Chi Lin (Qi Lin) : A legendary creature

This pair of immaculately crafted Guardian Chi Lin with Child and Ball

The Chi Lin is a legendary creature that represents wisdom, wealth, good fortune, and long life. In Asian countries like Japan, people often call Chi Lin Kirin. It is a Chinese unicorn or the Dragon horse and this statue is all across Asia with different variations, but most variations have a dragon’s head, or two horns, a deer or horse body, an oxtail, and carp scaled. The body also has flaming flames surrounding the statue.

Chi Lin is virtuous, compassionate, and even vegetarian! The sacred animal is light and never touches its hoofs down on the earth so that it will not kill any insect. Chi Lin is said to change to a good omen when a wise sage appears. The Chi Lin is also said to bring the teachings of great wisdom with it. The legendary unicorn is a symbol of grace, cleansing, and even the ability to cure poison in both the East and the West.

One of the eight Taoist symbols, the Chi Lin is well-known. Symbols, especially classic iconography like the Chi Lin, have a lot of meaning in Asian cultures. These symbols are woven within the East’s vast culture. Many people all over the world admire and use these Asian symbols because of their beauty and rich meaning. In doubt, it’s necessary to be respectful of and inquisitive about the culture that produced these symbols. Symbols are more than just artistic representations; they can convey a message and provide philosophical teachings and life advice. However, feng shui does not have to feature Asian art or images. Feng shui has a variety of complexities and applications, and one of them is the use of Chinese symbols.

Chi Lin can be found in various decorative items such as jewellery, ceramics, wood and stone carvings, brass and bronze figures, and embroideries. When you combine it with other auspicious symbols, it becomes even more powerful. You can, for example, place your Chi Lin on top of ancient Chinese coins and/or gold ingots to attract wealth and abundance. If you’re using an object as a symbol of feng shui cure, make sure to look after it. Neglecting an adjustment object and allowing it to become dirty, dusty, or in poor condition is not good feng shui.

These are some ways in Feng Shui that you can place the Chi Lin in your home or life:

Wearing the Chi Lin Amulets

The gold-plated Chi Lin Victory Banner Amulet is a powerful talisman for good luck, prosperity, career success, and protection from harm.You can bring along the Chi Lin by wearing it as jewellery, embroidery or charms. The Chi Lin amulet can protect or block difficult people and situations. It will guard and protect against rumours and negative influences. ¬†In addition, this creature can assist you in overcoming obstacles and promoting the bearer’s health and prosperity.


Place at the centre of the home

The Tai Qi is the heart of the house, and it connects all aspects of your life and home. It also has something to do with your health and general well-being. Placing it in the centre of your home can bring in all of the symbol’s positive aspects, such as joy, prosperity, good health, and long life.


Place at your workplace or desk

When you place the creature on your desk or office space, it can bring overall career success and financial good fortune. For this purpose, a single one is sufficient. Don’t forget to include some Chinese coins in your work for even more wealth and abundance. An image of it is a thoughtful gift for anyone who is starting a new job or career.


Place at the front entry

Statue of a Fu Dog at the entrance of the Chinese Temple

Placing a pair of the creature on either side of the main entrance can act as door protectors, warding off negative energies such as challenges, as well as harmful people and events.


Three Killings cure

The Chi Lin, Fu Dog & Pi Xiu Three Divine Guardians are the most effective remedy for the 3 KillingsIn Feng Shui school of flying stars, the three Chi Lin can protect and overcome the Three Killings, which is one of the annual afflictions.


Place in the bedroom

The bedroom is the part of the house where the occupant feels the most at ease. Placing it in the master bedroom can help stimulate fertility and aid in the creation of all kinds of offspring (like projects, financial abundance, etc).