Feng Shui Lighting Tips For Home


Lighting is crucial in Home Feng Shui for attracting positive energy into the living room. If you live in a dark or poorly lit home, you will be depleted of life force energy, which will cause family members to become easily overwhelmed, resulting in a life filled with obstacles.

If you have the choice, choose a home that allows you to bring natural light into the room because it is the most helpful to those who will be living there. However, avoid choosing a west-facing house because it receives direct sunshine in the morning and afternoon, making the house hot and unpleasant to live in. Let’s pass it on to the next section for further advice.

Lighting Feng Shui Tips To Bring Good Vibes To Your Home

1. Well-lit Entrances and Foyer are vital for attracting positive chi into the building, so make sure these areas are well-lit at all times.

2. Wall lighting in a straight row of three is considered inauspicious in Chinese culture because it resembles three candles used for prayer and offering.

3. Avoid installing fluorescent lighting in your home because it emits harsh and cutting energies that can damage your health.

4. If you have a lamp that emits strong lighting, avoid placing it directly overhead, particularly in areas where you spend most of your time (such as the couch, bed, study table, or dining area).

5. For a relaxing and rejuvenating environment, make sure there is enough bright lighting in the living room and dimmer lighting in the bedroom.

8. It’s best not to put the drop light directly above the bed because it can pressure the person sleeping underneath it.

7. Darkened corners and areas in your home will draw negative energy, so it’s a good idea to add some lighting to brighten things up. For this reason, you can also use a Himalayan Salt lamp.

You can now study your current lighting arrangement after studying these lighting Feng shui tips, and hopefully, the tips can benefit you.