Feng Shui Bedroom Over the Garage


A bedroom over the garage is definitely a challenging feng shui house feature. Now, this does not mean that you cannot possibly create good feng shui energy in a house that has a bedroom over the garage. It only means that you have to invest much more time and effort—and on a regular basis—in order to ensure good feng shui in your bedroom.

Garage Energy

First, let’s see why a bedroom over the garage is considered bad feng shui and then explore a couple of simple solutions. By their nature, garages have either a lot of moving, “in and out”, unsettling energy (when the garage is used to park cars); or a very stagnant, low energy created by all the clutter stored there (which is a common use the garage by many people).

It can also be a combination of both low energy of clutter with the unsettling energy of parked cars, so definitely placing a primary bedroom over the garage is not the wisest decision in any floor plan. Why is this not wise? Well, because the energy you want in the bedroom in order to maintain vibrant health and meaningful intimate relationships is just about the opposite of what the garage creates. A bedroom over the garage will have as its energy foundation whatever is happening in the garage below it.

As there are no boundaries in the world of energy, a bedroom over the garage has a very unstable energy foundation that cannot possibly promote good relaxation and sleep. It can also rob one of a sense of stability and belonging/grounding.

Car Emissions

In addition, parked cars will emit radiation for quite a while, and the bedroom is the place to have the lowest EMF levels. The gas emissions are not promoting a healthy quality of energy, either.

Possible Solutions

After you’ve read all the reasons why a bedroom over the garage is not good for feng shui, you might still be wondering about the possible feng shui solutions. The very first recommendation—if you have another bedroom in the home—is to move your primary bedroom. If you can’t, here are some feng shui suggestions that will improve the energy in a bedroom over the garage.

The feng shui cures focus on creating a grounding, stable energy, as well as on improving the quality of air.

Use the Earth Element

To create a strong grounding and nourishing energy in your bedroom over the garage, focus on working with the Earth feng shui element in your decor. You can do that with a rug in rich Earth element colours in order to create a strong energy foundation. You can also express the Earth element in many other decor items, such as art, pillows, blankets and beautiful images of landscapes.

Clutter and Other Considerations

If your bedroom is fairly large, you can look into bringing some air-purifying plants to take care of potential toxins in the air. Be sure, though, not to place the plants close to your bed. Alternatively, you can use essential oils to purify and calm the energy in your bedroom.

No matter which feng shui cures you apply, be very mindful about eliminating clutter from your garage. A cluttered garage, especially when your bedroom is over the garage, will certainly not promote harmoniously and nurturing energy for your bedroom.