East-Facing Bedroom Feng Shui Tips


Good feng shui can be easy to create in many bedrooms, but not in all. Once you master the essential feng shui tips on the surface level, you can create and keep good energy in any space. Any space, including your bedroom. Applying the basic feng shui guidelines will always make a difference for your bedroom, from allowing fresh air and natural light to find the best feng shui positioning for your bed. Here you can explore feng shui tips for an East-facing bedroom. Also, understand the best choice of feng shui colours to decorate your bedroom and colours to avoid.

The Positioning of Your Bedroom

The next level in creating an excellent East-facing bedroom feng shui is to look at your bedroom positioning within your floor plan. This will help you see potential feng shui concerns, such as a bedroom above the kitchen oven or a bedroom above the garage. Most of these concerns can be addressed with proper feng shui tips. Then there is a deeper feng shui level, the level of the feng shui energy map, called Bagua, of your whole home. Some Bagua area bedrooms are easier to create good feng shui than others, and it all depends on the requirements of the five feng shui elements.

An East Bagua-Area Bedroom

In the case of an East-facing bedroom, there can be a bit of a conflict between the energies needed in this specific Bagua area of the house. Also, the best bedroom, feng shui decor in general. So how do you decorate an East Bagua-area bedroom for good feng shui? To answer this question, it is essential to know this Bagua area’s feng shui element’s needs.

Element of Wood

The East Bagua area is governed by the feng shui element of wood, which is needed here the most for good feng shui. Two more elements are suitable for this area: the elements of earth and water. These both give strength to the wood feng shui element (visualise the wood element like a tree to understand this element’s primary needs).

Feng Shui Elements and Decor

It is always best to express the feng shui elements with decor items you really like, rather than uncommon-looking feng shui cures. The easiest way to express any feng shui element is to decorate with its colours and shapes. The difficulty in decorating specific areas of your house, including your bedroom, is when the elements you want for good feng shui in a particular area are not the best elements of the space’s actual needs. For some Bagua area bedrooms, decorating advice is easy and straightforward, and it can be more difficult for other bedrooms.

Elements and the Bedroom

An East-facing bedroom is suitable in the middle of this spectrum. Even though the wood element is needed, there is not good feng shui for the bedroom. You still have two parts to play with, meaning you have more choices to look at. However, here’s the catch: you know it seems like you have two more elements to draw colour inspirations. The element of earth and the element of water. You need to know that the element of water is bad feng shui for the bedroom.

Now that you have all this deeper feng shui information. Here are the five main tips for good feng shui in your East-area bedroom.

  • Avoid a strong presence of the wood element. This means limiting the presence of colours green and brown. Also, images or art with lush green landscapes, many trees, etc.
  • Limit the colours blue and black in your bedroom. Even though the East Bagua area loves the water element by these colours, a strong water element considers bringing the energy of sorrow into the bedroom. So, be mindful and avoid decorating your bedroom with these colours. The same applies to big mirrors. They are not good feng shui for the bedroom anyway. This is because mirrors represent the element of water in feng shui.
  • Focus on decorating your East Bagua-area bedroom with the Earth element feng shui colours. This will bring good energy into your bedroom. It is because Earth element colours consider the best feng shui for any bed. The reason is that the Earth element supports the wood element, the governing element of this Bagua area.
  • In the feng shui elements destructive cycle, the fire element burns the wood element. So, do your best to limit the presence of the fire feng shui element in your East-area bedroom. This means limiting a strong presence of red, bright orange, strong yellow, magenta, and purple.
  • The same principle applies to decorating with the metal element colours. As metal cuts the wood in the elements’ destructive cycle, avoid a strong presence of colours grey. Specific decor items with a metal finish or items made from metal. Examples of decor items representing the metal element are a table or a headboard made from iron, metal picture frames, etc.