Feng Shui Bracelets to Wear for Love, Health, and Wealth

First, the energies that a feng shui bracelet either generates or represents, such as luck, love, health, and money, will empower the wearer. Importantly, this design uses Semiprecious jewels, Chinese characters, or significant trinkets.

Bracelets with the Five Elements for a More Balanced Life

Moreover, the color represents the five elements that are considered to provide a healthy balance into the wearer’s life are shown on a five elements bracelet. Along with it, this type of bracelet can help you realign all aspects of your life if you are experiencing a life that is out of balance.

Feng Shui Obsidian Five-Element Bracelet

Secondly, the five elements symbolize the colorful beads in this bracelet, which comprises 15 (10mm) beads. In addition, the black beads are made of obsidian, a valuable black stone that is one of Buddhism’s seven jewels. Amulets and charms use Obsidian because it has extremely strong protection properties. Apart from this, obsidian can dispel unlucky forces in feng shui.

Chinese Bracelets for Attracting Love and Marital Happiness

On the other hand, rose quartz can attract love luck chi energy in feng shui. Subsequently, the symbol of double happiness is associated with love and marriage. Choose one or both of these bracelets to attract your soul mate or to improve your present love or marital relationship.

Double Happiness Feng Shui Symbol Bangle Bracelet

Weddings include the Double Happiness symbol.  They married after a period of separation and wrote the happiness sign twice to commemorate their love. The Double Happiness rapidly became a popular love and marriage symbol.

Wealth Luck Bracelets

Several feng shui symbols for riches luck can be found incorporated into bracelets. Wear a jade or citrine bracelet if you need a little more wealth luck in your life.

Brazilian Citrine Beads Bracelet

Moreover, this feng shui bracelet features citrine beads sewn on an elastic cord for easy wear. Citrine attracts money and prosperity. Wear a citrine bracelet to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. If you’re in business, wearing a citrine bracelet it will bring you significant financial success and chi energy. The stone is also capable of neutralizing or repelling negative chi forces.

Health Luck Bracelets

Feng shui has a variety of health benefits. The sickness star is the second flying star, and it moves on a daily, monthly, and yearly cycle, much like the heavenly stars. The Wu Lou (gourd) is a powerful feng shui health sign. Natural quartz and the rock lapis are also symbols.

Lapis Lazuli Wu Lou Bracelet

The Lapis bracelet protects The #2 disease star. This bracelet will keep you safe from the #2 flying star, no matter where it appears from month to month or year to year.

The lapis beads are able to attract the Medicine Buddha’s healing qualities. Furthermore, Lapis beads can strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and purify the blood. The Mantras are able to bring a healthy flow of chi to the wearer and protect them from illness. The monthly and annual #2 disease star is likewise suppressed by the dangling golden Wu Lou charm.