Feng Shui Master Bedroom Location



A good feng shui bedroom is undoubtedly one of the main factors that make a good feng shui house. There are many resources and tips to help you create a good feng shui bedroom out there, but here we’ll explore the positioning of your master bedroom within a good feng shui floor plan.

Unfortunately, way too many houses create on a poor feng shui blueprint/floor plan. From a master bedroom over the garage to a master bedroom over the kitchen oven or a bedroom facing the front door—there is a bevy of common mistakes in modern layouts that will disrupt the flow of your home.

As high-quality feng shui energy in the bedroom is crucial for one’s health and well-being, it is important to choose the main bedroom’s right location when designing your house’s floor plan. There are several factors to consider when identifying the best location for a bedroom.

About This Term: Master Bedroom

Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term “Master Bedroom” as discriminatory. “Master Bedroom” name is now widely used among the real estate community, and better reflects the room’s purpose.1


The Layout Within Your Home

Since you want a good energy foundation for your bedroom—peaceful, nourishing energy to support deep sleep and healing sexuality – is best to locate your bedroom above an area with peaceful or balanced activity.

01. One of the best placements of a bedroom – in the case of a two-level floor plan – is above a quiet reading area or the dining/breakfast nook. Some of the worst bedroom locations are above the garage, kitchen oven, main bathroom, or a busy home office.

02. The best location is in the back of the house or behind the house’s centerline. A good bedroom is slightly “hidden” from the main energy traffic and cocooned in a safe, nourishing, and powerful energy. Many factors can be created, such as the right treatment of the corresponding Bagua area and following other good feng shui bedroom guidelines.

The Layout Within Your Bedroom

01. In the layout of the actual bedroom, avoid a big window directly aligned with the bedroom door. This will lead to a loss of energy. It is also important to be mindful of the relationship between doors and windows inside the bedroom.

Because it is bad for feng shui to place the bed under the window or too close to the window, it is imperative to design the placement of windows carefully. After all, your bed is the main and most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, so be sure you understand the good feng shui bed placement and plan your windows’ location accordingly.

02. If there is an en-suite bathroom, be sure the bathroom is located as far as possible from the bed’s best positioning in the bedroom. The same applies to feng shui for walk-in closets.

03. Having your bed headboard against the bathroom wall or the closet wall is really bad feng shui.

04. It is good to be mindful of the energies close to the bedroom, too. For example, avoid a home office’s vicinity close to the bedroom, as these are two conflicting energies that need to be kept separate. The same principle applies to a bedroom close to or near the laundry room or storage. You will be wise to avoid these neighbors!

05. If there is another floor above the floor where your bedroom is located, be sure not to design a bathroom right above the bedroom. Sleeping under the toilet or bathtub is really bad feng shui. It is also best to avoid a home office above the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, be very mindful of all energy aspects surrounding the bedroom placement in your floor plan. Understand the quality of energy your bedroom is located above, next to, or under (if applicable), and choose the best placement for this most important room in your home.

Pay attention to the flow of energy and chi inside the bedroom as defined by all doors’ locations. Bedroom, closet, and bathroom doors. Also, the windows create the best quality of energy to support your health and well-being.