Does Feng Shui Back Door Really Matter?


Feng Shui places a special emphasis on a home’s front entrance, as most of us are aware. However, do you realize that the back door plays an important role in the energy flow circulation? The incoming energy enters through the front entrance, the mouth of chi, while the outgoing energy exits through the back door. Both sides of the house must balance the energy to channel the good vibes.

The term “back door” does not always apply to a door. It could be a balcony window, a garage door, or some other side door leading to the outside world.

Feng Shui Back Door Tips

01. The main entrance door should be the most visible of all the doors in the building. The size of your back door does not exceed that of your main door.

02. Do not clutter or block the back door, as this can cause harmful stagnant energy. Remove or transfer any barriers to ensure that the door can be used without being obstructed.

03. Keep the back door in good working order and do not harm it. Otherwise, it could result in wealth leakage.


Is It Bad Feng Shui To Put Your Back Door In Front Of Your Front Door?

Since the energy will gush out too easily if the front door and back door are aligned, it is best to stop it. Since it cannot store good energy in such a case, a divider should be placed between the two doors. This will allow the energy to flow in a curved pattern in the home.

You can also redirect the energy flow by placing a tall plant in the pathway between the front and back doors.

If you’re planning a big renovation or a shift to your home, keep these back door feng shui tips in mind.