What Is Auralite 23?

Auralite-23 was discovered in the Auralite Mine in Canada in 2007. Each crystal is made up of two to seventeen different minerals chosen from a list of 23. Auralite would have formed approximately 1.2 billion years ago. Meteoric impacts during this time period are said to have brought rare metallic ores to the surface, where they eventually dissolved and were incorporated into the structure of the growing Amethyst Crystal, now known as Auralite.

The number 23 in this gemstone’s name refers to the number of distinct minerals contained in it, although your average Auralite 23 stone often contains seven or less. Scientists believe that Auralite 23 formed when meteorites collided with amethyst deposits, resulting in the mineral’s unique composition. Titanite, Cacoxene, Lepidocrite, Ajoite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Goethite, Pyrolusite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Limonite, Sphalerite, Covellite, Chalcopyrite, Gialite, Epidote, Bornite, Rutile are all minerals found in Auralite 23 stone.

While the most common Amethyst is purple, lavender, or violet in color, Auralite 23 can also be found in red and chevron patterns. The name “Red Cap Amethyst” refers to the literal red “cap” that is often found on top of Auralite crystals.

Auralite-23 is an excellent spiritual healing tool that promotes inner purification. It heightens our psychic sensitivity, provides truth-seeking insights, improves lucid dreaming, fosters balanced awakenings, and manifests experiences with our angels and visions of future events.

Auralite-23 aids in the recall of past lives and the associated karma, as well as the release of old karmic patterns. Deep meditation is facilitated by Auralite-23. It creates an inner focus that allows us to travel far into the highest realms and directs our inner spirit toward the abundance that surrounds us. Hold Auralite-23 at the Crown and Heart chakras to create a powerful energy flow.

What is the origin of Auralite 23?

While purple and violet Amethyst can be found all over the world, Auralite 23 can only be found in Ontario, Canada, just north of Lake Superior. As a result, it is a rare and sought-after gem. No other deposits have been discovered anywhere else in the world as of yet. Auralite 23 was discovered in 2007, which is surprising given that it has been around for over a billion years.

What Are Auralite 23’s Advantages and Healing Properties?

Auralite 23 has a powerful effect on those who use it, which is often due to its rich mineral composition of up to 23 minerals. The stone can provide users with a deeper sense of serenity and connection to a higher power, which allows the mind to be open to receiving more positive energies. Auralite 23 users can expect to improve their intuitive abilities as a result of these benefits.

Auralite crystal, like many other stones, assists people who want to connect with their true selves and connect with their inner spirituality. When properly integrated into someone’s meditation practices and daily routine, it can result in a radical transformation.

What Chakra Is Auralite 23 Beneficial for?

People frequently use Auralite 23 to work with the root chakra, but this powerful gemstone can be beneficial for all chakras, assisting you to balance your energies and live life without being drawn into negative patterns. This stone has an activating effect on all chakras, which is most likely due to its complex chemical composition.

Auralite 23: How to Use It

Auralite 23, like all gemstones, can be used in a variety of ways. It does, however, come with a warning: its strength and intensity can be overwhelming for beginners. If you are new to using gemstones in your manifestation practice, begin with simpler stones.

Auralite 23 can be worn as jewelry, but it is also effective when carried on the body. Meditating with an Auralite crystal can provide numerous benefits, as can placing it next to your bed while sleeping or holding it while reading or watching TV.

What Happens When Auralite 23 Is Worn?

When it comes to jewelry, this gemstone can be used in a variety of ways to direct its healing energies to specific areas of your spirit, mind, and body. Wearing Auralite 23 in the form of a bracelet or ring enhances its restorative properties by allowing its energy to flow in a circular fashion.

Auralite 23’s rich composition has resulted in a gemstone with strong spiritual, emotional, and physical properties. While wearing an Auralite crystal bracelet or ring can intensify the stone’s energy, simply wearing it.

Auralite 23 Cleaning and Recharging

A gemstone’s cleaning entails more than just removing dust from its surface. A powerful stone like Auralite 23 must also be cleansed spiritually if it is to retain its transformative and healing properties. Spiritual cleansing can include meditative activities and visualization, as well as physically cleaning the stone it in any form can bring about deep and lasting inner change.

How Do You Know If Auralite 23 Is Genuine?

There are many people who try to take advantage of gemstone collectors, and Auralite crystal is no exception. Because the gemstone is extremely rare, it is quite valuable, which can encourage conmen to try to sell fakes. Many of these fake stones are low-quality minerals, such as ordinary Quartz or Amethyst, that have been heated to enhance their color. Amethyst with a Hematite coat is a popular variety in South America. True Auralite 23 contains Hematite, but Hematite Amethysts do not.

You should be aware that the majority of these inclusions are not visible. To see them clearly, a microscope would be required. Fortunately, many inclusions are visible with the naked eye. This stone can be identified by its Amethyste-like vibrant and deep purple color. After all, it is primarily an Amethyst crystal with other elements. However, if you look closely, you may notice some unique elements within. You will be able to identify this crystal based on its inclusions. The inclusions in Auralite 23 can take various forms. Color layers ranging from white to red, green, gold, black, and so on may be visible. The crystal may also have chevrons. These will have the appearance of V-shaped zigzag stripes.


What Is the Appeal of Auralite 23?

Auralite crystal has an enigmatic quality. How did such a stunning and potent gem remain hidden for hundreds of thousands of years? Whatever the answer was, now that it was discovered, it has assisted many people in expanding their spiritual practices and unlocking new potential.