Cows Symbol in Feng Shui

Cows have long been a trusty friend for mankind in agriculture and farming. They are a terrific worker to have around because of their robust strength and diligent disposition. The kind of employee we all wish we had in the modern workplace. The amicable relationship between man and animal led to religions prohibiting the consumption of beef in ancient China.The ox is the second animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Legends of the cow

In the past, the Chinese observed a rite known as the beating of the spring cow (打春牛), which takes place on Chinese New Year, which also marks the start of the spring season. This was accomplished by sculpting a cow out of the mud and smashing it with sticks. People then take the carcass of the battered mud cow home for good luck and to ward off evil.

It would be portrayed as a yellow-painted enormous cow. The God of Spring is carried on its back. The clothing worn by this shepherd represents several parts of the weather. When he wears a hat, it indicates that spring will be warm. It represents a cold day without a hat. And when he’s barefoot and without shoes, it means there’s going to be a drought.

According to folklore, a metal cow was erected at the river’s mouth to keep floods at bay. Another legend claims that during the Warring States period, a figure named Li Bing (李冰) transformed himself into a cow in order to fight a river deity who was also a cow.

Feng shui

The cows symbol in Feng Shui is most typically pictured in feng shui as the wish-fulfilling cow, which gives wishes to those who appreciate it. It is sometimes referred to as the sacred cow and is frequently shown reclining on a bed of money or gold ingots. To call on money luck, they are placed in wealthy locations or in personal settings such as the workstation.

Cows symbol can also be considered good luck attractors for persons born in the snake, rooster, ox, pig, or rat years. This is in accordance with the laws of animal sign relationships.

This also suggests that anyone born in the years of the goat, horse, or dog may experience ill luck.

Earth is the element connected with them, while the northeast is the related direction.