Feng Shui Bat Symbolize in Chinese Culture


Since bats are disease carriers, they have a poor reputation. Aside from that, they connect to bloodsucking vampires, haunted castles, and wicked witches in western movies. However, in Chinese culture, it represents a different storey, and many people adore this symbol (which is not the real thing), so do you want to know what the bat represents in Feng Shui?

In Chinese culture, the bat is an auspicious lucky sign of riches and prosperity. It is a sign of fortune in some Feng Shui practises since the Chinese word for Bat – “Fu” – sounds like “prosperity, blessing, good luck.” Feng Shui wealth remedies often portray this bat image. Money bowls, Chinese coin tassels, amulets, and other similar items are examples. Aside from that, it engraves in rosewood furniture, pillow designs, pots, and architectures, among other things.

In Feng Shui, what is the significance of the bat symbol?
  • It places in the house’s West or Northwest sector to help your mentor draw benefactors and boost their luck.
  • Hang them on the outside of the door or window to protect against sickness and bad.
What does a swarm of five bats symbolise?

This mixture is thought to be a more potent treatment for attracting good fortune in all areas of your life. Chinese artists often use five bats surrounding the Chinese character “Fu” to represent the five blessings in their work. Prosperity, longevity, love, good health, and natural death at an advanced age are the five elements.

What does it mean if bats have taken up residence in your residence?

It is thought to be a good indication that the family would become wealthier since the bat is a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

The bat is an auspicious feng shui sign for success in traditional Chinese feng shui. However, one might argue that the bat symbol is rarely used in feng shui applications in the Western world.

As you might know, feng shui symbols are profoundly linked to the culturally relevant symbolic level, which means that you will select a symbol as a feng shui cure based on the significance it has for you rather than the meaning it has in feng shui books.

Interpretations of symbols are often difficult because they are dependent on the community in which you were raised or in which you feel most at ease.
Since the same word/pronunciation for Bat – “Fook” – also means “Prosperity” in Chinese, the Bat is considered a wealth symbol and used as a wealth remedy in traditional feng shui applications. The bat has come to embody happiness and immortality in Chinese culture, making it an auspicious emblem.

The symbolic presence of bats is used in many Chinese homes and other fortune symbols to represent prosperity.

“What does the bat as a feng shui symbol mean to you? Is it a symbol of good fortune and wealth to you? When it comes to using different feng shui symbols to decorate your home, use caution.