Meaning and Uses of Clear Quartz in Feng Shui

If you’re interested in crystals, you’ve probably come across clear quartz. It’s a popular stone that’s often combined with other crystals because it amplifies energy. It has many energetic benefits, and as a clear stone, it can be a lovely addition to a variety of decor styles and color schemes!

What Exactly Is Clear Quartz?

Clear quartz is a popular crystal that is frequently used to enhance the effect of other crystals, cleanse energy, and aid in manifestation. It is clear and colorless quartz that is a must-have for any crystal collector.

“Sometimes people call clear quartz the master crystal,” says Ashley Leavy, founder and educational director of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy, because it’s like a blank slate that can be used in a variety of ways. She also points out that, while clear quartz is frequently clear if your piece appears cloudy, that doesn’t mean it’s not a high-quality stone.

Clear quartz, according to spiritual teacher and meditation instructor Julie Skon, is one of the most dynamic crystals you can own because it can both deflect and attract positivity. “It is very impressionable, so when working with this stone, it’s important to set a clear and direct intention,” she previously wrote for mbg.

Properties of Clear Quartz

Color: Colorless

Chakra: All

Number: Vibrates to 4

Planet: Sun, Moon

Zodiac: All

Bagua areas: Dui

Elements: Metal

Origin: Worldwide

Clear Quartz Meaning

Clear quartz is a potent crystal with restorative and amplifying properties. It is frequently combined with other stones to enhance their effects, making it an excellent addition to crystal grids. It also purifies the physical and energetic bodies by clearing and activating all of the chakras.

Because clear quartz improves mental clarity, it can aid in emotional stability, and it is popular in meditation and restorative work. It’s also frequently used for manifestation, and it can help to focus and clarify a desire. It is a protective stone with the ability to enhance psychic abilities. It can help you see the truth of a situation, understand yourself, and see situations in new ways.

It has the following healing properties:

  1. It amplifies energy

Clear quartz, according to Leavy, is excellent for working with specific intentions because it is thought to be an amplifier of the energy you program it with. Whether you want to manifest abundance, protect yourself, or clear out stagnant energy, clear quartz can help.

  1. It attracts positive energy.

Who couldn’t use a little more positivity in their lives? According to Skon, clear quartz is always helpful in moving energy and, in particular, calling in positivity.


  1. It keeps negativity at bay.

Clear quartz, according to Skon, can also help repel negativity. Again, because this crystal functions almost like a blank slate, it is critical to be very clear when using it to set intentions.


  1. It aids in the clearing of the mind.

One of the primary benefits of clear quartz is that it promotes a clear, calm mind, “and we can see how that’s kind of mimicked in the appearance of the stone,” Leavy explains. Clear quartz has “long been revered for helping to balance the body and clear the mind,” according to crystal expert Heather Askinosie.


  1. It aids in the balance of the crown chakra.

Each of the seven major chakras has its crystal, with clear quartz being the most beneficial to the crown chakra. This chakra is all about higher consciousness, and clear quartz can help you connect with your spiritual side.

Feng Shui Applications


  • Increase Food Nourishment

Because clear quartz has purifying and amplifying energy, we frequently recommend keeping it in the fridge or pantry. You want this food to nourish and support you, and clear quartz can help it do just that. Begin by cleaning out your fridge or pantry and removing any expired items before placing a clear quartz stone here with intention.

  • Dui, the Completion Area, should be activated

Clear quartz is an excellent stone to use in the Dui area of the feng shui Bagua map, which is associated with completion and children. If you are having difficulty finishing projects or if you want to support your children, you may want to work with this area of your home or bedroom. To find Dui, stand facing in the front door of your house or bedroom and imagine a three-by-three grid laid out over the space. Dui is located in the center left corner.

  • Invite the Element of Metal

We work with the five elements in feng shui, which represent different types of energy. Bringing certain elements into your home is one method of cultivating certain qualities in your life. For example, the metal element is associated with precision and focus. To attract more of this type of energy, decorate your home with items that activate the metal element, such as clear quartz. If you want to use clear quartz in this way, charge it to attract these metal element qualities before placing it somewhere meaningful in your home.

  • Make Your Meditation Area Active

Clear quartz is an excellent meditation stone because it promotes mental clarity and emotional stability. If you have a meditation space in your home, a clear quartz crystal might be a good addition. If you don’t have a meditation space but want to develop a meditation practice, consider this your invitation to create one in your home. Even if it’s just a small corner of your bedroom, a piece of clear quartz can provide energetic support as well as a physical reminder of your intentions for this space.

  • Turn on the Tai Qi, or Health Zone

The Tai Qi is the center of your home, and it is linked to your overall well-being. Because it is in the center, it has an impact on all aspects of your home and life. Similarly, taking care of yourself can make a significant difference in how you present yourself in all aspects of your life, including your career, relationships, and family. Place a clear quartz crystal in the center of your home or bedroom to purify and activate the Tai qi.