Crystal Bowls Use for Feng Shui

Crystal Bowls


Crystal bowls, also called crystal singing bowls, are made from a quartz crystal that was crushed and heated at very high temperatures. The crystal undergoes this process to become a singing bowl and express the potent powers of crystal and sound united in one tool. Most crystal singing bowls are from quartz (clear or frosted finish). But, you can also find it from rose quartz, celestite, amethyst, and citrine.

The Crystal Bowl

Even bowls made from quite rare crystals such as apophyllite, ​azeztulite, kunzite, or moldavite are available from some crystal bowl retailers. Crystals will bring their unique properties to the healing sound of the crystal bowl. For example, a ​rose quartz bowl will be an excellent choice for healing emotional trauma. While a crystal bowl made from amethyst will help open the connection to higher realms.

They Come in Several Sizes

Crystal bowls come in several sizes – the smallest one we’ve seen was 6 inches, and the biggest was 24. You will often find it in specific notes –C, D, E, F, G, A, B– that correspond with human body energy centers (chakras). The vibration of a specific sound works to unlock the blockages one might experience in a specific body area.

Purify and Strengthen the Energy of Your Space

Sound also works to purify and strengthen any space’s energy, as crystal bowls are, in essence, singing bowls made of a finer vibration material–the quartz crystal. So yes, a high-quality crystal bowl is an excellent feng shui tool for your home.

Crystal Bowls Vs. Singing Bowls

You can use your crystal bowl the same way you would use the singing bowl. In the space clearing applications, you can also use the bowl in crystal healing, as you would use various crystals based on their energy properties. How am it different from singing or Tibetan bowls? It seems like the sound of crystal bowls lasts longer than that of singing bowls. It also sounds louder but has a finer, lighter vibration (even in its deepest tones).

Made of Quartz Crystal

A crystal bowl becomes a powerful feng shui tool in one’s home or office because it is made from a living material–quartz crystal. We know that crystals cannot only purify energy but also balance, amplify and transform it, which makes the crystal bowl a beautiful, potent feng shui cure for you and your home.

The shape of a bowl is an expression of an open receptacle ready to fill with all the goodness. It is also an excellent feng shui decorating shape. It combines the harmonious, graceful openness and acceptance (yin energy) with the powerful, primary energy of emptiness ascribed to a pure mind (yang energy).

Crystal Bowls Are Expensive

Because crystal bowls are quite expensive–ranging anywhere from $200 to over $1,000–you can start by working with specific crystals and a metal singing bowl to experiment with the power of crystals and sounds in one session. For example, you can surround your singing bowl with several crystal points on your altar. Or, you can charge specific crystals with the sound of your singing bowl.

Once you experience the combined power of the two–crystal and sound–you might find yourself planning to buy a crystal bowl yourself.