Feng Shui Bedside Table For Harmonious Bedroom


Whenever you come to Feng Shui’s bedroom, your sleep path and location of the bed will always be your focal point. Feng Shui Bedside table is often missed, but each bedroom piece of furniture contributes to developing a good Feng shui space.

Some approaches to bedside table Feng Shui are as follows:

1. Say Bye To Clutter

A chaotic bedside table with a cluttered mind is closely linked. Remove any unwanted items from the table, such as electrical devices, clothing, toys, or other random items. This intervention will help to build an uncomfortable and calm atmosphere to increase the quality of your sleep.

2. Right Bed Side Table Matter Option

The best choice is around the corner bedside table style. This reduces any accidents that can occur in sharp corners to a minimum. It will produce a poison arrow that will trigger bad energy when guided to your face.

3. Correct Height

How do you know that your nightstand is higher than you are? Are you going to feel undermined? The table should not exceed the height of the mattress on the bed.

4. Make it double for symmetry and balance

One bedside table is thought to have a detrimental effect on the balance of energy in your romantic life. To build a harmonised space to boost your relationship luck, you might suggest getting two identical bed tables.

Some people with minimal room in their bedrooms may be difficult. There is only one bed in the room and no bedside table space. Squeeze a table only to stick to the Feng Shui law and make it worse is also unworkable.

Don’t worry. Just ensure that your bed is in the right position to monitor the successful Feng shui principle.