Feng Shui Bedroom Recommendations

If you were given a choice to Feng Shui up a room in your home, it will definitely be your bedroom. The bedroom is your comfort place where you feel more relaxed and calmer. Most people spend more than 8 hours a day in their bedrooms. Before that, I recommend a quick cleaning such as decluttering your bedroom and cleaning the air to get rid of all the negative energy in your bedroom. Therefore, it is very important to maximize the Feng Shui in your bedroom. Here are 10 tips to Feng Shui up your bedroom.






01. The bed headboard should be placed against the wall.

A solid wall provides strong protection and support. But do make sure that there shouldn’t be a window above the headboard and this is because glass windows are transparent which does not provide you with enough support and protection. Make sure, the headboard is not sharing the wall with a toilet or the stove on the other side, this is because the energy from the stove or the toilet could affect your health and well-being. So can head bars be substituted with a headboard? Well, you may feel like a prisoner with this setup and I would not recommend that.

Make Sure to fasten your headboard securely in order to have a strong position and support. You don’t want to have a falling headboard which could be very dangerous.



02. Do not place more than 1 mirror in your bedroom


We all love taking our OOTD in the mirror in our beautiful bedrooms. But having more than 1 mirror in your bedroom is not allowed in Feng Shui. The mirror should not be placed at any location where you are facing the mirror or the body and this is because this will reflect and increase energy which may interrupt your sleep. Also avoid putting a television in your bedroom, like a mirror, television has reflections too. In Feng Shui, mirrors are said to invite a third person into your bedroom. So I assume you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and notice an “unknown friend” staring at you.



03. Do not sleep against a window


Your bed should be placed against a good solid wall that will hold the positive energy around you. Sleeping against the windows will weaken the “Chi” as there is no strong support and neither will you have any symbol of protection. But due to some circumstances, there are situations where your bed has to be placed against the windows. There are multiple ways to fix this, here are some Feng Shui cures to fix this problem.


  • Simply cover the windows with heavy woven curtains

The easiest way is to cover the windows with a heavy woven curtain or any thick cloth to completely cover the window and block any light from the outside. You can open the curtains during the day to let the positive “Chi” in and close it during the night before you go to sleep.


  • Installing the window blinds

Another way is to install mini blinds. This will help to redirect the “Chi” energy by making sure the blinds are positioned in an upwards manner. This is best used with curtains, so you can completely block the opening while you’re sleeping.



04. Do not align your bed with an open door


Many Feng Shui experts have agreed that the bed should never be placed aligned with the door. This is normally called the “coffin position”. Although, you can place your bed diagonally from a door as far as possible. Never place your door directly in line with it. However, make sure you are able to see the open door which is in front of you and not at the back. Placing the bed aligned with the door will bring too much “Chi” and too much of a good thing is also bad.

So why is it called the “Coffin position”. Well, people who are facing danger wouldn’t sleep facing right in front of the door. When your enemy comes in, you will definitely be an easy target. Hence, the danger associated with this position is named the “Coffin Position”.



05. Keep away all electronics


We all know the bedroom should be a quiet and peaceful haven for you. Making sure you are free from any sort of distractions. It is very important to remove any form of technology such as television and computers from your bedroom. Some of us tend to check our social media during the night, this will definitely distract us and cause us to have a lack of sleep. It is indeed very difficult in this modern world, but I guarantee you that you will feel much more relaxed and calm afterwards.

But since there are homes with limited space, it is the best advice to move all the electronics as far from your bed as possible. If you are having a bad sleeping pattern, please consider putting away your electronics when you’re going to bed. Reading books and magazines are some ways to distract you from checking your phone more often.



06. Choose the right colour


In Feng Shui, it is said that some colours bring the maximum amount of calmness and positive energy in the bedroom and at the same time enhance good sleep. Generally, it is advised to settle on skin tones or nude tones that can be found in nature. Here are some colours that you can use for your bedroom :

Cream tones

Peach tones

Chocolate brown

Brown tones


Be cautious. If your whole room is painted with peach colour, you will continue attracting someone every day. Instead of painting the walls peach, you can have bedsheets that are peach colour.



07. Pair everything


In the Feng Shui concept, pairs are meant to bring out love and harmony, so assume your bedroom for two people – even if you’re not planning to get into a relationship anytime soon. Allocate a little more extra spaces in your room for an extra nightstand and bedside table. This means to pair up these items:

Bedside table






08. No too many houseplants


This may sound obnoxious for some of us, but in the concept of Feng Shui, too many houseplants in a bedroom are not that healthy. The energy which emits from the plants are said to be too strong and growth boosters and hence this will ruin the calm and chill vibes that you wish to have.

So, position your plants or any form of greenery plants in other places in your room. If you still feel that you need plants, go ahead and substitute the bedsheets or the furniture in your bedroom with earthly shades.



09. Be aware of the paintings you pick


The paintings we pick for our bedrooms have many meanings to us and potentially are capable of affecting our personal lives. For love and affection, family photos are best to be kept in other rooms in your house. If you’re single and waiting for love life to pop in, it’s best to avoid having pictures of single objects or people such as a portrait of someone or anyone object. Of course, don’t let your style and taste in art be shut down. Keep the taste with you and continue exploring it.

If you’re leaning towards depression or sadness, be aware of where you’re placing the painting. Always make sure to place the paintings at your eye level or slightly higher in order to lift the “Chi” up.



10. No fishy tanks in the bedroom


Many of us assume that fish tanks are considered one of the best items that can bring good Feng Shui. But the actual fact is to have a good placement for it. The fish tanks are said to bring a great amount of wealth and prosperity. This is why you can see fish tanks placed in any of your local Chinese restaurants.

The energy in fish tanks is calming but at the same time, it has continuous movement which creates a powerful energy. The energy generated from the water element can disturb the stability of the Feng Shui in your bedroom.

Instead, try placing the fish tanks in different parts of your home such as the southeast corner which is said to be the wealthy area.