Cleansing Feng Shui Cures

Since feng shui is all about positive energy (sheng chi), it’s crucial to understand how to keep your feng shui cures active and vibrant. Of course, you must keep the energy in your home (or office) fresh and clean as well!

Cure feng shui in objects that have personal meaning for you (such as photos or gifts from loved ones), mirrors that circulate energy, crystals that activate energy.

Regular space clearing sessions, whether weekly, monthly or whenever you experience negative events in your home, are is the best for any space. But how do you know how frequently you should clear and energize your feng shui cures? How do you clear and energize a feng shui cure? 

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Three Crucial Factors to Think About 

Keep these basic guidelines in mind before cleaning your feng shui cures:

  • If you believe your feng shui cure has lost its energy or has accumulated a lot of negativity, you should clear it as soon as possible.
  • Cleanse and energize the feng shui cures annually before reusing it in the following year. This only applies to items made of high-quality materials; Throw away items of low-quality materials after a year and replace it with new cures.
  • Furthermore, before using a feng shui cure for the first time, cleanse and energize it. ​ In Buy-Fengshui, all the feng shui products are cleansed before sending it off to our customers.

How do you cleanse your Feng Shui cures?
  • Start with the obvious cleansing of the physical surface of your feng shui cure, such as removing dust, polishing, etc.
  • Next, clear your feng shui cure on an energetic level; you can do this in a variety of ways. 

Feel Free to choose one or all of the methods below:
  •  Salt is the best for purifying properties, you can use it to clean your feng shui cures, but only when and if necessary! In the same way, you can make saltwater and use it to clean your cure’s surface.
  • Allow your cure to be in the moonlight or sunlight (depending on whether it requires yin or yang energy). Alternatively, charge water with the energy of the moon or the sun to cleanse your cure. Allow a container of water to sit in the moonlight and/or sunlight for at least 24 hours (preferably 72 hours) before using it to clear the energy of your feng shui cure.
  • Smudging your cure with sage or high-quality incense and placing it on a candlelit home altar for at least 6–9 hours will purify its energy. 

Bowl of Salt

Feng Shui Cures Using Specific Methods

There will be a variety of ways to clear their energy because there are so many feng shui cures; here are some examples to make it easier for you.


  • Feng shui cures that are implemented as part of your home or office:

For example, tall lights, feng shui art, wooden sculptures, and so on): Smudging and incense, as well as temporarily moving them to a new location, are the best ways to clear the space.

  • Made from iron, brass, silver and etc:

A variety of statues and objects, such as Chinese coins, wind chimes, and so on): Sun or moon water, as well as sage or incense, and candles/fire energy, are the most effective methods.

  • Feng shui cures that are alive, such as plants and fish in aquariums:

These will benefit from the sage and incense (space clearing techniques), as well as from moving them to a new location for at least several days to refresh their energy.

  • Feng Shui cures made from stones and crystals:

Actual crystals or stone statues/items, use all of the above methods: sun, moon, sage or incense, candles or salt. For a deep cleansing effect, bury your crystal or items made from crystals in salt for three days.

Perfect timing

The three-day period is typically used to allow for the cleansing of a feng shui cure, but the seven-day period can also be used if necessary. The moon cycle is another factor to consider. When the moon is waning, it is the best time to cleanse (the time between the full and the new moon). When it comes to the time daylight, begin the process of cleansing your feng shui cures when the day’s energy is at its peak (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.). It is never a good idea to begin the cleansing process late at night.