Citrine in Feng Shui

Citrine is accompanied by positivity and optimism, which is not surprising considering its cheerful color. It’s frequently used to aid in the manifestation of financial abundance and opportunities. It can also be used to awaken the solar plexus chakra, which aids in the development of confidence and personal power.

What Exactly Is Citrine?

Citrine is a widely known gemstone crystal that is frequently used in conjunction with feng shui to attract abundance, prosperity, and positivity. Natural citrine is extremely rare, and the majority of citrine is actually amethyst that has been heat-treated to change color. Citrine was named after the French word citron, which means “lemon.” Citrine, like citrus fruits, comes in bright yellow and orange hues.

Properties of Citrine

Color: Yellow, orange, brown

Chakra: All, especially solar plexus

Number: Vibrates to 6

Planet: Sun

Zodiac: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Rooster

Bagua areas: Tai qi (Health), Xun (Abundance)

Elements: Fire, Earth

Origin: Brazil, Russia, UK, Madagascar, France, US

Citrine’s Meaning and Applications

Citrine is an unusual crystal in that it transmutes rather than absorbs negative energy, so it does not need to be cleared like most crystals. It promotes balanced emotions and calm feelings.

Citrine Varieties

Natural citrine is a quartz variety with yellow, orange, and brown flecks. It’s a little more difficult to find and usually more expensive than the heat-treated version.

Heat-treated citrine is heat-treated amethyst, a type of purple quartz. When heated, purple turns into yellow, orange, and brown hues. There are mixed reviews on natural vs. heat-treated citrine, so choose the crystal with which you feel more connected.

Smoky citrine is a citrine variation that contains smoky quartz. It is especially beneficial when dealing with spiritual issues. It can aid in the removal of old beliefs that are impeding the flow of abundance in your life. It is said to have more grounding properties than regular citrine.

“Citrine” spirit quartz is a kind of spirit quartz with citrine colors that aids in the cleansing of the energetic body as well as the invitation of repentance toward oneself and others. It can also help to attract prosperity while removing attachments to material goods.

Citrine Crystal Functions and Benefits

Citrine Crystal works on psychological, spiritual, and physical levels. And that is how it attracts full-spectrum abundance!

  • Citrine crystals stimulate self-healing and boost confidence

Citrine crystals emit positive energies that are tuned into your bodies, providing inspiration, boosting your energy, and motivating you to overcome life’s hurdles and obstacles, allowing you to begin anew for a new whole life.

It carries the sun’s positive energy, so bring these citrine crystals with you wherever you go if you want to feel happy and cheerful. It acts as an emotional stabilizer, keeping you calm even in the most difficult situations. Wearing these crystals has the ability to boost one’s confidence level and fill one with the drive to take action, thus assisting in boosting your confidence and bringing your life to a higher level.


  • Citrine crystals aid in wealth accumulation and increase indirect windfall wealth

The bright yellow light emitted by this quartz is thought to be one of the most powerful energies. As a result, this energy is inextricably linked to issues concerning abundance, wealth, and prosperity. It is thought to bring wealth luck as well as windfall luck, which is ideal for salespeople and business owners.


  • Mind-controlling abilities

Everything is in the eye, and Citrine Crystal changes that. It alters your opinion! Citrine, with its bright sunshiny hue, naturally brings positivity and optimism. It gives you the ability. And with a positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm, you usher in abundance in everything you do.


  • Activates the Supernatural

Citrine Crystal’s bright orangish color is similar to the color of the solar plexus chakra (Manipur chakra). Awakening the solar plexus chakra aids in the development of inner strength and self-esteem.

Citrine Crystals and Wellness

Citrine crystals relieve stress and improve the function of the digestive system and kidneys. The lukewarm yellow light emitted by citrine crystals creates a harmonious energy that boosts one’s confidence and promotes happiness.


It will clear the negative energies and bring you the needed serenity and peace. This is an effective way to keep your heart and mind at ease, allowing you to see the big picture and keep negativity at bay.


Feng Shui Applications

Citrine is an excellent crystal for enhancing the flow of feng shui in your home. Here are some of our favorite feng shui uses for citrine.


Tai Qi, the Health Area, should be activated

Citrine’s warm, earthy color makes it an excellent addition to your home’s Tai Qi area. Tai Qi is located in the heart of your home and represents health and well-being. It is associated with the earth element and colors such as orange, brown, and yellow. Because it is in the center, Tai Qi touches all areas of your space, which means that changes in this area of your home will most likely have an impact on the rest of your life as well. Place a piece of citrine in your home’s Tai Qi area to boost energy and promote wellness and vitality.


Turn on Xun, the Wealth Corner

Citrine has a natural connection to Xun, or the area of the feng shui bagua map associated with abundance and wealth, due to its connection to prosperity and abundance. You can find your home’s wealth corner by standing in the front door and looking in. Your wealth is located in the far-left corner. Add a piece of citrine to this area of your home to welcome more financial abundance into your life. Citrine is also associated with self-worth, so place it here with the intention of increasing your own confidence and trust in yourself.


Solicit Earth Energy

The earth element is associated with security, grounding, and nourishment. If you are feeling ungrounded or anxious, you may require more earth energy in your life. Earth energy is represented by stones from the earth in general, and citrine in particular has a strong connection to this element. Working with citrine in your home or carrying citrine with you can help you invite more earth element qualities into your life.