Feng Shui Helps To Sell Your House


When putting your home on the real estate market for sale, using some simple feng shui principles can save you time, money, and help you avoid useless effort. The ancient art of feng shui has many “how-to” recommendations that can help sell your house the easy way. Here are some easy feng shui recommendations to get the energy moving in a manner that will impress prospective buyers.

View the Home From Outside

Start by stepping outside your duplex, your condo, your house—whatever dwelling you are selling—and look at it from a bit of a distance. Better yet, perform this little feng shui exercise with a friend who has not seen your house for a while. Quickly jot down all the thoughts and first impressions that come to mind in the first 2 to 3 minutes.

Do not censor the information or get defensive; the more open you are to criticism, the better off you will be when evaluating your house and preparing it for sale. You might think the big purple frog looks cool by your front door and may even feel that it’s good feng shui (actually, no, it is not); but potential buyers may not appreciate your tastes. As every sales professional knows, marketing a home is about selling a specific emotion rather than the commodity itself. When preparing your home for staging to prospective buyers, be objective about the energetic feeling your home elicits. Be especially mindful of the quality of energy at your main entrance; make it look fresh and inviting.

Go Fresh and Go Green

If you own a house and the property it sits on, definitely invest in some landscaping; this will increase the value of your property, as well as attract better quality energy to your home. If you live in a duplex or a condo where there is not much “outside” to work on, focus on the main entrance and bring vibrant Chi (energy) to the main entry. Invest in a tall lush plant or a vase with fresh-cut flowers, install good lighting, add beautiful art. Create a feeling of spaciousness and expansion with the strategic feng shui placement of mirrors; you can even refresh the wall paint colour.

Remember That Less Is More

When you are preparing to sell your house, the less personal, or used your house looks, the better. To the best of your ability, show how space can be used, but don’t overdo it with personal touches.

Strive to create a spa feel in the bathroom, but do hide all your personal items (buyers do not need to know which toothpaste brand you prefer).
Make the kitchen smell and look good, but avoid showing the world your recycling bins, wrung-out dishcloths, partially-filled sugar jars. You get the idea—allow a buyer to imagine their own lives in the house, not witness yours.
If possible, clean out closets entirely, which will both make them seem larger and avoid distractions from shoppers evaluating your tastes in clothing. If that’s impossible, arrange the clothing very neatly, making it appear more like a staging prop than a collection of somebody’s personal wardrobe.
Reduce the clutter in bedrooms and living areas. Again, allow prospective buyers to witness the energy possibilities of the spaces, not your personal style.

Go for Good Energy

Most critical is to be aware of the very important feng shui energy triangle when preparing to sell your house. The energy in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom will either make or break most home sales. Buyers need to know they will sleep well, eat well, and relax well before they choose to buy your home. Treat the imagination of your potential buyers with respect: know how to ignite it, know how to sustain it throughout the home, then have the good sense to step back and let potential buyers sense the good energy that is present.

Let Go

Somewhat surprisingly, it’s not uncommon for owners to unconsciously (or sometimes even consciously) put up obstacles to the successful sale of a home. Sometimes this is a matter of one resistant family member who is reluctant to participate in proper staging and feng shui preparation. It sometimes happens even after an offer has been accepted, when deadlines are missed, paperwork lost, or other acts of casual sabotage occur that hinder the swift completion of a sale and your move out of the home.

Understand that this energy dynamic resisting change is very often present and that it can prevent a quick, efficient house sale. Do your best to recognize and address the emotional issues that may be present. Letting go and letting the energy flow is at the heart of feng shui practice, so make sure to address any resistance to change. If you address the energy issues early and often, you will be well on your way to your new home.