Feng Shui Myths You Shouldn’t Believe


There are few Feng Shui Myths you can stop believing. Lucky bamboo and water fountains are tools that you can use in your home to change the feng shui. Lucky bamboo brings qualities of the wood element, such as growth, flexibility, and kindness. You can substitute most other types of living green plants. It’s not exclusive to lucky bamboo. As for the water fountain, moving water such as fountains can invoke a flow of energy and prosperity into your home.

The key to good feng shui is mindfulness and intention. Plants and moving water can invite good feng shui when placed with skillfulness and intention. This also means you should know what you’re doing in the feng shui realm and back it up with action in the everyday life realm. For example, if you read somewhere, you can add a fountain for more wealth, first research how specifically to obtain and place the fountain correctly for your situation. Then, take good care of it. Please keep it clean and working well. And simultaneously start planting real seeds in the world to earn more wealth. Connect heaven (the transcendental) with earth (the mundane) for good feng shui.

Your Bed Must Face Your Lucky Direction, or You’re Doomed

Professor Lin Yun used to tell a story about how he was invited as the guest of honour to a grand dinner. The whole event was to celebrate him. Since he was a feng shui master, the novice practitioners seated him in the large banquet room according to his lucky direction. This located the professor right in front of the kitchen door. The professor was accidentally bumped into by the servers throughout the evening, and some food was spilt on him. In the effort to locate him in his lucky direction, the hosts failed to notice that on a mundane level, this was really the most unfavourable location.

With feng shui, you must always keep in mind the practical. The first thing to review when placing your bed is to locate it in the commanding position. This locates you with the most advantage in a room. But always check if this works for you in a functional sense.

Your Front Door Must Be Red


In general, red is an auspicious colour in feng shui because it protects and can invite prosperity. However, that does not mean you have to paint your front door red.

Colours have different meanings and effects, and there can be other energies you choose to invite into your home. Some people may benefit more from a colour other than red. It really depends on the individual situation and the qi of the people living in the home.

Plants and Flowers Are Bad Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Different schools have conflicting perspectives on this topic. There are some viewpoints where it’s thought that perhaps plants and flowers are too energizing for the bedroom. Examine your energy requirements for your sleep needs. If you have trouble sleeping, is it really because of a plant? Try taking the plant out and see if it makes a difference. It’s also best to test things out on your own and see what your intuition tells you.

Oftentimes, plants and flowers bring positive life energy into bedrooms. Green plants bring in the elemental qualities of wood, such as healing, growth, and human-heartedness. Fresh-cut flowers bring in joy and uplifting qi.

Feng Shui Is Just About Re-Arranging Furniture

There’s a good chance you’ll end up moving some things around in your home when working with a consultant or reading up on feng shui. And while the arrangement of furniture is certainly a part of feng shui, it’s just a small slice of the pie.

Feng shui is concerned with the flow of energy around your space. It matters how you are positioned in a space when you’re in bed or sitting at your desk. But it’s much more than that; it’s a practice to connect with and be mindful of the environment. This includes your spirit, body, home, land, community, and this planet.

Feng Shui Costs a Lot of Money

There are countless feng shui adjustments, and yes, some of them require purchasing something new. But there are plenty of options that are meditation or practice-based. Also, you can get creative. If you need a new plant for some growth in an area of your life, you can venture into nature and find yourself a cutting to cultivate.

There is natural abundance all around. This is also true for hiring a consultant. You can find a student, save up your money, or spend your time reading books and researching on your own. What you receive is a mirror of what you give. It’s not about the money; it’s about your intention and generosity.