Elephant and Rhinoceros in Feng Shui


Elephant and Rhinoceros’ synergy is highly regarded as an effective and formidable Feng Shui protection. Everyone yearns and strives for the perfect life – vibrant health, loving & secure relationships, recognition and success, and growing wealth and prosperity! However, before we can even think of harnessing the universe’s energy to make life everything we would like it to be, we must protect our home and space from bad energies. The right remedies must be in place to clear all obstructions so that the good energies can surround us and pave the way for us to achieve our life aspirations. Hence, the keyword here is Protection, Protection and Protection!

Most Feng Shui masters summon the help of the indomitable pair. The Elephant and Rhinoceros, two of the most protective animals in Feng Shui. Together, they are proven and trusted cure as a formidable deterrent to suppress the negative chi of the #7 Star.



In many cultures in the East, the mighty Elephant is viewed as a sacred animal- the elephant is one of the eight holy animals in Buddhism. In the Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is the God with the head of an elephant. As the largest land mammal, it has naturally become a symbol of power, wisdom, and strength. Its part as an icon of fertility stems from the legend that Buddha’s mother had dreams. The dreams were about a pure white elephant directly before Buddha’s birth. It also uses to symbolize peace, longevity, good luck and success. In ancient times, the Elephant was a war animal. Elephants often given as gifts to kings and emperors. Hence, its progression to a figure of royalty, supremacy and stateliness. With such a magnificent history and background, the elephant is ideal in its role as the supreme protector of the household and the grantor of wishes.

Among the most ancient of animals, the Rhinoceros, with its ability to thrive for millions of years, speaks for its ability to fend off predators. The sight of its size, primitive look, tough resistant skin and strategically positioned horns are enough for attackers to think twice before acting. Small wonder then that this hardy and resilient creature has become a powerful symbol of protection against robbery, accidents, office politics, backstabbing and enemies, and counter the violent #7 star. The Rhinoceros, too, has its place in ancient classics as a symbol of virility and vigour and used to ward off evil and trouble.



Already each mighty on its own, the combination of these two animals is indeed a force to reckon with. The Feng Shui master highly regards their combined forces’ synergy as an effective and formidable Feng Shui symbol of protection. These tenacious creatures have attained their protective attributes. This is due to their indomitable strength and size in the animal kingdom. As well as their unyielding and resilient nature. Whilst they usually ask after for their role. The role such as protectors, owners also reward with the other positive qualities by these valiant animals. Endurance, longevity, peace, harmony, authority, good luck and success.

You can benefit from the protective and beneficial energy of this pair of Feng Shui guardians in many ways. Bring a small sculpture or plaque into your home or office. Carry or wear Feng Shui accessories such as tassels, pendants or key rings with their image.

Place an Elephant and Rhinoceros figurine in the sector afflicted or facing out near the main entrance of homes and offices. This is to ward off robberies and accidents and keep away those with less than honourable intents. Additionally, quarrels and conflicts will be minimized. This is for a more conducive and pleasant and harmonious work or home environment. Hanging a plaque with Elephant and Rhino images on your main door or wall facing outward has the same effect.

Alternatively, you can carry special amulets in the form of tassels, key chains or pendant. Which combine the energies from these powerful symbols. These are to guard you against those with bad intentions, untoward incidents and hostile situations. Wear it, clip it, or pop it in your bag. Dangle it on the rearview mirror of your car. Besides, being a great looking accessory to jazz up your outfit or bag, it can be your personal ‘guardian angel’. Who is always there with you to protect you from harms, misfortune. Also, bring you good luck, strength and success.