Clock Position in Feng Shui To Be Placed


Displaying clocks in the house is not bad feng shui. Knowing the time and adjusting our pace accordingly is part of the daily routine. There is some better clock position in feng shui, and there are also feng shui areas where showing clocks are not advised.

Where to Display Clocks

Good feng shui areas to freely display the clocks are the kitchen, the living room, or the home office. Having a small clock in your child’s room is good for feng shui. It helps them understand the passing of time. Also, having a small alarm clock in your bedroom is almost a necessity. Be mindful of having a small alarm clock that can be easily tucked away. So, you need to know the right clock position in feng shui.

Types of Clocks to Use

Choose a battery-operated alarm clock versus an electric one to protect your health because even the simplest electric alarm clocks will emit high EMF fields that are harmful to your health when you sleep.

Do not display big clocks or several different clocks in your bedroom. The bedroom is the place for absolute relaxation, the place where time “slows down,” so to speak, and it has to be ruled by a different clock—your own body clock.

Display Tips

If you have a collection of clocks you want to display—hanging clocks, cuckoo clocks, etc.—you can choose a living room wall for this display or display them gallery style in a hallway.

  • Do not display clocks so that you can see them first thing as you enter the house.
  • Do not display metal clocks in the East, which is the house’s health and family area.
Giving Clocks as a Gift

As far as giving clocks as a gift, it is only considered bad, or inauspicious, feng shui if a younger person gives it to an older person. Considering the essence of clocks. Measuring the passing of time and is a reminder of getting older. Thus, it might be considered a bad feng shui gift.