Dog Horoscope Predictions 2022

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* The prediction is valid for the year 2022 (the Tiger), beginning on February 1, 2022, and ending on January 21, 2023.

People born under the zodiac animal sign of the Dog will finally be free of the bad luck brought on by “Fan Tai Sui (Offending “Tai Sui,” the Grand Duke Jupiter)” in 2021 in 2022, and will enter a year of good fortune.

The Dog guys will embrace a “San He (Three Harmonies) compatibility this year, as the earthly branch is compatible with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), which is beneficial to the improvement of all aspects of fortune.

They will have the secret support of “Tai Sui,” and the blessings of the stars. Their overall fortune will be significantly better than the previous year, and they should seize the opportunities that come their way. 


Due to the ill effects of many ominous stars, the Dogs will have a bad health year in 2022. “Bai Hu,” “Fei Lian,” and “Huang Fan” are the unfavourable ominous stars.

The first two stars are primarily responsible for physical harm or bleeding, while the third is primarily responsible for emotional and mental distress.

As a result, this year’s Dogs will be vulnerable to animal attacks and bleeding. “Fei Lian” dominates by the ominous star. 

As a result, the Dogs may have mishaps while travelling. The ominous star of “Huang Fan” is in charge of emotion, which primarily affects people’s mental health.

The Dogs will feel more lonely and depressed this year as a result of this star’s influence. They will experience insomnia in severe cases.

Love/ Relationship

 The Dog guys’ love and relationship fortunes will be ordinary and bland in 2022.

Although the Dogs will not clash with Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) this year, and the auspicious stars will aid them, their emotions and relationships will suffer as a result.

Their relationship will be complicated by the arrival of the “Hua Gai” star. The star “Hua Gai” denotes a person who is adamant about going his own way.

The single Dogs will not communicate well with whatever types of the opposite sex they encounter while under the influence of this, and they will not have a strong desire to end their single status.

Those who are in love or married will not have the time or energy to manage their relationships and love lives because they are overworked and under stress at work.

They will not only receive complaints from their partners, but their relationship and love life will also be dull. 


The Dogs’ career fortunes will be a mix in 2022. The auspicious star of “Hua Gai” serves a dual purpose.

Under the auspicious star of “Hua Gai,” the Dogs who involves in creation will reap significant benefits.

However, “Hua Gai” also has the connotation of solitude and low self-esteem, implying that those in professions involving negotiation and eloquence will suffer a setback. The star of “Hua Gai” will harm those office workers, and their work-life will be difficult.

Furthermore, the Year of the Tiger will not be a good year for Dogs who want to change careers. It is recommended that they stay with their current employer. 


The Dogs will have a good financial year in 2022, as the stars favour them financially.

The auspicious star of “Hua Gai” dominates talent and creation, which is very beneficial to Dogs, involving in the creation because it allows them to earn a lot of money.

It’s just that “Hua Gai” is a star of artistic creation, which means it won’t help those in business or sales gain wealth through creation.

On the other hand, people in business will become too arrogant under the influence of the auspicious star of “Hua Gai.” They will not listen to other people’s advice, whether in investing or cooperating with others and will go their own way.

As a result, they have a proclivity for and a sign of wealth loss.

There will be no lucky stars to favour them for the entire year in terms of other part-time or unexpected income. To avoid any unnecessary financial losses, it is not recommended that they make any investments. 

Dog Luck Predictions for 2022: 

  • Lucky Element: Earth. which complements metal but is overshadowed by the element of wood
  • Favourable Directions: East and South 
  • Lucky colours: Yellow. A yellowish hue is found in fertile soils that are associated with progress and prosperity. 
  • Favourable Months: June and December in the Chinese Lunar Months. 
  • Unfavourable Months: September and November. 
  • Lucky Numbers: 5,7 and 9. 

Feng Shui objects for Good Luck: 

  • Crystal Angel Figurine Opal Gemstone Peace Angel: will aid in the calming of mood swings, as well as the purification of the blood and kidneys.
  • Feng Shui Obsidian Wealth Prosperity Bracelet: will bring you wealth and good fortune.