Feng Shui Money Cures: Choosing Chinese Coins


Feng Shui money cures usually use Chinese coins. Coins that you can buy today are replicas of currency used in ancient China. Chinese coins can have many different symbols and can be joined in different combinations. There are also many different ways to use coins to bring energies of money, good luck, and abundance into your life.

A Personal Choice

For good feng shui in your money area, it is always best to use symbols that speak to you of money and abundance. It is up to you to decide what symbol will help you attract the energy of money into your life. You can choose from many popular Chinese money cures or go for a more modern symbol that carries the energy of abundance for you. Be clear with yourself as to what really speaks to you of money and abundance. The stronger your connection to a particular feng shui cure, the more effective this cure becomes in activating specific energy for you.

Chinese Coins Used as Feng Shui Money Cures

Chinese coins traditionally used as feng shui money cures are round coins with a square hole in the centre. The round shape represents heaven, while the square represents Earth. You can buy them in any Chinatown or local Chinese market or from many online feng shui retailers. Coins are commonly made of bronze, brass, or copper and often come in two finishes: a weathered, antique finish or a shiny gold finish.

Each Chinese coin has two sides with specific meanings. One side (often with four characters) is considered to represent the Yang or active side. The other side (often with two characters) is the Yin or receptive side. Traditionally, the Chinese coins in various feng shui money cures are placed on the Yang side facing up.

Coin Groupings

When used as feng shui cures, Chinese coins are often tied together with a red thread or ribbon. Usually, you can find these amulets of feng shui money cures with 3, 6, or 9 coins tied in a straight row or a flower pattern. Often they will have at least one mystic knot in red or gold silk incorporated into the design. The groups of three express the energy of Trinity in different ways:

  • 3 Chinese coins carry the trinity of heaven, earth, and humanity luck
  • 6 is considered the number of heaven luck or heavenly energy
  • 9 is the highest number, the number of completion
Specific Coin Symbols

There are hundreds of different Chinese coins relating to many years of ancient history. Here are just a few of the common coin symbols and their meanings:

  • Coins with four characters on one side (Bao, Chuen, Yong, Fu) symbolizing forever prosperous and eight characters on the flip side (Fu Zhai Yien Chien, Re Re Sheng Chai). symbolize good fortune ahead, and wealth multiplies daily.
  • Coins featuring eight Pa Kua trigrams and 12 animal signs (representing the earthly branches) combine to protect loved ones. Amulets with these symbols often are hung from an interior doorknob to protect against negative or evil forces outside the home.
  • Coins from the Ching Dynasty generally represent peace and prosperity. This ancient dynasty was marked by unprecedented wealth and long periods of peace in China. These coins often include the characters Tien Xia Tai Ping, representing peace on Earth.