Feng Shui Bedroom Colors Recommendations

feng shui bedroom colors

Are you wondering which colors can bring the best feng shui energy to your bedroom? No matter if you are single or in a relationship, the energy in your bedroom has quite a bit of power over your health and the flow of love in your life (both self-love as well as romantic love).

We’ve all been impressed with glossy magazines showing beautiful bedrooms in all sorts of colors. From deep forest green to bright magenta and even dark charcoal color. Are these good feng shui colors for your bedroom, though? Apart from visually being very impressive, do they bring good energy to you and your home?

Let’s have a look at the best feng shui bedroom colors in general, as well as the best colors for your very own bedroom.

Good Bedroom Colors Overall

Bagua map colors
Even though we generally respond to color, the color yellow is happy, blue is calming. Choosing a good color for your bedroom might not be easy. Not only because what you see on the color swatch will usually look very different on your wall, but also because many surrounding elements in your bedroom have to welcome and “accept” the color into their own world.

Feng shui makes it easy because it has very clear general guidelines for the best bedroom colors. When in doubt, you can always go for skin color tones and know that this is good feng shui. And as skin color tones vary from pure white to rich chocolate brown tones, you have quite a wide range to play with!

However, feng shui also goes deeper—when​ you are ready to go deeper!—and helps you choose a bedroom color that will promote a good, harmonious quality of energy in your whole home.

Feng Shui Bagua Colors

Another way to choose a good feng shui bedroom color to promote overall harmony in your home is by honoring each Bagua area’s energetic needs. If you are new to feng shui, know that a Bagua area is a specific area in your house usually defined by the front door’s compass direction.

This can get quite complex, so we highly encourage you to explore the concept of Bagua more. However, we also made it easy for you, so if you know the compass direction where your bedroom is located, we have the best feng shui colors for you!

East Area Bedroom Colors

A bedroom in the East area of the house (also called the health and family Bagua area) gives you plenty of color choices. Why? Because in feng shui, the best choice of color is based on the play of five feng shui elements, and in the case of an East area bedroom, three elements bring good energy to it.

You can choose the colors of wood, earth, and water feng shui elements for your bedroom, which basically means you can go for any shades of green and brown (wood element), a variety of earthy colors (earth element), and colors blue and black (​water element).

Southeast Area Bedroom Colors

A bedroom in the Southeast area benefits from the same colors as a bedroom in the East area because they share the same feng shui element requirements. So you can choose from a variety of colors that can create good feng shui in this area—green and brown for the wood feng shui element, black and blue for the water element, and all earthy tones for the earth element.

Because the Southeast area is strongly connected to the flow of abundance in your life, you can consider decorating it with the intent of attracting the energy of wealth into your life. Look at the variety of feng shui wealth cures and see which ones can work seamlessly with your bedroom decor. Just remember that a water feature—or representations of actual water—is not good feng shui for the bedroom, even if your bedroom is located in a wealthy area.

South Area Bedroom Colors

The south area is connected to the energy of fame and reputation in feng shui (a more exact translation is “the light within”). The element that needs to be nourished in this area is the fire element, so if your bedroom is in the south feng shui Bagua area, then the best colors for it are the colors of the fire element (red, pink, orange, purple, magenta, yellow), as well as the colors of the wood element (green and brown).

Southwest Area Bedroom Colors

A bedroom in the Southwest Bagua area is quite easy to decorate and apply feng shui. This area connects to the energy of love and marriage. Any art or decor elements that speak to you of love and romance are excellent here both because this Bagua area strengthens by the visual representations of love energy. And, because any bedroom in any Bagua area strengthens energetically speaking, by tokens of love and togetherness.

Color-wise the fire and earth element colors are excellent here so that you can pick any (or all) of the following: red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, magenta, and all earthy tones.

West Area Bedroom Colors

The West Bagua area is connected to the energy of creativity and children. Even though you would think this will invite all sorts of wild colors, feng shui-wise, the best colors here are white and grays, as well as all earthy tones. Why? Simply because the governing feng shui element of this area is metal, and white and gray are the colors that express this element. The colors of the earth feng shui element are also excellent here because this element is very nurturing to metal. So all earthy tones are also excellent in a West area bedroom.

Northwest Area Bedroom Colors

The best colors for a Northwest area bedroom are the same as the colors for a West bedroom as they share the same governing element of metal. So, you can pick and choose from white and gray, as well as all earthy tones. Be mindful of limiting a strong presence of fiery colors as fire is damaging to the Metal element.

North Area Bedroom Colors

A bedroom in the North area can be difficult to decorate, feng shui-wise, just because the best colors for this area are not the best colors for the bedroom. The water feng shui element that governs this area expressed in blue and black colors, and it takes quite a skill to have these colors in the bedroom without creating a slightly depressed feeling. It’s not impossible, but it isn’t easy. However, you can go for the metal element colors because this is the element that supports water in feng shui, so colors white and gray are excellent for a North area bedroom, too.

Northeast Area Bedroom Colors

The Northeast area connects to one’s spiritual growth and cultivation, and the governing feng shui element of this area is Earth. So, if you have a bedroom in the Northeast area of your house, the best colors for it are the earth element colors (all earthy tones) and the colors of the fire element (red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and magenta).