Feng Shui Bathroom in Money Sector

feng shui bathroom

Having a bathroom in a feng shui money area means that you discovered that your bathroom was in the Wealth and Money area when you defined your home or office Bagua. Depending on which feng shui Bagua school you use, this is either the Southeast area according to Classical feng shui schools or the top left area of your home or office according to Western/BTB Bagua.

Among the many feng shui concerns, you can have with your home or office floor plan, having the bathroom’s money area is the top concern. The worry is that your money will go down the drain.

Nature of Bathrooms

Bathrooms, in general, are considered a feng shui challenge because they drain the energy of your home or office. By their nature, bathrooms are also spaces with a lot of cleaning activity, so unless you take very good care of your bathroom energy—meaning you keep it clean and orderly—your bathroom will present a feng shui challenge.

Even if you keep the bathroom clean and orderly at all times because you know that this is very important for overall good feng shui energy in your home, you can take additional steps to create good and balanced feng shui energy.

Wood Element

If you want to know how to create good feng shui in any space, it is paramount that you understand the play of the five feng shui elements. Basically, each Bagua area has an element that needs to be supported and nourished to create good feng shui in the area.

For a bathroom in the Southeast sector, you need to focus on the Wood element, which is the feng shui element of this area. Because bathrooms have a strong water element, the more wood element decor you bring, the more you balance the surplus of water, which balances and strengthen this whole Bagua area.

Some sources say that you need to focus on a strong metal element for a bathroom located in the money area because the metal element represents money. This is not the case because metal not directly associates with money, and we have as much or more paper money and electronic forms of money. Stick with the wood element.

Wood Decor

Use the colors brown and green in a bathroom located in the money sector. Use area rugs in spring green or paint the door a rich brown. Hang images of lush greenery or bring an actual plant into the bathroom. Choose a plant that thrives in the bathroom’s lighting conditions—lucky bamboo is an excellent choice.

Wooden figurines, wind chimes, and accessories support the Wood feng shui element. Add a mural of a forest scene. Introduce rectangular shapes. Use green glass accessories or fill a bowl with feng shui crystals. All of these suggestions work to balance the energy of the room.