Feng Shui Basement: What do you do if you live?



Does it sound cool to you to live in a cellar? Do you know Feng Shui has a fairly poor reputation for Basement apartment? This may be a good spot, but not recommended for living, to house the visitor, the warehouse or the multipurpose space. Most practitioners are recommended to refuse to choose such a room. The occupant psychology and emotion are expected to be adversely affected over a prolonged stay.

But what if you sit in one already? Here are some tips for overcoming the obstacles and minimising the unwanted impact.

01. Bring as much light as possible

Most apartments do not have windows or smaller ones to create a dim, tight space. It will produce Yin energy that is detrimental to people, so try to balance it with the elements of Yang.

Using lamps or Himalayan lamps to compensate for the lack of illumination if natural lighting is unquestioning.

02. Select the correct colour option

Avoid dark colour and shine on light walls in your basement space. It will make you feel more open and more spacious so that you don’t feel lonely and blocked.

03. Take natural green lushes

The occupant may have a dark and cold feeling that can influence his mental well-being by living in the basement. Implementation of plants in this area will boost the situation by introducing more dynamic Qi. Lucky bamboo is one of the ways that limited light can thrive.

04. Daily clearing and purification of the room

The cellar is an environment we need to make additional efforts. With certain ways of cleaning up the room, such as smudging, we can clear out the old, stagnant energy regularly.

05. Dismissal and organisation is the foundation

Get organised now and clear all clutter from the basement, in order to promote successful Feng Shui. It helps to eliminate stagnant energy from the room in order to welcome the good ones.

06. Enhance air quality and incorporate scent

Air cooler, humidifier or Essenes oil may be brought to the basement to increase air quality.

Use these Feng Shui tips to face the obstacles and make your cellar a nice place to live.