Clear Negative Energy with Feng Shui


When we look at the home’s feng shui, we want to improve qi’s flow, life force energy. Ideally, we’re looking to have healing and supportive energy rather than “negative,” stagnant, and sick qi. If you imagine water, this is similar to the flow of qi. A gently flowing river is healthy and vibrant, whereas a still water pool attracts bacteria and illness. Therefore, negative energy may manifest as illness, loss of resources, challenges, and difficulties. So, we really need to clear this negative energy.

Where does this negative energy come from? Sometimes the negative qi is already in the home from previous inhabitants. Other times maybe it’s just a more challenging year for your astrology. Negative qi can also be invited in with negative attitudes. Unfortunately, we can send negative energy to others. When you do this (purposely or inadvertently), the same energy is mirrored in your space and life.

But don’t panic, as fear and despair can create more negative energy. Instead, flip it around and look at difficulties as a signal that you’re ready to do some work and upgrade.

Check out these feng shui tips to clear negative energy and improve the qi of your home.

01. Shift to the Commanding Position

If you feel that you may have some negative energy in your home or life, it’s important to check that your bed, desk, and stove are in the commanding position.

This means that when you are lying in bed, sitting at your desk, or cooking at your stove, you face the door without being directly in front of it. Usually, diagonal from the door is the best location.

By simply shifting your position, your perspective changes, and the qi can support you.

02. Clear With Sound

Although we can’t see sound, the vibrations move through space and forms within our homes. Beautiful sound can cut through and transform negative qi into positive energy.

If you play an instrument, melodic sounds can be used. You can also sing from the heart. What makes your heart sing? The metal element can be invoked with metal singing bowls or tingsha, which are especially effective. We also love the crystal singing bowls.

Create a ritual by starting at your front door and walking around the space in a clockwise direction.

03. Uplift with Oranges

Oranges are like gold when it comes to clearing negative energy. The shape, colour, and scent of oranges invoke bright, yang, solar energy. Just like the sun at high noon, the scent of oranges is cheerful and life-affirming. The peels are especially powerful, so be sure to eat the oranges.

Keep away negative qi with a bowl of nine fresh oranges (or clementines or tangerines) in your home.

You can also use an orange essential oil mist frequently to clear negative energy. A mist is light enough to use several times a day in your spaces.

04. Clear Your Space

A regular space clearing ritual in your home releases any accumulated negative energy. Smudging with botanicals like sage or palo santo is usually what people think of when thinking of a space clearing ritual, but there are other ways. You can open all the doors and windows to the outside for a minimum of nine minutes between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Or you can spritz the air with a space clearing mist like sage or palo santo.

05. Move the Qi

Sometimes negative qi is stuck energy. It is energy that is stagnant and not moving.

If you feel stuck, try moving the qi around the home by literally moving 27 objects. It can be as simple as rotating a vase a few degrees or something more dramatic like rearranging your furniture.

Just get the qi moving, so it’s not like a still pond, but flowing like a life-giving river.

06. Let Go of Negative Objects

Negative energy may be invited into your home with second-hand or emotionally charged objects, like an antique that is still holding the energy from a previous owner. Think about that gift from a relative that makes you cringe or any paperwork you’ve held on to from a painful legal process.

The best option is to let go of these items that feel negative to you. You can also move them out of the house. If that’s not possible, use a space clearing technique like smudging or a space clearing mist to clear some of that negative qi. If it’s especially charged with emotions, you may need to do this regularly.

07. Add Some Living Green Plants

Plants are a go-to for negative energy because they bring healing and growth into your home. Be sure that your plants are well taken care of, and they do not fall ill. Otherwise, they’ll instead contribute to the negative energy in the space.

One of the best plants for negative energy is the snake plant. It’s leaves resemble fierce swords of protection to cut through any challenging qi.

08. Incorporate Black Tourmaline

The colour black can absorb and transmute any harmful energies, so black tourmaline is a protective crystal placed in your home.

One way to use this stone is to create a grid of protection by placing one piece in the four corners of your home. In the centre of a grid, you can place clear quartz to amplify the protection.