Feng Shui Metal Element Decorating Tips



In feng shui, we use the five-element system to create balance and harmony in a space. The five elements are metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. Each of these elements is found in the natural world, and the philosophy behind the five elements describes how they all work together to stay in balance.

Each element is associated with specific colors, shapes, and materials that can be employed in home design to invoke that element’s qualities. A great way to get started with the five elements is to include one thing in your home representing each of the five elements.

Learn how to decorate your home with the crisp and clear feng shui metal element using simple and popular decor items.

What is the Metal Element?

The metal element is precision, simplicity, and clarity. It also represents righteousness, integrity, and joy. To bring more of these qualities into your life, you can add the metal element into your home through the following design elements:

  • Color: White, gray, and metallic colors
  • Shape: Circle
  • Materials: Metal and mirrors

Here are some of our favorite ways that you can bring the metal element into your home’s feng shui!

01. Walls

Since white is such a popular paint color, many of us live in spaces where the metal element is present on our walls. It’s a great canvas to invite other colors and elements.

And remember, there are many shades of white! Think creamy or warm, or cool and clarifying. Light gray is another excellent paint option if you want to bring in the metal element. Gray is tranquil and soothing and can complement almost any other color.

There are also many beautiful wallpaper options in white and gray. To bring in the metal element through shape as well, find a pattern that includes circular shapes. You can even look for wallpapers with metallic accents.

02. Wind Chimes and Bells

Adding a metal wind chime or bell is a simple and lovely way to bring the metal element into your space. Activate the metal element by ringing the bell or placing the wind chimes where they will move in the wind. In both cases, you want to place these items in a location where they have room to ring or chime and will not run into another object that will dampen the sound.
Ringing a bell with intention can also signal the universe that you are opening up your space and your life and welcoming something new.

03. Home Decor Accessories

There are many ways to bring the metal element into your home with accessories and furniture. A round, white side table can be a stylish metal element statement piece. You can also look for metal chairs or coffee tables with metal legs.

Round mirrors are also a great way to introduce the metal element, and they can go with a lot of different decor styles. Try a round mirror above your bed to promote unity and togetherness in a relationship.

White or gray pillows with circular patterns are also fun to bring more metal into your home. You can even find pillows that are circular in shape. Round rugs and blankets can also be a fun, unexpected addition to your home decor.

Artwork that incorporates white and gray hues and/or circular shapes can also introduce the metal element. This could be a soft, snowy scene, an abstract geometric painting, or something else you love. Try putting it in a gold or silver frame to amp up the metal element even more. As you’re looking for artwork to put in your home, keep in mind it’s also important to find something you think is beautiful and meaningful.

04. Botanicals

A vase of white flowers brings in the element through color. Flowers are also a source of beauty, which is associated with metal. To really boost metal energy, place them in a white or metallic vase. Just make sure to replace them once they’ve wilted since dying plants are not a source of healthy qi.

If you like having living plants in your home, you can find many gorgeous round white planters or even metal planters made of brass or copper. Look for plants with round leaves, like peperomia, or a white flowering plant, like a peace lily or white moth orchid.

05. Lighting

To bring in the metal element through lighting, look for metallic finishes and round shapes.

Globe pendants are a stylish round option and often come in white or metallic colors as well. You can also look for lamps with a circular base or shade or around a metal chandelier.