5 Ways to Use Feng Shui to Your Advantage for Business Success

Consider Feng Shui if you want to make your workplace peaceful, grow your company, and give your staff a place where they may feel supported and inspired. Unacquainted individuals may find it strange, but this traditional Chinese placement art has benefited people (and businesses) all across the world in a variety of ways.

Many companies have made the decision to adopt the Feng Shui teachings and have discovered that doing so has resulted in a productive, tranquil, and successful workplace. Therefore, keep reading to learn how to use a method that is over three thousand years old to create some space on your desk, in your office, and in your head.


Incorporating the Feng Shui philosophy into your business

You must first become familiar with Bagua in order to apply Feng Shui principles to both your personal and professional life. This is one of the most effective Feng Shui tools, and its goal is to bring about favourable changes. It is an eight-pointed octagonal compass chart or energy map.

Bagua is an eight-area system that corresponds to several aspects of human existence. Every one of them corresponds to a specific form, season, colour, number, and earthy element. You, your general wellness, and your physical health are right in the middle of Bagua, which is its ninth area.

While all schools of Feng Shui use Baguas to analyse space, they may employ this map in different ways depending on the school they belong to. Based on knowledge and career, Bagua should be employed in the business.

5 Feng Shui suggestions for your business

You should apply corporate Feng Shui to as many parts of your office as you can if you want to get the most out of it. The following advice will assist you in achieving the desired Yin-Yang harmony.

Tip #1: Set up your desk so you can see as much of your space as possible.

Your workstation represents your career in Feng Shui, therefore you should pay great attention to where it is situated. The first thing you must keep in mind is that your workstation must be dedicated to your work and permanent; do not use your desk for any other purpose.

The desk should be placed in a dominating position and next to a window or wall so that it is not exactly in line with the room’s door but still gives you a good view of it. You’ll feel less anxious as a result because you’ll be able to notice anyone who approaches you.

Additionally, the view from your workplace is crucial. You ought to ideally be gazing at something that motivates you. You will be blocked if you stare at an empty wall, and you can be distracted if you glance out the window. You should be able to see the window but not be in a straight line with it, much like with the door.

Tip #2: Add flowers and plants to liven up the environment.

Flowers and plants let you connect with nature, which is fantastic for Feng Shui. Growth, both professionally and personally, is promoted by plants’ organic green colour. Your plants must be strong and vibrant-looking if you want them to have a favourable impact on you.

It’s also crucial what kind of plants you have on your desk. For instance, you ought to stay away from anything pointy, like cacti. Here are some of the top Feng Shui designs for harmony, health, and wealth:

Money plant. Feng Shui claims that because the money plant’s leaves mimic coins, it draws wealth. It will produce more revenue the more leaves it has and the greener they are. Keep the plant near the door or in the room’s northwest corner.

Lucky bamboo plant. To attract money, luck, and prosperity into your office, place the plant in the northeast corner. Five stalks on this plant, which has an odd number of them, stand for riches.

Tip #3: Use water to represent wealth.

In the science of Feng Shui, water is the most potent representation of wealth. However, not any water. You must properly incorporate water into your life and keep it clean and fresh at all times if you want to receive the full benefit of the chi energy that will bring you health and prosperity.

Think about incorporating water-related imagery and design elements into your workspace. A fish tank is a fantastic option for this, ideally with goldfish since gold is regarded in Chinese culture as a symbol of money.

Desk fountains are another option; just make sure the water flow isn’t too brisk or blocked. A desk fountain that has been scaled down and was created for a smaller space is a fantastic concept for the office.

Tip #4: Consider vertically

Think vertically by incorporating vertical lines and shapes into your workstation if you want to include items that will focus good energy on expansion and growth. To evoke a sense of height and make the area appear taller, use a variety of things.

Where you can, try to establish vertical lines by adding tall bookcases, lighting that directs light upward, or putting a tree in the cornerā€”the options are unlimited.

Printing any business materials, like business cards, vertically is a terrific concept for businesses. It’s crucial to make the most of every available square inch on your business cards, even the back.

In essence, remember that vertical positioning denotes expansion, while diagonal or horizontal positioning denotes a fallen tree, which stands in for a company that is unable to expand.


Tip #5: Use a lot of blue.

We are greatly influenced by colour. Additionally, colour psychology and Feng Shui both support this. Colours elicit feelings that have a significant impact on your mood and productivity. Because of this, you must be quite careful while selecting the colours for your office.

Remember to avoid using aggressive colours like red because they can make you feel aggressive and anxious.

Blue is the ideal shade for the majority of businesses. It is the colour of the sky and the sea, represents freedom of spirit, and is a very calming colour. Due to the associations, it makes with reliability, accountability, loyalty, and trust, it is frequently found in corporate settings.