Bed Aligned With Door Feng Shui Tips


The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home to locate for feng shui. Feng shui is a philosophy that looks at qi’s flow in your space to improve your well-being. Since we probably spend more time in bed than anywhere else in the home, it’s critical to have your bed following the most optimal feng shui guidelines.

We also spend many hours in bed while we’re sleeping, in a passive state. When we’re asleep, we are more open to energies around us. Another reason why the bed’s feng shui position is so influential is that it’s a private place in the home. (Hopefully, it’s not open to the public!) Therefore, you spend your most private time there. This is why in feng shui, your bed best represents and most deeply affects you.

The Coffin Position

Most of the dozens of schools of feng shui agree that the bed should not be aligned with the door if at all possible. The classical feng shui schools have something called the “coffin position.” This describes one way in which your bed can be in line with the door.

How do you know you’re in the coffin position? When you’re lying in bed, your feet point towards the door. People in danger wouldn’t sleep right in front of a door. They would be away towards the back. You’re an easy target for an enemy if you’re sleeping exposed, right in line with the door. Hence, the dangerous location is why this bed placement is called the coffin position.

The Commanding Position

When your bed is aligned with the door, it’s also out of the “commanding position.” Ideally, you want your bed in command, which means you’re in command of your life. This places you in the best position to receive positive energy. It reduces your stress and improves your success in the world. To be in the “commanding position,” you want to have your bed situated so that when you’re in bed, you can see the door without being in line with the door.

Flow of Qi

It’s unsafe to have your bed aligned with the door because when your bed is in this placement, the qi (life force energy) comes in through the door and directly into the bed. This can be harmful, especially if your bed is close to the door and aligned with your body.


Check If your Bed Is Aligned With the Door

Your bed is aligned with the door. If you walk in straight through the bedroom door and keep walking in a straight line, you run into your bed. This is exactly how the qi flows directly into the bed. The diagram below shows two examples with a suggested correction.

Tips to Adjust a Bed Aligned With the Door
01. Move the Bed

The first and best choice is to move the bed. And I’ll say it again, if, at all possible, an ideal way to correct a bed that is aligned with the door is to move the bed. I say this twice because I know that a lot of people are resistant to this. They jump to the second (crystal ball) option. But to be honest, the second option should only be used if you really can’t move the bed into a more favorable position.

02. Hang a Feng Shui Crystal Ball

Feng Shui Faceted Crystal Ball 45mm Tassel
Another way to adjust a bed aligned with the door is to hang a feng shui crystal ball. If you use this method, be sure to purchase a new faceted feng shui crystal ball and hang it with a red string. The faceted crystal ball will deflect any qi that comes in through the door, so it doesn’t rush towards you in bed.

Hang the new crystal ball from the ceiling halfway between the bed and the door. The length should align with the top of the door frame. Be sure that the door does not hit the crystal ball. See the diagram above for recommended locations.

03. Use Furniture to Adjust

If your bedroom is large enough, you can place a piece of furniture, such as a screen or a free-standing bookshelf, halfway between the bed and the door. This will also deflect and disperse any qi that comes in through the door and protect you in bed. It’s a good option.

If you use this option, be sure that the room is still spacious and not cramped. There should be a generous amount of space to get in and out of bed and in and out through the door. Basically, don’t use this adjustment if the furniture becomes an obstacle to the door or the bed. Instead, use the crystal option above.