Feng Shui Bunk Bed: Good or Bad?


Is it better to have a bunk bed or a single bed? Bunk beds are an excellent choice in recent modern home interior decor and furniture selections. This is because they help save space and, not to mention, kids love them. However, there are some explanations why bunk beds are considered bad Feng Shui, and these are some of them:

Why is a Bunk Bed Bad for Feng Shui?

1. If you sleep on the upper deck, the space between you and the ceiling is too little. It will give the impression of injustice to others. Aside from that, the lack of support directly beneath your body can affect the quality of your sleep.

2. When your study table is located directly underneath your bed (a common Feng Shui bunk bed design) in your bedroom, it causes discomfort in the person sitting beneath the bed, causing him to lose concentration and create a stressful situation.

3. Over time, the person sleeping on the lower deck will feel inferior to the person sleeping on the upper deck, which will lead to tension and conflicts between the two people.

4. The person sleeping on the bottom would be more vulnerable to poor health. This is due to the stagnant chi gathered between the top and bottom mattresses.

If at all possible, place your children in single beds of their own, keeping in mind that the bed should be in the command position of the room. Positive energy has a positive impact on their lives and well-being.