Feng Shui For Apartment: Higher or Lower Floor?


Many people have already made their homes in high-rise Feng shui apartment buildings in this modernized period. When looking for your dream home, you must understand not only the exterior and interior conditions but also the appropriate level. Whether to stay at a high or low level has been a point of contention in recent decades. There are two schools of thought, one favoring higher levels and the other preferring lower levels. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of the Feng Shui principle in terms of practicality.

Living on a Higher Floor of an Apartment for Feng Shui
  • The higher you go, the less likely you will be hit by a “poison arrow”/unfavorable force.
  • You will enjoy the cool breeze and the unobstructed view.
  • Noise can be minimized even further if you live on a higher floor since most of it is caused by people conversing on void decks and shared areas, such as a basketball court.
  • Your home is normally brighter because you have access to natural sunshine, which is beneficial to your family.
  • Less likely to encounter creepy insects such as cockroaches and lizards
  • You would have more privacy than if you lived on a lower level.
  • Since there is no blockage, you are directly exposed to the sun’s trapping heat, particularly if you live in a west-facing flat.
  • Since the unobstructed breeze carries in dust, the higher floors are dustier. Staying in a unit with a gushing wind that causes the door to slam every day is also not a good idea.
  • It is more costly
Living on a Lower Floor of an Apartment for Feng Shui
  • Some suggest that the lower your unit, the closer you are to the ‘’ (represent the energy from the ground). This is good for the well-being of the people who live in the apartment. If the house is lower than the ground level and the road is higher, don’t buy it. It has the same detrimental effect as living in a basement.
  • It increases the likelihood of attracting a household pest into your home.
  • Noise pollution (people conversing or playing) may also be a problem.
  • Keep an eye out for massive trees that are too close to, or even reaching, your walls, as they can attract insects and pests.
  • The lamppost’s bright lighting may affect the household.

Apart from the aforementioned Feng Shui apartment tips, the cost of purchasing them is also important. If the level rises, the cost will rise in proportion. Depending on the region you plan to reside in, the difference between one level and the next will amount to thousands of dollars in free money. Finally, it is always a matter of personal choice, and you must enjoy your stay.