Feng Shui Aquarium in Bedroom


Good feng shui energy in the bedroom is of paramount importance to a person’s health and well-being. You probably spend more time per day in your bedroom than in any other room of your house. And during much of that time, you are asleep and in a passive “yin” state. That means you are more susceptible to the energy around you. So it is crucial to implement feng shui bedroom design tips and remedies that attract good energy to nourish you in your conscious and unconscious states. If you consider a feng shui aquarium or a fish tank as part of your bedroom decor, learn what feng shui principles have to say first.

Aquariums and Feng Shui

Traditionally, aquariums are considered a feng shui remedy for wealth and abundance. According to feng shui guidelines, their correct placement is supposed to attract the energy of abundance into your space. This is why you often see fish tanks in many Chinese restaurants and banks.

Aquariums harmoniously balance all five feng shui elements: water (tank water), wood (plants), metal (tank structure), earth (rocks and gravel), and fire (bright fish colors and lighting). The energy of an aquarium is calming. But it is also quite powerful and active, as it has constant movement.

There are specific guidelines to follow if you wish to use an aquarium as a wealth and abundance remedy. For instance, the best area to place the tank is in the southeast corner of your home or office, which feng shui defines as your money area. Moreover, certain fish—including arowanas, koi, and goldfish—are supposed to be more effective in attracting good feng shui energy than others.

However, there are some areas of your home where you don’t want an aquarium. And one of those is your bedroom.

The Water Taboo in the Bedroom

Several feng shui taboos for the bedroom and amplifying the water element are one of them. The feng shui water element can be expressed in numerous ways, including large mirrors, water images, and blue decor and wall paint. Actual water features, such as fountains, are the best way to bring the water element’s energy.

If you connect to the powerful energy of water, you will sense that water is healing because it does a lot of clearing and cleansing. However, in feng shui, water’s active presence can bring the energy of worry and grief into a person’s bedroom.

The water element also can overpower the fire feng shui element. This can negatively impact your romantic relationships, as the fire element is necessary for a sensual bedroom and honest communication between partners.

The Bottom Line

An aquarium or even a small fish tank in the bedroom is not good for feng shui. The aquarium’s active water element’s constant movement can weaken the calm, cocooning energy you want in the bedroom. It can impact your personal energy by making you feel more preoccupied and less stable. And it can cool the fire of a romantic relationship.