits of the feng shui number 3 is for personal usage. You must therefore consciously use number 3 in your daily duties and keep number 3 in mind.


Number 3 Feng Shui Groupings

In groupings, feng shui practitioners often utilize the number 3. Groupings of this kind include 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and so on. In feng shui, when you double a number, such as 3+3=6, or multiply a number by its own number, such as 3×3=9, you also multiply or double the good luck associated with that number. This doubling power can be applied to household furnishings, such as a grouping of 3 pitchers and 6 candles for a mantel arrangement.


It’s lucky to have a house number of three.

Purchasing a residence with the number 3 in the address is another option to benefit from the lucky charm of the number 3. Feng shui commonly advises choosing an auspicious number for your property address. According to popular belief, the vibration of the home number will draw a certain type of chi energy.



Utilize Option 3 in Other Elements of Your Life

The energy of the number three can be used in different aspects of your life. Make sure, for instance, that your phone number contains at least one 3, if not more. For a parking space, lottery ticket, bank account number, or PIN number, you can select the number 3, a multiple of 3, or a string of 3. Important meetings can be scheduled for 3 o’clock in the afternoon or the third day of the month.


Your individual Kua Number in Feng Shui

You can further benefit from this potent personal number if you calculate your kua number and find that it is 3. Your unique Kua number, which you are born with, will serve as a lifelong ally. If your kua number is 3, the East Group is where you belong. Your four most advantageous directions are determined by this group.


Your Four Best Kua Directions: How to Use Them

When performing certain chores governed by one of your four best orientations, you should face that way. Wealth, health, love, and personal development are the four most beneficial orientations. Since these are the directions that were given to you at birth, your Kua direction nearly usually prevails over the Bagua directions. You could think of these instructions as a kind of birthright.

East: Personal development (Fu Wei)

Southeast: Love (Nien Yen)

South: Wealth (Sheng Chi)

North: Wellbeing (Tien Yi)


Feng Shui: Double Your Luck 3

The Bagua should not be disregarded or disregarded just because your personal directions differ from those of the Bagua. It simply implies that your ideal paths for money, health, love, and personal development might differ. When you use both, you benefit from the bagua’s instructions as well as your own particular ones. This means that each of the four lucky areas of your life will bring you twice as much luck!

Avoid the Kua Number 3 Directions at All Costs

Your Kua number has four fortunate directions as well as four unfortunate directions. You can utilize this knowledge to avoid looking in certain directions on significant occasions, including job interviews, business meetings, sales presentations, loan applications, and other scenarios.


Southwest: Misfortune (Ho Hai)

5 Ghosts in the Northwest (Wu Kwei)

Northeast: Six murders (Lui Shar)

West: Complete Loss (Chuehming)


The Third Lucky Bamboo Stalks number

A three-stalk fortunate bamboo plant can be added to your home or place of business if you want to capitalize even more on the auspiciousness of the number three in feng shui. The three-stalk bamboo plant is one of the most popular options since it offers three different types of luck. These include riches, joy, and long life.

The Three Immortals Feng Shui Treatments

Feng shui uses the three immortals as a treatment or panacea for riches, prosperity, and health. Fuk, Luk, and Sau are the names of the three immortal gods.

Third Flying Star

Time Dimension Feng Shui uses the flying stars. Each Bagua sector contains a chart and a representation of the cosmic stars. The positions of the monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly flying stars all fluctuate annually. Feng shui flying star maps come in a variety of forms, but the most popular ones display the yearly and monthly flying stars. Flying star number three, often known as the blue star, is said to be the root of all conflicts. Depending on the sector the blue star is now dwelling in, there are feng shui cures for the affected sector.


What are the benefits of the numerology of 3?

The following are the top products available for numerology number 3 home:

  1. Excellent for writers and dancers
  2. You enjoy spending time with friends and family.
  3. The ideal environment to improve your communication abilities
  4. The atmosphere in the home is always upbeat.


What are the drawbacks of the numerology of 3?

Your third priority in life may have the following effects on your way of living:

  1. Not appropriate for those who enjoy spending time alone.
  2. An increase in costs
  3. Your ongoing activities could be making you feel exhausted.