Feng Shui Items For Home and Office


Here are some suggestions of Must-have Feng Shui items for Home and Office.

Wind Chime

The sweet voice of the air will pull the pneumatic force, stimulate it and exorcise bad spirits. It symbolises good fortune as a traditional decoration in the home. You can rest, alleviate mental tension, reduce the epidemic pathogen, and strengthen your luck with the wind’s gentle voice.

Six-Metal-Rod Windchime (Silver)2

Fish Tank

The water needs a fish tank, so Feng Shui’s fish tank is synonymous with water. The fish tank can also promote essential energy and exorcise evil spirits in addition to its ornamental value. The mutuality between fish and water energetically increases the energy of the interior and makes the house Feng Shui optimistic. The principle of Feng Shui shows that the mountain is renowned when water provides richness, and so the fish tank also promotes prosperity.


This Feng Shui is the most frequently used product for studying, celebrating and working. It can be placed on the headboard by children,  the table by adults or it can be put into a bookcase by students to produce bright writing ideas and successful test results.

Golden 7 Level Pagoda2

Plants and Flowers

According to Feng Shui’s report, you may select appropriate florals and plants to change the Feng Shui overall and create a natural home atmosphere. Flowers and plants are a common way for people to use Feng Shui furnishing products.

Jade Grape Plant1

Gourd of Calabash

The gourd is homophonic in Chinese to “the hell” (happiness and money), so it is a mascot of wealth recruitment and happiness. Put a gourd in your house and protect your health and safety. You can use a bronze gourd to support the wellbeing and conjugal relationship if you have a patient in your family. You should put a bronze gourd on your headboard to strengthen your relationship if your couple doesn’t go well.

Painting and calligraphy

It can create a psychological and mental aura to compensate for five things in your life and to increase your happiness. If calligraphy and painting are properly put, it will encourage prosperity and give you good luck in gaining money, which is also good for your work and good. Furthermore, some painting and calligraphy works protect the home.

Wealth Ship

The wealth ship is Feng Shui’s most common regular item symbolising flat-sea sailing in several bureaux. It looks strong and implies a successful career, a very favourable sign of Feng Shui.

Wealth Sailing Ship For Wealth Accumulation (L)1


The vase is homophonous to “soft” (peace) and suits for both company and household in Chinese. Setting a vase in the house means peace with the family while inserting an enterprise vase shows the employee’s wellbeing. If the vase has a furnishing quail or Jade Ruyi, it means harmony and happiness; if it has a bell, it is a sign of peace for all beings.

Wealth Pot Incense Burner3