Bed Under Sloped Ceiling Feng Shui Steps

Bed Under Sloped Ceiling


The bedroom plays an important role in feng shui. If you are sleeping in a bed positioned under a sloped ceiling, you have challenging feng shui in the room. Feng shui offers cures or remedies for attracting positive energy to all sections of your home, including the bedroom. You may need to consult feng shui for cures if your bed faces a mirror, is aligned with the bedroom door, is located under a ceiling fan, or is situated under a window.

A bed located under a sloped ceiling means your energy is under constant pressure, bad feng shui. You can improve the energy of the room by applying feng shui remedies.


When you spend time under a sloped ceiling, your energy is heavily constricted and is under constant pressure. As nighttime is the time when your body does the deep work of regenerating itself, sleeping under a sloped ceiling restricts this work, and your health may suffer. Sleeping in a bed under a sloped ceiling can also contribute to emotional instability and low energy.


The bed’s headboard is almost always located under the lowest part of the sloped ceiling because the highest part of a sloped ceiling is usually in the center of the room. Take the following actions to improve the energy of the room.

If you sleep in a bedroom with a sloped ceiling, relocate your bed—particularly the headboard—under the highest part of the sloped ceiling. In most rooms, this is where there is a triangle configuration in the ceiling, and the energy feels elevated.
If you cannot move the headboard from under the lowest part of the sloped ceiling, paint the ceiling a very light color. It might help to use the same light color on the walls as on the ceiling.

If you are creative (or have a creative friend), paint a mural on the sloped ceiling over the bed. Choose a topic or an image with inspiring energy of expansion, freedom, and openness to counterbalance the sloped ceiling’s heavy and constricting energy. An open sky mural with a fresh, clear blue sky and just a hint of soft white clouds should do the trick.

No matter how well you implement the suggested feng shui steps, you cannot have a very good feng shui bedroom with a bed under a sloped ceiling. You can make it better, but you cannot make it perfect. Make the best of the situation, but be aware of how you can manifest a better feng shui bedroom situation in your future.